Thank you and congratulations First Voice Graduate Natalie Kilmer!

Congratulations Natalie Kilmer!!! And shout out to A Word From. Natalie was the only person from her group A Word From, to hang on to the Apprenticeship Program when in March of 2020 the state ordered a mandatory  shelter in place for the first time due to COVID 19.

It was at that time the KPFA also shut its doors to most of us non-essentials as we were deemed and we were all asked to work from home if we could..

Anyways needless to say that it was tough to continue life itself let alone continue a radio broadcasting training program from home. But Natalie did and she graduated in June of 2021. At that time it seemed for a moment the pandemic was lightening and we had a small gathering of 5 people where we honored Natalie for her work and for her commitment.

Congratulations on your completion of this program and we are excited for you new podcast, West Coast Water Justice!!!

Full Circle 01-20-2023; Politicts and First Time Voters

This week on Full Circle we dive into politics, some national and some local politics of East Contra Costa County in the city of Antioch. On tonight’s show we’ll hear an interview with Antioch city Council woman Tamisha Torres-Walker, fresh out of her recount victory. We’ll also hear from an advocate for the unhoused, Nicole Gardner of Facing Homelessness in Antioch, she’ll speak on the Antioch city government and the Antioch police treatment of the unhoused community. And we’ll hear from Apprentice Pamela P, as she speaks with a couple young folks who voted for the first time in the 2022 midterms.

Follow Nicole Gardner and facing homelessness on their Facebook page. 

Or If you would like to volunteer or donate supplies. check out their website at 

You can follow City councilwoman District 1 in Antioch, Tamisha Torres Walker on her Facebook page. 

If you would like to read the young voter election data from the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, you can find it here. 

Check out tonight’s music choices on youtube. 

The Dirty Youth – “Rise Up” – Official Music Video

Alicia Keys & Brandi Carlile Perform “A Beautiful Noise” | Every Vote Counts

Full Circle 01-06-2023; Angelo Quinto 2nd Annual Commemoration

This week on Full Circle we spend the hour on the case of Angelo Quint, Angelo, a Navy veteran, was killed by Antioch police officers December 23rd 2020 as they responded to a mental health call from the family. On tonight’s show we’ll hear sounds from the 2nd Annual Memorial commemorating the life of Angelo Quinto. Including the family, the family attorneys and impacted families. We’ll also hear an in depth interview with the Quinto-Collins family attorney Ben Nisenbaum. All that and we’ll feature music from the Justice for Angelo Quinto Justice For All ep.

Check out the music from the Justice For Angelo Quinto Justice For all ep by Beatrock music on Bandcamp

Check out the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) online panel briefing to discuss topline findings and key recommendations of its new report, “‘Excited Delirium’ and Deaths in Police Custody: The Deadly Impact of a Baseless Diagnosis,” which finds that “excited delirium” is not a valid, independent medical or psychiatric diagnosis. This panel includes the Quinto Collins family.

PHR Report “‘Excited Delirium’ and Deaths in Police Custody: The Deadly Impact of a Baseless Diagnosis,”

Video featuring the Quinto Collins family the Facebook for Justice For Angelo Quinto here

Follow the Miles Hall Foundation here

Follow the Love Not Blood Campaign led by the family of Oscar Grant here

Full Circle 12-23-2022; Holiday Music Choices

This week on Full Circle we  take a holiday break and bring you some of our seasonal musical choices. On tonight’s show we’ll hear the musical choices of, Shiloh B aka DJ LOH, Micky aka Ms. M, Joy Moore aka Moore Joy, Pamela P aka Pamela Lyons and of course, me, Freewillin Franklin aka Frank Sterling

Check out the music choices of 

Joy Moore

Donny Hathaway & Lalah Hathaway – This Christmas (Duet) [Official Music Video]

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

for KING & COUNTRY – TOGETHER (feat. Kirk Franklin & Tori Kelly) [Official Music Video]

Shiloh B.

Solstice Night by S J Tucker

Lizzo: Someday At Christmas (2022)

Joss Stone Sings the Anti-Christmas Carol | ELLE

Ms. M.

Johnny Mathis – I’ll Be Home for Christmas (from Home for Christmas)


Check out the Radiokeys on Bandcamp “Lonely This Christmas” and other holiday treats

Check out Tiger Shade on Bandcamp 

Checkout Sabertooth Unicorn on Band Camp

Pamela P

Elvis – I’ll be home for Christmas

Elvis Presley – I’ll Be Home for Christmas (Official Lyric Video)

Full Circle 12-16-2022: Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz & Mitch Jeserich

(ICYMI) Here’s The Replay. Tonight’s Full Circle, Including bonus music tracks that didn’t make it to air. This show is hosted By Sentient Shiloh B, Aka Dj Loh And Freewilllin’ Franklin. Tonight we discuss settler colonialism, with Indigenous historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’ Author of an indigenous people’s History of the United States, and KPFA’s Letters & Politics host Mitch Jeserich.

The photo above, taken in 1870, depicts a pile of bison skulls waiting to be ground up and made into fertilizer. Wikimedia Commons

Understanding the Doctrine of Discovery,was%20not%20populated%20by%20christians.

Old Apache Chief Geronimo Is Dead 

Doctrine of Discovery — Upstander Project  

NDN Collective

Dakota Bear x NugLife – Stolen Land (Official Lyric Video) 

Angel (Prod. T4d Beats) by KBenally/LETSJUSB 

Snotty Nose Rez Kids – Boujee Natives [Official Video] 

LANDBACK Manifesto 

The Sogorea Te Land Trust 

Calculate your annual Shuumi Land Tax – The Sogorea Te Land Trust Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848) | National Archives.

