F.C. 11-16-18: 15 !!The Molotov Mouths Reunite!! Years Later Still Spitting Poetic Fire


Tonight, we’ve got the Molotov Mouths joining us LIVE in studio. They’re a group of poetic fire-spitters, based in the Bay Area, united by a single goal: Justice.  Politically radical and radically personal, their poetry takes on issues of gentrification, gender, poverty, race, disability, and more.  With their 15 year reunion coming up, the Molotov Mouths join us for a night of poetry and conversation.

Keep it locked, right here on KPFA.

The Molotov Mouths Reunion takes place Monday, November 26th from 7-9PM at Bird & Beckett, 653 Chenery Street in San Francisco’s Glen Park. For more information, call 1-415-586-3733 or check out there website.

Get the Molotov Mouths: Explosive New Writing published by Manic D Press HERE

Check out Ananda Esteva’s work here

Check out James Tracy’s work here

Josiah Luis needs a website o.O Just Google him to learn more!


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Full Circle 11.9.18: Melvin Dickson & DJ Show

This Bay Area … is the alpha and the omega of many of our life’s themes. After the Midterm Elections on November 6th, we should reflect a bit with some sounds and, at times, a few words. Additionally, we want to acknowledge the passing of a Bay Area legend and member of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.  Mr. Melvin Dickson has died and we want to bring in Mr. Esebio Halliday to provide some perspective and knowledge about this giant in the community.

On tonight’s show, we will have:

  • A tribute for Mr. Melvin Dickson, as discussed with Mr. Esebio Halliday …
  • Post-Election thoughts …
  • Music in the soulful spirit of democracy.

All that tonight on Full Circle!



    • DATE: 11.17.18
    • TIME: 6PM – 12AM
    • LOCATION: Qilombo Center
    • ADDRESS: 2313 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, CA 94612
    • DATE: 1.8.18
    • TIME: 2 – 6PM
    • LOCATION: Met West High School
    • ADDRESS: 314 E. Tenth St. Oakland, CA 94606


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Full Circle 11-2-18 Money, Politics, Ranked-Choice Voting, Oh My! PLUS Oaklanders occupy public land to establish the #HousingandDignityVillage

On tonight’s show, we’ll talk about …

  • Protecting our vote, and raising our voices (even between elections)
  • How we can improve our electoral process so that it better serves, you know … we the people!
  • Money & Politics… and ways that voters can change how that works.  Again … to serve … WE THE PEOPLE!
  • A major issue in this midterm election: Housing. We get the latest on a new women of color-led curbside community and resource center called “#HousingandDignityVillage”




Are you registered? (Are you suuure?)


California Secretary of State

What’s on your ballot?

Voter’s Edge California (Learn about your ballot!)

Voter’s Edge (National)

Get Active!

Voting & Elections

FairVote California

FairVote (National)


California Common Cause

Common Cause (National)


The Bonfire Makers

The Village in Oakland

East Oakland Collective

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F.C. 10-26-18: Exploring Past Lives – Healing from Other Worlds and Other Bodies

We’re nearing that time of year again, the day when the barriers to the spirit world are said to be at their thinnest. Here on Full Circle we want to celebrate Nature’s cycle of death and rebirth by exploring some other costumes we may have tried on in the past…bodies that is. That’s right, tonight we will be speaking about past lives. We’re going to get a bit soulful and also a bit spooky at the same time here …

On tonight’s show:

  • We will speak with Susan Lyons and Dianne Wallace about their experiences helping others journey to their past lives and we will explore the powerful impact this information has had on them and their clients.
  • We will listen to accounts of real people who remembered their past lives.

All that tonight on Full Circle.




Susan Lyons

HCH Institute


Rising Appalachia “Synchronicity”

Elephant Revival “Drop”


Michael Newton on LBL Experience

Michael Newton on 1st LBL

Dolores Cannon on you tube (One of Dianne’s teachers)

Dolores Cannon on Synchronous Time

Dolores Cannon on Life After Death


My 3 Year Old Son Tells Me I’m His New Mom

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Full Circle 10.19.18: Smash the Patriarchy to Save the World | Women at the Frontlines for Climate Justice


On tonight’s show:

  • We feature voices of women at the frontlines of climate justice.
  • Lawyers, poets, indigenous leaders, regenerative farmers, and more!
  • We’ll also discuss some changes that may be coming to a local, Bay Area monument- the historic women’s building in San Francisco.


To watch the March for Climate Jobs and Justice videos produced by Brightpath Video and the KPFA First Voice Apprenticeship program click on the links below:

March for Climate Jobs and Justice part 1

March for Climate Jobs and Justice part 2


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F.C. 10.12.18: A Gender Expansive Conversation


ACTION NOTES:  Last day to REGISTER to VOTE in the 2018 Midterms is OCTOBER 22, 2018.  Already registered?  This year, in particular … don’t be too sure!  Visit Vote.org to check your registration!  Check frequently.  Check often!  Check, like, a lot!  Then … VOTE on November 6!

(PRE-RECORDED. This show first aired on March 23, 2018.)

Tonight we will have a conversation about the part of the human experience known as gender…

We welcome Rick Oculto and Nadi Suhaimi from Our Family Coalition. We’ll discuss how an expansive understanding of gender has been colonized out of us and how to begin re-integrating these concepts to build stronger communities.


Our Family Coalition


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This hour of Full Circle marks the end of our Fall Fund Drive — but not the end of our work here at KPFA.  We will continue to bring you uninterrupted programming covering the most pressing issues of this day.  To support our work, please consider donating online at KPFA.org.  Any amount is deeply appreciated.

On tonight’s show:

  • We bring you an update on actions taking place around the Bay Area in support of animal and farmworker rights.
  • And to mark the end of our fund drive, we’ll speak with our beloved, KPFA phone room volunteers who make it all happen.
  • All that, plus some great music selected by our First Voice Apprentices.

That’s tonight on Full Circle.


Direct Action Everywhere (Berkeley)

SINDJA and the Driscoll’s Boycott

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