Full Circle 10/13/17: Fierce Allies

On tonight’s show, we are overjoyed to welcome our very special guest for the hour, Miakoda Taylor.

Miakoda is the founder of Fierce Allies, an organization that teaches relationship-based strategies that build communities of practice by catalyzing dynamics of power and privilege towards equity and justice.

Tonight …

… We will learn why Miakoda created Fierce Allies, and exactly what it does.

… We will discuss specific examples of how these dynamics work.

… And … we will have the unique opportunity to be guided through practices that carry the work into our own lives. 





One thought on “Full Circle 10/13/17: Fierce Allies

  1. What a great podcast. I really enjoyed hearing Miakoda’s take on relationship-based strategies. The power of words often goes overlooked.

    I would like to reshape the landscape of equity and justice through my words one day. Here is an excerpt from one of my pieces of poetry:

    It’s the midnight hour, yet I’m still searchin for the light.
    Seeking a righteous path; peering across dark alleys. No time to be contrite.
    Back pedaling… procrastination weighs a heavy price.
    Hold on tight!
    I’m at a crossroad of sorts. Another day squandered… so at midnight I seek remorse.
    In solitude I dare to pick apart my flaws. Channeling the depths of my deepest thoughts. Wasted talent, loss of ambition. Shameful cliffs…I’m drifting.
    In fact I’ve fallen numerous times. Never afraid to rebound and continue to climb. Twilight conflictions summon moments of reflection. Truth sipped in gulps.
    Tough to swallow but sweet for the soul. Honest critiques with no ill intent, just warning to self.
    Thinking at the midnight hour. Wonder if all you can be is where you are at this instance.
    Since when did when become now? Time passes, moments become memories while the future lies in our presence.
    Satisfied or still striving?

    Thanks again for sharing! Feel free to follow me here: https://asanemansinterventionpartone.wordpress.com/

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