Full Circle 12-09-2022; Behind The Shield; The Power And Politics of The NFL

This week on Full Circle we will be diving into the politics of the National Football League, yes the NFL. On tonight’s show, we’ll hear clips from Dave Zirin’s ground breaking film, Behind The Shield; The Power and Politics of the NFL. And we’ll hear other sports related productions from First Voice Apprentices..including what the tailgate party of the Oakland Coliseum thought of Colin Kaepernick taking a knee. Also, commentary of the black male body as a commodity for use in places like the NFL, and of course, as Full Circle joins in on the Holiday fund drive we will be asking for your support for this important media outlet, KPFA.


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Make a donation to KPFA Radio and get the film Behind The Shield; The Power and Politics of the NFL

Listen to the 2013 Sport episode of Full Circle on SoundCloud the trailer for Behind The Shield on the Media Education Foundation website

Full Circle 12-02-2022; Joy Damiani, If You Ain’t Cheatin’ You Ain’t Tryin’

This week on Full Circle we  will be spending the hour with multi talented performance artist Joy Damiani. On tonight’s show we’ll hear original music performed by Joy Damiani. We’ll also be speaking with Joy about the release of her new book about her military service “If You Ain’t Cheatin’ You Ain’t Tryin’ and other lessons i learned in the Army”. As well as her music career and her podcast “What the Folk”


Check out Joy Damiani’s website for more music and information

Watch the videos to two of Joy Damiani’s songs we featured tonight

“Brains In Meat Suits” :: Joy Damiani :: Official Video

“It’s All Right To Not Be Okay” :: Joy Damiani :: Official Music Video

Check out more from Joy Damiani on her Youtube Channel

Full Circle 12-02-2022 Joy Damiani

This week on Full Circle we  will be spending the hour with multi talented performance artist Joy Damiani. On tonight’s show we’ll hear original music performed by Joy Damiani. We’ll also be speaking with Joy about the release of her new book about her military service “If You Ain’t Cheating You Ain’t Trying.and other lessons i learned in the military”. We will also talk about her podcast “What the Folk”.

Check out Joy Damiani’s website for more music and information

FullCircle 11-25-2022 Indigenous Peoples Thanksgiving Sunrise Gathering

This week on Full Circle we are commemorating 530 years of resistance to genocide and colonization by Indigenous People of Turtle Island.. On tonight’s show we’ll hear commentary on what the Thanksgiving day holiday means to Indigenous people. We’ll also be hearing sounds from the 43rd Annual Indigenous People’s Thanksgiving Sunrise Gathering from Alcatraz


Learn more about the International Indian Treaty Council on their website: and follow them on Facebook:

Listen to the entire broadcast of the Indigenous People’s Thanksgiving Sunrise Gathering in the kpfa archives:

Follow Mothers Against Meth Alliance on Facebook:

Full Circle 11-18-2022 Reflections From The Timothy Charles Lee First Annual Memorial Walk

This week on Full Circle we’ll be diving back into the lynching case of Timothy Charles Lee at the Concord BART station in 1985. On tonight’s show we’ll hear voices of the community that gathered in Concord for the 1st annual Memorial Walk for Timothy Charles Lee; testimony from Kiku Johnson, the now former 

Executive Director of the Rainbow Community Center in Concord. We’ll hear a brief history of lynching in the united states by First Voice graduate Rod Akil and LA based artist Ken Gonzales Day and his history of lynchings in California by Shiloh B. We’ll meet San Francisco based  visual artist Maria Judice and learn how Timmy’s story has influenced her life and her work.

Click here to follow the Facebook page Reopen The Case of Timothy Charles Lee..

Listen to the Extended with Maria Judice on Soundcloud:

Watch the music video “A Good Man is Gone by Barbara Mason Barbara Mason – A Good Man is Gone

 Music used in the Vox Pops by Lofi Beats to Study/Relax lofi hip hop radio – beats to study/relax to 🐾

Learn more about the case of Timothy Charles Lee by reading the FBI public file here.. 

If you need or know someone who needs help or support from the LGBTQAI+ community, please reach out to Rainbow Community Center at this link:

Follow the visual artist Maria Judice at and @mariaajudice (on all platforms)

Lynching in the West

The Legacy of Lynching: Artistic Confrontations of Racial Terror 

Hate Map by State | Southern Poverty Law Center  

Hidden in Plain Sight: Racism, White Supremacy, and Far-Right Militancy in Law Enforcement | Brennan Center for Justice 

Ken Gonzales-Day 

Weschler & KEN GONZALES-DAY | On the historical reality and artistic representation of Lynchings 

National Portrait Gallery: Unseen – Our Past in a New Light – Ken Gonzales-Day 

Mapping Police Violence 

How White Supremacy Returned to Mainstream Politics – Center for American Progress 

Creative Commons Acknowledgement of asset use in the creation of the Gonzales-Day Commentary by sentient shiloh:

doing donuts 04.wav” by tim.kahn is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

Wind blowing and howling in some small plastic tube in the desert of Chile” by felix.blume is marked with CC0 1.0.

PATH -> Union Square NYC Subway Train Ride” by lifeinchords is marked with CC0 1.0.

Horror Suspense” by JacobS

chroder is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0.

Very Creepy Ominous Horror Music 1” by Audio_Dread is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

Full Circle 11-11-2022 Motown Selections

Tonight, on Full Circle we give a shoutout to Motown – to Hitsville USA that place on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, Michigan that produced music that’s been heard around the world.  And that changed the music industry.

We will hear songs and personal stories from Apprentices and Staff of their favorite songs with comments.  And a glimpse of how it all started with the Funk Brothers.

To watch the Marvin Gaye videos from the What’s Going On 50th Anniversary click on the links below.

What’s Going On:

Mercy  Mercy Me:

Standing in the Shadows of Motown: