Fortitude Group 42

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Full Circle 8/25/17 — “Fortitude” Intro Show

Full Circle 8.18.17 Popular Education

Local Latin Bands

Full Circle 9.01.17 “Just Pleasure: Revolutionary Approaches to the Erotic”

Full Circle 09/08/17 — Chile’s 9/11

Full Circle 9-15-17 National Bird

Full Circle 9-22-17 — Celebrating Audre Lorde

Full Circle 9/29/17: Filipino American History Month

Full Circle 10/13/17: Fierce AlliesFull Circle 10/20/17: Spanglish Power Hour 5

Full Circle 10/27/17: Mythology and History of Witches


Full Circle 11/17/17: Puerto Rico and Disaster Capitalism

Full Circle 12/1/17: Oakland’s Sugar Freedom Project

Full Circle 12.8.17: Trumping Democracy

Full Circle 12.15.17: Strike Debt

Full Circle 1.5.18: You Say You Want a Resolution. So Do We! We Also Want a REVOLUTION! (State of Pacifica)

Mother and the Boards- Full Circle

Full Circle 1-19-18: Persecutory Culture

Full Circle 1-26-18: #Right2Resist –Challenging Islamophobic Policy

Full Circle 2/2/18 Puerto Rico 4 months after.

Full Circle 2-9-18: UnCommon Law

FULL CIRCLE 02-16-18 Between Us

Full Circle 02/23/18 Food Chains

FULL CIRCLE 3-2-18: Finding the Gold Within

Full Circle 03-09-18 Women of First Voice

Full Circle 4.6.18 — #Right2Return: The Movement to Free Palestine

FC 04-13-18: Whose Money, Our Money

Full Circle 04-20-18 Radical Educators Cast Spells

Full Circle 5.4.18: Wonderful Volunteers

Full Circle 5.11.18: Rethink Your Drink

Full Circle 6.1.18: TURN OUT THE VOTE

FC 8-31-18 : Community Gardens for Healing and Social Justice

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