Full Circle 5.25.18: Community Violence Solutions and Resource Fair


Tonight we showcase some community resources that are available to you.

On tonight’s show we’ll hear …

  • Interviews from the recent Resource Fair in Antioch …
  • Music performed live from the Resource Fair by First Voice graduate Apprentice Da’vid de la Gran …
  • And finally, we will hear from latest KPFA First Voice’s latest community hero …

All that tonight … on Full Circle.


If you or a friend or a loved one have been the victim of sexual assault, violence or sex trafficking and are seeking help, please contact Community Violence Solutions through the website or call the Rape Crisis Hotline at 1.800.670.7273.  You can also reach the Antioch office directly at 925.706.4290.

For domestic violence, elder or child abuse (including dating violence), please contact:

S.T.A.N.D. For Families Free of Violence, or, for assistance and resources, call the crisis line at 888.215.5555.

Family Justice Center about domestic violence and elder or child abuse, including dating violence and sex trafficking.

For mental health, addiction or homelessness issues — please contact Recovery Innovations, now known as RI International or La Clinica De La Raza Behavioral Health And Saint Vincent De Paul.

For assistance with children and parenting – please contact:

Co.Co.Kids, First Five California, Brighter Beginnings in Antioch,

LGBTQ Empowerment Support group, please contact the Center for Human Development or meet at the Antioch Location 301 West 10th Street in Downtown Antioch, 4:30 -6:30 pm every Wednesday, for ages 14-20 years old. The Antioch office number is 925.753.1004, ext.102, or email Kevin directly at kevinm@chd-prevention.org.

For medical dental and optometry – please contact these organizations:

La Clínica De La Raza , Saint Vincent De Paul.  For families — try Brighter Beginnings in Antioch.

For healthy foods and food assistance – please contact:

Saint Vincent De Paul

Fresh Approach


If you are or have experienced discrimination in regards to housing, please contact Eden Council for Hope and Opportunity (ECHO), by phone at 855.ASK.ECHO or if you’re in Contra Costa County contact the Antioch office directly at 925.732.3919.

For any information on the services of the Contra Costa County Library, please check out their website.

Live music from the resource was performed by La Gran Puchica … check out their Facebook Page.

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Full Circle 5.18.18: Marcus Shelby and Voices That Changed the World

Tonight we bring you the musical stylings of Bay Area jazz artists Marcus Shelby and the Marcus Shelby Orchestra.

Along with sounds from “Voices That Changed the World” an audio collection of some of the most revolutionary, progressive and thought-provoking people we have featured on KPFA and the Pacifica network …

On tonight’s show we’ll …

  • Feature the music of Marcus Shelby and discuss the influence of civil rights in his work.
  • We’ll also hear voices from civil rights heroes and sheroes from the collection.
  • Finally we will be asking for your support for KPFA and, of course, the First Voice Apprenticeship Program.

All that tonight on Full Circle.


Marcus Shelby


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Full Circle 5.11.18: Rethink Your Drink

On tonight’s show, you will hear all about water.  The state’s “Rethink Your Drink” campaign promotes and emphasizes the importance of drinking water for good health from 2 community groups who are working to get us all to “Rethink Our Drink” and drink water instead of sugar sweetened beverages.


The Ecology Center – Youth Environmental Academy

Healthy Black Families – Thirsty for Change! Program

City of Berkeley’s Rethink Your Drink

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Full Circle 5.4.18: Wonderful Volunteers

Tonight, you are going to want to grab a pen and some paper to note down dates and times of our guests upcoming events all over the bay area… on tonight’s show.

You can gain confidence in keeping non-working items out of the trash and landfills with help from a repair coach at the Repair Cafe

Also..what if we could eliminate police stops that happen because of broken and burned out brake lights? We’ll find out when we talk to folks from the Brake Light Coalition..

And finally, how about saying ”thanks mom” by helping keep children fed over the summer while school is out by participating in the Letter Carriers Union Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive…

All this and more tonight on full circle… I am your host tonight, Darlene Pagano




Letter Carriers Union, Mother’s Day Food Drive

Democratic Socialists Of America  AND East Bay Chapter

Brake Light Coalition

Culture Of Repair (Repair Cafe)

Repair Cafe, Berkeley

Fix it Clinic Facebook


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Full Circle 4-27-18: Berkeley Flea Market

Celebrating the Berkeley Flea Market!

Music by Salt People.

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Full Circle 04-20-18 Radical Educators Cast Spells

Three visionary educators – James Damiani, Tiarra “Ms. T” Asia Knox, and Safahri Ra – join Cat Petru (Full Circle, We Rise) and Nicole Gervacio (We Rise) to talk about:
– the significance of humility and honesty in the classroom
– nourishing creativity and empowerment
– challenges and revelations in teaching and the education system
– how technology impacts learning
Collaborative music breaks with guests Safahri Ra, free-styling, and a debut by Ms. T!



Tiarra “Ms. T” Asia Knox http://www.urbanmontessori.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/Pinkpanthersorority/ ~ @_mst_ on Instagram
Safahri Ra http://rosesinconcrete.org/ ~ @safahri on Instagram

James Damiani http://www.naturallyexpressiveleaders.com/

Nicole Gervacio http://rosesinconcrete.org/ ~ @nicolegervacio on Instagram

BlocBoy JB & Drake – “Look Alive” (Instrumental)

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FC 04-13-18: Whose Money, Our Money

Tonight, we will ask a question so fundamental, that it rarely, if ever occurs to us … Just what is money?

On tonight’s show:

• We’ll learn about the creation of money, who gets to create it, and how it circulates in our society.

• And just what is a bank? Why do most of us entrust our funds, our money to them?

• Also… is there a difference between credit and money? And who made the rules about debt and repayment.

• All that tonight on Full Circle.


Facebook Page



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