Thank you and congratulations First Voice Graduate Natalie Kilmer!

Congratulations Natalie Kilmer!!! And shout out to A Word From. Natalie was the only person from her group A Word From, to hang on to the Apprenticeship Program when in March of 2020 the state ordered a mandatory  shelter in place for the first time due to COVID 19.

It was at that time the KPFA also shut its doors to most of us non-essentials as we were deemed and we were all asked to work from home if we could..

Anyways needless to say that it was tough to continue life itself let alone continue a radio broadcasting training program from home. But Natalie did and she graduated in June of 2021. At that time it seemed for a moment the pandemic was lightening and we had a small gathering of 5 people where we honored Natalie for her work and for her commitment.

Congratulations on your completion of this program and we are excited for you new podcast, West Coast Water Justice!!!


On tonight’s show we’ll  get an update on the situation in Yemen. After 7 years of  aerial bombardment by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. A ceasefire and truce is in place and has been holding for the past few months. This update comes from the amazing and moving  Dr Aisha Jumaan of the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation. Near the end of the show we’ll   hear  a poem performed by Alice Walker at the free Julian Assange Free Mumia Abul Jamal and Free Palestine event held last Saturday at the First Congregational Church in Berkeley. And of course. We will be asking for your support tonight as part of the Fall fund drive. All that tonight on Full Circle


Learn more about the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation and the work they do on their website:

Also, for more information on Yemen, Follow the work of the Yemeni Alliance Committee on their social media outlets



Instagram @YemeniAllianceCommittee

To view beautiful pictures of Yemen and the ancient city of Sana’a visit the website of Bayt Al Fann “Art House”

Watch The Facebook Video with Alice Walker and many other guests Speaking at the Free Jullian Assange, Free Mumia Abu Jamal and Free Palestine Event.

Alice Walker only

The video of the entire evening can be found here

Full Circle 09-16-2022 Live Music Performances

Tonight on Full Circle we will share the musical performances of The Lovelight Blues Band. This show was hosted by First Voice graduate J.C. Howard who now works for National Public Radio [NPR]. Also Joy Moore our Full Circle Production Consultant hosted Soul Mechanix. And the Bernard Anderson Band was brought to us by First Voice graduate Zakiyyah G.E. Capehart, a spoken word artist who has since released a book entitled “Ghana on My Mind. All These shows were produced, engineered and recorded by First Voice Apprentices in the KPFA Performance Studio in Berkeley.

Follow the bands featured tonight on their social media and their websites

Love Light Blues Band on Facebook

Soul Mechanix on Facebook

Check out a performance of Bernard Anderson on Youtube

Bernard Anderson and The Old School Band

Full Circle 09-09-2022; Flashback on the UFW March from Delano CA to Sacramento

Tonight on Full Circle we are flashing back and sharing some sounds from the UFW and their march/pilgrimage to the governor’s office. To demand his signature on AB 2183, CA Ag Labor Relations Voting Choice Act. The right to unionize without fear of intimidation. On tonight’s show we’ll hear interviews and music recorded by First Voice Graduates Frank Sterling and Sara Blanco as they marched and traveled with the UFW on their 335 mile 24 day pilgrimage..

Nearing the Capital Building
Arriving in La Grand
A mariachi break after 5 hours of walking.. 3 hours to go for the day


Teresa Romero (@UFWPresident) · Twitter

Full Circle 09-02-2022; New Medicine

Tonight on Full Circle, we’re in conversation with two phenomenal women Dr. Cynthia Li, author of Brave New Medicine and Liz Carlisle author of Healing Grounds: Climate Justice, and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming. These women’s work is truly groundbreaking, even evolutionary!  I’m Joy Moore, your host tonight. Join us as we explore and discover new ways of self care, gaining and maintaining health! Right here on Full Circle, KPFA, 94.1 fm or on line at

Links and Information

Follow Dr. Cynthia Li or get her free book; How to Strengthen Your Inner Shield at the links below

Free ebook for Covid-19:

To contact or follow Liz Carlisle use the links below

Email Liz Carlisle

website and Twitter

Twitter @lizwcarlisle

To see Joy’s music selections use the links below

Where Did We All Go Wrong? (Love) – Imagine Dragons

Meghan Trainor – Like I’m Gonna Lose You (Official Video) ft. John Legend

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Check out the Creative Commons music use in the show. The track was Acoustic Folk Instrumental on this Youtube link Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Background Music for Videos I No Copyright Music

Full Circle 08-12-2022; music That Inspireds Us

Tonight on Full Circle. We are sharing music that inspires us. On tonight’s show we’ll hear a short update on the UFW march/pilgrimage from Delano to Sacramento from La Onda Bajita’s Miguel Gavilan Molina. Miguel will also share a song that has inspired the farmworker movement for decades. After the update Full Circle Apprentices and Graduates will share music that keeps us inspired.


