Drylongso Rising Group 43

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Full Circle 07-20-18 Drylongso Rising Introduction

Full Circle 7.13.18: Render Unto Caesar

Full Circle 8.24.18 Oakland Juneteenth 2018

Full Circle 8-17-18 MONEY!!!

Full Circle 08.03.18: Malcolm X Jazz Festival

Full Circle 9.7.18: Prison Strike 2018


Full Circle 10.19.18: Smash the Patriarchy to Save the World | Women at the Frontlines for Climate Justice

F.C. 10-26-18: Exploring Past Lives – Healing from Other Worlds and Other Bodies

Full Circle 11-2-18 Money, Politics, Ranked-Choice Voting, Oh My! PLUS Oaklanders occupy public land to establish the #HousingandDignityVillage

Full Circle 11.9.18: Melvin Dickson & DJ Show

F.C. 11-16-18: 15 !!The Molotov Mouths Reunite!! Years Later Still Spitting Poetic Fire


Full Circle 12.7.18: David Andrew

Full Circle 12.14.18 DJ Stevie G

Full Circle 1.4.19 – A Tribute to Emmit Powell

Full Circle 1/11/2019 In The Name of Love: Tribute to MLK

Full Circle 1/18/19 Jet Magazine Top 10

Sam Cooke Tribute 1-25-19

FC 2-1-19 Incarceration Magazine

Full Circle 2-8-19 How to be a true ally: LGBTQIA+ and PWD communities.

FC 2-15-2019 ” DJ ARIA”

Full Circle 03-01-19 “Wilder Than Wild”

Full Circle 3-08-19 International Women’s Day 2019

Full Circle 3-15-19 Community Open House

Full Circle Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Full Circle 3-29-2019 Adrienne Shamszad

Full Circle 04-12-19 Old School Meets New School

Full Circle April 19, 2019 April Ancestors Prolific Personalities

Full Circle 4/26/2019 Our Economy is great…right?!

Full Circle 5-10-2019 Honoring Mother’s

Full Circle 5-17-19 Malcolm X Our Witness

Full Circle 5-24-19 … #MayDay

FC 5/31/19 Berkeley World Music Festival

Full Circle 6-7-19 SF Black Film Festival

Full Circle 6/21/19 Eduardo Galeano – “Mirrors”.

Full Circle 07-05-19 Aretha Franklin Tribute with Sweet Nectar

Full Circle 7-12-19 BH Brilliant Minds Juneteenth

Full Circle 07.19.19 “Silicon Sounds”

Fund Drive Show Alcatraz 1969

Full Circle 8-23-19 Aftermath of the OUSD Strike & School Closures

Full Circle 09-06-19 Oakland International Film Festival

Full Circle 9-27-19 The Shadow & Stevie G