Full Circle 4.6.18 — #Right2Return: The Movement to Free Palestine

In January, members of the Palestinian Youth Movement joined me on Full Circle to discuss the history of colonization and occupation of Palestine by the settler state of Israel.

Tonight, as Israeli attacks persist against Palestinians marching for the right to return to their homeland, PYM’s Nadya Tannous and Ramah Awad join me to:

  • Discuss 17-year-old Palestinian political prisoner Ahed Tamimi
  • And the latest in her case and its implications for young political prisoners
  • Then we will get an update from writer Rawan Yaghi on the ground in Gaza
  • And we want to hear from you – what questions do you have for our guests about Palestinian liberation?

All that tonight on Full Circle.

Happy B-Day Ahed Tamimi



April 9:  Event on Syria at UC Berkeley (I’ll be moderating)

April 14:  Action in solidarity with Gaza and the Great Return March (details to come)

April 14 and 17:  Palestinian Knesset Member Haneen Zoabi is in the Bay Area, the Palestine American Coalition (PAC), UC Berkeley, and Stanford are hosting her.

April 14:  (PAC)

April 17:  (UC Berkeley)


Palestinian Youth Movement

Gaza Screams for Life, NYT article by Rawan Yaghi

Ahed Tamimi gets eight months in prison after plea deal

Demanding an End to Child Detention:  Free Ahed Tamimi and All Palestinian Political Prisoners

April 17th:  Palestinian Prisoners Day

Honoring Palestinian Women’s Resistance & Steadfastness

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