Full Circle 1-26-18: #Right2Resist –Challenging Islamophobic Policy

This weekend marks the One Year Anniversary of the landmark SFO protest against one of Trump’s first Executive Orders: The Muslim Ban.

On tonight’s show:

  • Lara Kiswani of the Arab Resource Organizing Center gives a retrospective on the three Muslim Bans that went into effect since last January …
  • We investigate the connection between the bans and U.S. Imperial and military interests …
  • Then we will be joined live in studio by two members of the Palestinian Youth Movement to investigate the move to make Jerusalem the capital of the settler state of Israel …
  • And we will talk about the powerful resistance movements that have been fighting all along the way.

All that tonight on Full Circle.


“Free Ahed Tamimi!” January 31 in Oakland


Arab Resource and Organizing Center:     email      website

Bay Resistance

Stop Urban Shield

Palestinian Youth Movement      email     Facebook     Twitter: @PYM_USA


Edward Said’s “On Orientalism”

Reel Bad Arabs




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