Full Circle 1/18/19 Jet Magazine Top 10

Tonight on Full Circle host Stevie G takes over the airwaves with Chaka Khan, Fela, En Vogue, Syreeta, Bob Marley, and many more talented artists.

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Full Circle 1/11/2019 In The Name of Love: Tribute to MLK

On tonight’s show we will pay tribute to.… Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr….titled In The Name of Love, Rhythm, and Blues and the Civil Rights Movement. Was there another path or dream for Dr. King? We will also talk about a tribute – What is coming up in the Bay Area to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Tonight our guests are the Executive Director/Co-founder of LivingJazz and one of the MLK tribute organizers, Ms. Stacey Hoffman and Bay Area Blues Artist, Ms. Terrie Odabi.

Click here to visit the In The Name Of Love Tribute to Martin Luther King event website 

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Full Circle 1.4.19 – A Tribute to Emmit Powell

Tonight’s first Full Circle show for 2019 is dedicated to the late Emmit Powell, a treasure recently lost by the world, as well as by KPOO in San Francisco, and KPFA here in Berkeley.

We’ll share some moments from his live music broadcasts here at KPFA. This is Ms. M, and I’ll be your MC this evening.

Please … stay with us!

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Full Circle 12-28-18 The Drama Factory

This week radio drama returns to the KPFA airwaves with a collaboration between The Drama Factory and the KPFA First Voice Apprenticeship Program. On tonight’s show we’ll listen to a radio drama adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s, The Tell Tale Heart produced by The Drama Factory and First Voice Apprentices. Then, later we’ll listen to an interview with the founders of The Drama Factory, John and Lee Ballesteros about their free theater production training program in Antioch. All that tonight on this episode of Full Circle. I am your host tonight Freewillin’ Franklin… stay tuned …


Find out more about “The Drama Factory” and what they do on their website, thedramafactory.org

Like and follow “The Drama Factory” on their Facebook page Also keep up with them on Twitter and Instagram

To call The Drama Factory (925)695-4123

The Nick Rodriguez Community Theater is located in the, Nick Rodriguez Community Center in downtown Antioch, 213 F St, Antioch, CA 94509

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Full Circle 12-21-18 Winter Solstice

Greetings winter souls! Tonight, on the eve of the year’s shortest day (and the longest night!), we ask: How do you honor the solstice? Join us as we take a look at the ways and traditions people adhere, to mark the winter solstice.

Tune in for stories and musings from current and graduate First Voice Apprentices! Kendall Crakow on Hanukkah, Angelina Llongueres on Catalonian traditions, and Stevie G on Kwanzaa. Plus, music to keep you warm!



Hosts Stevie G and Frewillin FranklinMs.M and Aria on the controlsAngelina and Neal


If you would like to call the Apprenticeship office and request an application be mailed to you, our number is 510-848-6767 ex235. If no one answers please leave a detailed message with your mailing address.

A short video on the Catalan Tradition of El Caga Tio (The Pooping Log)

More about the Caganer (The Crapper or Shitter) a Catalan tradition in Nativity scenes.

Spanish Police forces using violence to suppress a vote for Catalan independence from Spain.

BBC article explaining the the Catalan bid for independence from Spain

Joan Baez sings an English version of  a long time favorite Catalan song “El Cant Del Ocells” or “The Carol of the Birds”

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Full Circle 12.14.18 DJ Stevie G

Hey, it’s Friday night!  Tune in tonight for a special musical selection from the one and only Stevie G.  He’ll be blending some of our favorite old soul and funk classics.  Maybe a little Jazz too… And he’ll also have some updates from 1stsaturdays.com on how to volunteer at our local community schools, and an update on Starline Social Club’s upcoming Homeless Resource Fair in downtown Oakland.

We thank you for your continued support to keep Full Circle and KPFA, the people’s station, alive and thriving!  We love you listeners!

To learn more about 1st Saturdays, visit 1stsaturdays.com

To connect with Starline Social Club about their upcoming Homeless Resource Fair, email resourcevillage@starlinesocialclub.com.


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Full Circle 12.7.18: David Andrew

Tonight we’ll try to chill out a bit … ‘cause we aaalll need it … with the R&B/soul music of local artist, David Andrew, from his first solo album, “David Andrew”

Along with the music, we’ll hear about some of the other good things David Andrew’s been up to.

But … before you get too relaxed, we’ll also ask for your support for 2 unique local treasures:  KPFA and the First Voice Apprenticeship Program … your source for information you won’t find anywhere else … and voices & sounds you won’t hear anywhere else.  Commercials? Those you won’t hear, uuuhhh, here.

Anyway … that’s tonight on “Full Circle.”


Official David Andrew

ARC Oakland

The Bay Area Mural Program (BAMP) (Facebook)

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