The program curriculum is divided into Four Phases. In each phase participants focus on various areas of skills development and community building.  We are adjusting many aspects of our Phases, and classes and content of the program will shift.  Each phase has an overarching theme based on the philosophy of First Voice Media.

A  non refundable supply fee of $50 is due the first night of class.


In P1, participants will begin to find their voice, explore their own stories, and draw connections with one another.  Classes will cover basic sound theory, introduction to media tools, group process, and production development.

Classes Tues & Thurs 7-9:30pm


In P2, participants will learn the skills to build a strong foundation for their ideas to emerge.  They will learn the value of facilitation, meeting deadlines and time management.  In P2, participants will provide production support for Full Circle, the radio show produced by First Voice Media. Classes will cover engineering, blogging, audio production and tech, digital editing, script writing and delivery.

Classes Tues & Thurs 7-9:00p


In P3, Participants will refine their skills while strengthening personal connections with their communities. P3 members will be the senior producers for Full Circle. They will develop their strengths through live recordings, in the field events.

Classes Tues & Thurs  7-9:00p

PHASE FOUR  Post graduation

In P4, participants refine their artistic and entrepreneurial goals.  In P4, participants utilize the creative tools, skills, knowledge and resources they have learned to collaborate on an entrepreneurial business project or to expand into KPFA or other radio stations.

6 Responses to Program

  1. Geraldine Ah-Sue says:

    Sounds great! But I missed the deadline. 😦 When will the next round of applications begin?

    • Miss Renee says:

      Hello Geraldine, we are currently looking for new applicants for Group 37. We have updated the application and it can now be downloaded from the ‘to apply’ section of thanks for listening and we look forward to reviewing your application!

  2. Renee says:

    How many times per year is the Apprenticeship Program offered? E.G. Is there a Spring, Summer, and Fall session, or just once per year? Thanks.

    • Miss Renee says:

      Usually there about 2 apprentice groups a year, but there is no set schedule. We work with and around the programing at KPFA. Timing of the groups also depends on the status of the current apprentice groups and how long their programs run. Apprenticeships can run up to 18 months. Thanks for asking!

  3. Nicholas Montano says:

    I am very interested in participating in this program and believe I have a voice to contribute! I really would like to know when the next application period is because this is the opportunity I have been searching for!

  4. Just Came here to submit Tanya Stephens music and this caught my attention and interest.

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