Full Circle 11-13-15 KPFB On KPFA

Tonight in Full Circle we celebrate the one year anniversary of the introduction of the KPFB original programming project designed with apprentices in mind. We get to hear selctions of some of our favorite KPFB shows. The show will coonclude with a sneak preview of Fire Brand Records’ political bay area music show that takes place tomorrow night at the Omni Commons in Oakland.

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Full Circle 11-06-15 Local Community Heroes

Tonight on Full Circle we spend some time with our local community heroes … men and women from the bay area communities that we are from … whose contributions we see the results of every day, as we walk our streets … and witness our world..

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Full Circle The HTZ Outbreak 10.30.15

htz1 zombie 2 zombie

Vika Aronson and JC Howard host this special Halloween edition of Full Circle…too bad they’re no longer with us. Listen to their last episode before the tragic end. Happy Halloween

This episode was brought to you by Forkr.

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Full Circle 10/23/2015 Muslim in America

Tonight on Full Circle we are joined by Islamic Scholars to discuss Islam from an African-American point of view. We’ll talk about what is Islam, What are some cultural practices and some misconceptions in the relationship, if any, between Isis and Islam.

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Full Circle 10-9-15 Culture Clash

Tonight on Full Circle, “Culture Clash” … because cultures don’t always blend so nicely or smoothly.. Sometimes there’s a little bending and shifting that happens… Sometimes it’s a head on collision.. Tonight we bring you three stories.. The first is what happened when two Bay Area artists created an installation that was meant to bring two neighborhoods together.. and ended up with some unexpected results.. The second is the story of a modern day nomad whose lifestyle clashes with the conventions of the outside world.. And a third is a conversation with Bay Area Artist musician Katherine John whose latest project fuses from two distinct and separate cultures you’ve never seen together on a marquee before…

DSC_1654 DSC_1661 DSC_1678 DSC_1643 DSC_1667

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Full Circle: Mobay Prodygal & Soul Mechanix 10.02.15

Apprentice Vika Aronson Interviews Mobay Prodygal about his recently released EP, “Almost Time,” and Mobay Prodygal performs LIVE! Also, Joy Moore Interviews Graal Swartz of Soul Mechanix and we hear some of their unique music. From one Bay to another this week on Full Circle!

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Full Circle 09-25-15 I Am Sausal Creek / Delano

On today’s episode, JC Howard hosts the show “I Am Sausal Creek/Delano,” and explores the wonders of the bilingual children’s tale written by Melissa Reyes. We later go to Delano, California to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Grape Strike and Boycott with Franklin Sterling and Sara Blanco.

Bonus Content Below:


UFW Representative Tanis Ibarra

UFW Representative Tanis Ibarra

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