Music Links

De colores

Every Time I Feel The Spirit by Big Maybelle

Here’s To Life

Bill Withers – Grandma’s Hands (Official Audio) not the version from the show

Black Sabbath – War Pigs

The Peace Not War website: Featuring the songs

The Day We All Said Stop The War by Robb Johnson

The Herd – Starship Troopers

Martha Tilston The Saddest Game I couldn’t find online but here is her Youtube channel

full circle 08-05-2022 UFW march from delano ca to sacramento ca 2022

Tonight on Full Circle we are sharing some sounds from the UFW and their march/pilgrimage to the governor’s office. To demand his signature on AB 2183, CA Ag Labor Relations Voting Choice Act. The right to unionize without fear of intimidation.

On tonight’s show we’ll hear an interview with United Farm Workers Union President, Teresa Romero. We’ll also hear from UFW veteran Dolores Huerta and some sounds from the event kick-off from the 40 acres site in Delano CA.

Teresa Romero (@UFWPresident) · Twitter

full circle 07-29-2022; gathering to Free Leonard Peltier

On tonight’s show First Voice travels to Santa Cruz, California to attend a Gathering To Free Leonard Peltier at the world renowned Barrios Unidos. We’ll hear sounds from the event, including music and interviews. We’ll speak with past Presidential candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party, Gloria la Riva of the Answer Coalition; and we’ll hear from two other Leonard supporters, Jean Roach and Carol Gokee.


To find all the information about Leonard’s case and to see the film “Warrior; The Life of Leonard Peltier” go to the official International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee website

Visit the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition website

Checkout the work of the world renowned Barrios Unidos

Checkout our special guests on social media

Jean Roach (@roach_jean) / Twitter › carol.browngokee

Checkout more facts about Leonard’s case on

Read Leonard’s story of his experiences in a U.S. residential boarding school in this Native News Online article

Watch a Youtube video of the entire Gathering to Free Leonard Peltier posted by John Doe 13k Gathering to FREE Leonard Peltier in Santa Cruz, CA

Learn more about all the Stations of the Pacifica Radio Network at

full circle 07-22-2022; hittin the streets of antioch for housing rights

Tonight on Full Circle, First Voice takes it to the streets of Antioch in East Contra Costa County. On tonight’s show, we’ll hear sounds from a housing rights protest at the Delta Pines apartments in Antioch. We’ll also hear a conversation I had with Jose Cordon of Monument Impact of Concord. He is the special projects organizer and they are presenting a play in Antioch about housing and gentrification called, Nosotros, and we’ll be asking for you support as part of the summer fund drive. All that tonight on Full Circle, I am your host Freewillin Franklin.


Monument Impact of Concord

ACCE, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment

To hear Creative Commons instrumental music used in Tonight Show 

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Bassment FM creative Commons Hip Hop

 Creative Commons Hip Hop Instrumentals – Bassment FM

Tune into Full Circle this Friday July 22nd to hear sounds from a recent protest at Delta Pines Apartments in Antioch.

Tune into Full Circle this Friday July 22nd to hear sounds from a recent protest at Delta Pines Apartments in Antioch. Residents of the Delta Pines Apartments and their supporters along with ACCE. Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and ECRG, East County Regional Group marched to the managers office of the Delta Pines Apartments. There they were confronted by private security who threatened to call police and have people arrested. The protest had 3 demands. 1 rent control as many residents have had increases up to 700 dollars a month.. 2. Just cause for eviction and 3. anti harassment protection for renters. They also demand that the apartment complex bring the living conditions up to livable standards and called out the city council for their lack of meaningful action. Tune in Friday to KPFA Radio 94.1 FM or at 7pm to hear the voices of the residents and supporters. We’ll also hear an interview with Jose Cordon of Monument Impact of Concord as they bring “Nosotros” their play about housing and gentrification to the Nick Rodriguez Community Center in Antioch. Just a reminder. This show will be a fundraiser for KPFA Radio. If you appreciate this type of reporting, Please make a donation at

full circle 07-15-2022; California Reparations Task force listening session

Tonight on Full Circle we’ll hear about the CA Reparations Task Force. What’s happened in the past year, and what’s ahead of us. You’ll get a chance to submit testimony to the CA Reparations Task Force as the Interim Report released a couple months ago begin its final revision, centered around community testimony. And you’ll get a chance to hear stories and experiences from another Anchor Organization for the Taskforce. Chris from CJEC, will be joining us at the end of the show.


California Assembly Bill 3121:/

Executive Summary of the Interim Report:https://OAG.CA.GOV/AB3121/reports


CA Assembly Bill 3121: OAG.CA.GOV/AB3121

Coalition For A Just And Equitable California:
“Nothin but Up” by KAnstant