Full Circle 8.18.17 Popular Education

Good evening everyone… and welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. This show was written, produced, and recorded in Huichin, occupied Ohlone territory, also known to settlers as the Bay Area.  With concerns about the state of the public education system and the appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. tonight we are bringing you a rich, solutions based discussion on popular education.  On tonight’s show, longtime grassroots educators Anjali Nath Upadhyay and Michael James discuss the roots of popular education. Additionally, Anjali and I explore community education as a vital alternative to – as some call it – the academic industrial complex, and I sit down with a group of participants from the grassroots adult freedom school, Liberation Spring.

For more information related to the topics cover on this episode of Full Circle, please follow the links: Liberation Spring and Dr. Carol Black’s film “Schooling The World: The White Man’s Last Burden”




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