Full Circle 02/23/18 Food Chains


Tonight, Full Circle comes to you ready to do our part in this important fund drive…and we do so with the eye opening film “Food Chains: The Revolution in America’s Fields” …

“Food Chains” is a documentary film that introduces us to the people that plant, cultivate and harvest the fruits and vegetables out in the field:  the farm workers of America.

The film also shows us how all that fresh produce gets from the fields to our local supermarkets and eventually onto our plates.

On tonight’s show…

…  We’ll learn about the extreme conditions out in the fields, through excerpts from the film “Food Chains:  The Revolution in America’s Fields”

…  Also, we’ll speak with director of “Food Chains,” Sanjay Rawal, and discuss the film’s’ importance and its message

…  And we’ll be connecting the dots of today’s immigration policies and the welfare of the workers who actually help provide us with healthy fruits and vegetables

…  Lastly… We will be asking for your support for KPFA and the Apprenticeship Program!




To find out how to take action and also support the film Food Chains, please visit their website.

To learn more about the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and their upcoming campaigns, including the Times Up Wendy’s March, please check their website.

Los Angeles Times article: Wages Rise on California Farms. Americans Still Don’t Want The Job

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