Full Circle 04-20-18 Radical Educators Cast Spells

Three visionary educators – James Damiani, Tiarra “Ms. T” Asia Knox, and Safahri Ra – join Cat Petru (Full Circle, We Rise) and Nicole Gervacio (We Rise) to talk about:
– the significance of humility and honesty in the classroom
– nourishing creativity and empowerment
– challenges and revelations in teaching and the education system
– how technology impacts learning
Collaborative music breaks with guests Safahri Ra, free-styling, and a debut by Ms. T!



Tiarra “Ms. T” Asia Knox http://www.urbanmontessori.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/Pinkpanthersorority/ ~ @_mst_ on Instagram
Safahri Ra http://rosesinconcrete.org/ ~ @safahri on Instagram

James Damiani http://www.naturallyexpressiveleaders.com/

Nicole Gervacio http://rosesinconcrete.org/ ~ @nicolegervacio on Instagram

BlocBoy JB & Drake – “Look Alive” (Instrumental)

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