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Media Action Program. Tonights host Shora Zamani: “Tonight we’ve got some out of this world treats for you. And I mean literary “out of this world”. In the next hour I encourage you to put aside everyday worries and hurries and look up to the stars and wonder: is there anybody out there? We are lucky in the Bay Area to have a nonprofit organization, called the SETI institute. SETI stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Their mission is to do all the meticulous scientific research it takes to relieve us of our existential agony of wondering: are we alone in the cosmos? Our first guest, Senior Astronomer Dr. Seth Shostak is a selfdescribed alien hunter. He will take us beyond hollywood movie cliches and provide an inside look into what he and and his colleagues are doing to search for communication from outer space. Later we’ll also hear from Dr. Douglas Vakoch who’s in charge of composing messages to aliens in case they get in touch…”


Host: Shora Zamani.



Cecilia at the controls!

Here is the link to our soundcloud!

If you’re interested to leave your own personal message for life out there, visit the Earth Speaks website at SETI.
You’ll find it at earthspeaks. You can find more about everything we’ve talked about today at seti.org.


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Hey everyone… check out the Graduation show of Kirsten Jusewicz-Haidle, it’s all about women in science. How many women are there in STEM occupations.. That’s Science. Technology, Engineering and Math.. tune in and learn how women can be leaders in these fields..                                                                                    


Kirsten highly recommends folks check out the links she gave during the show for resources to help young women into STEM occupations..  steminist.com …. womeninscienceMillion Women Mentors and Youstem

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Same Sex Domestic Violence

Join Autty G. DSC_1907 as she discusses domestic violence as it relates to same sex couples. She is joined by Maisha Johnson of CUAV “Communities United Against Violence. She also speaks with Alameda County Public defender Kenny Luu

Be sure to check out the part 1 and 2 of the extended interview with Maisha Johnson of CUAV, “Communities United Against Violence.. and for more information visit their website here.

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People Making a Difference

We all know what’s wrong with our world, our country, our city, ourselves, but what are we doing to make things better? Tonight’s show will feature people who are making a difference in their own way: people providing resources and a sense of dignity to the homeless, Alonzo King – choreographer and director of Alonzo King Lines Ballet on the power of artistry, Dr Nadine Burke Harris and the Center for Youth Wellness – healing our children working to eliminate the cycle of poverty, and Premik Russell Tubbs – a truly gifted musician, composer, arranger and producer sharing music as a door to deep peace.


Prema J. completing her graduation show.

To learn more about people and organizations from tonight’s show follow these links. For the Coalition on Homelessness S.F. click here

For more on The Gubbio Project click here

You can also follow Kevin Fagan’s Blog on S.F Gate

For Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and The Center For Youth Wellness visit their website

For more info on Alonzo King check out Lines Ballet

Finally to learn more about the music of Premik Russell Tubbs visit his website


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Alonzo King extended interview

Check out Prema’s entire conversation with renowned choreographer Alonzo King about the power of artistry.

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Stroke Awareness

ImageImageBernard stroke survivor.. Check out his show on stroke awareness and hear his personal story of stroke survival, you can also check out his tips on knowing the signs of a stroke… some useful info can be found at, The National Stroke Association

You can also check out Power to End Stroke for even more info, and for tips on staying healthy check out Healthination

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Studios Sin Papeles

Tune in to hear about legal issues for those who are undocumented.. How do you further your education without papers?? What is the latest on DACA the deferred action for early childhood arrival.. We’ll also hear the story of Sergio Garcia first hand, he is the first undocumented lawyer.. all that on tonights Full Circle
Check out more information at www.iibayarea.org & sergiocgarcia.com

DSC_1912 DSC_1916 DSC_1909 DSC_1908

(Upper and Lower Left Hosts Jessica & Tania Cuervo)
(Upper Right Juan Ortiz & Alma Carrillo)
(Lower Right Juan Ortiz)
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