Full Circle 9.21.18 DOLORES. Rebel. Activist. Feminist. Mother.

Tonight, we honor one of the most influential labor activists of the 20th century: Dolores Huerta. Legendary civil rights leaders and co-founder of the United Farm Workers Association, Dolores Huerta has dedicated over 60 years to la lucha. Tonight we hear an EXCLUSIVE Full Circle recording of a speech Dolores delivered at the 50th anniversary gathering of the 1965 Grape Strike and Boycott in Delano, CA. You’ll also hear an EXCLUSIVE FULL CIRCLE interview with Jessica Congdon, co-writer and editor of the film, Dolores. Rebel. Activist. Feminist. Mother. All this accompanied by archival recordings of Dolores Huerta’s revolutionary speeches, spanning back decades.

Also tonight we ask that you support the work we do at KPFA- and Full Circle in particular- to uplift the voices, the work, the vision of revolutionary figures such as Dolores Huerta. As a thank-you gift for your support, we are offering the film “Dolores: Rebel. Activist. Feminist. Mother.” To show your solidarity, call 1-800-HEY-KPFA or go online KPFA.org. Everything counts.



To learn more about Jessica Congdon co-writer and editor of Dolores, checkout her website

To watch the movie trailer for Dolores, Rebel. Activists. Feminist. Mother. just click on this sentence

Of course to Donate to KPFA just go to kpfa.org

To watch the Dolores Huerta speech from the She The Peoples Women’s conference in San Francisco click on this link.

Special thanks to all the food donors that contributed to the most recent First Voice Apprentice graduation of Group 42, 42’tude:

Cha-Ya; Cheese Board Pizza Collective; Flying Falafel; Mangia, Mangia; Picante Cocina; and Semi-Freddie’s Bakery

And another big shout out goes to the musical entertainment from the graduation, Renee Asteria AKA Razteria. You can find her music here on her Soundcloud.

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Full Circle 09-14-18 Restore Oakland

At a time when gentrification and development for capital gains are taking over all major U.S. cities, there remain people and communities committed to doing things differently. Saru Jayaraman, Zach Norris, and Liam Chinn have always been those people and are at it again right here in Oakland, California. Their shared project is called Restore Oakland, a community advocacy and job training center that will launch in Spring of 2019.

Saru, Zach and Liam join me for the hour to discuss Restore Oakland – the history that led to its vision, the organizations literally coming together at the table to make it happen, how it will serve its community, how it challenges the status quo, and how it might serve as an example for justice-oriented development in other major U.S. cities.


Restore Oakland http://restoreoakland.org/
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights https://ellabakercenter.org/
Restaurant Opportunities Center United http://rocunited.org/

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Full Circle 9.7.18: Prison Strike 2018


Prisoners nationwide are on strike. Their demands? To be treated as human beings. Tonight we discuss the ongoing, nationwide prison strike with activists supporting efforts of people on the inside. We speak with Cole Dorsey of Oakland IWOC, Maru Mora Villalpando of NWDC Resistance/Resistencia al NWDC, and Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.

We’ll also hear from voices from the inside- imprisoned activists and revolutionaries speaking on conditions, labor, and our ever-expanding prison industrial system (courtesy of Prison Radio).


To learn more the incarcerated workers organizing committee and read the 2018 list of demands, check out The Website Incarceratedworkers.org

Learn more about Uhuru Rowe and read his writings on The Blog, Conscious Prisoner

Check out Northwest Detention Center Resistance, the undocumented-led movement working to end the detention of immigrants and stop all deportations

Hear more from Kevin Rashid, minister of defense in the prison chapter of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party on The Prison Radio Website  and rashidmod.com

Hear voices of prisoners recorded by Noelle Hanrahan on Prison Radio

Ways to get involved:
– Follow the above organizations on social media to get updates and get involved!
– Contact your local IWOC chapter and subscribe to their mailing list
– Participate in phone zaps (more info here)
– Write a Solidarity Letter to a striking prisoner
– Become a penpal (info here)
– Participate in direct material support nights for prisoners released from facilities- as per prison practice- at the dead of night (contact your local IWOC chapter to learn more)
– Spread word of prisoners organizing and speaking out
– Stay vigilant

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FC 8-31-18 : Community Gardens for Healing and Social Justice

Welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine. Produced by apprentices of the First Voice Media Action Program…

On tonight’s show you will hear all about gardening:

  • Community gardening
  • Not-for-profit gardening
  • And the burgeoning organic food movement

Stay tuned…










I BUILD THIS GARDEN FOR US, LENNY KRAVITZ  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aq2nIa_w2o



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Full Circle 8.24.18 Oakland Juneteenth 2018

This past June, Oakland’s (Begin Healing) BH Brilliant Minds sponsored the 11th Annual Juneteenth Festival in West Oakland.  KPFA’s First Voice Apprentices were there… for you!!!!  We brought back the community feeling of togetherness with interviews, sights and sounds. 

On tonight’s show we will:

  • Have a tribute piece in remembrance of the Honorable and Mayor  Ron V. Dellums
  • Hear interviews we collected… including…
    • BH (Begin Healing) Brilliant Minds
    • Civil rights attorney John Burris
    • The Mentoring Center
  • Music from the Juneteenth Celebration

We also have some great music for you!

All that … Tonight on Full Circle.




To learn more about B.H. Brilliant minds, Or to volunteer to help at the event, please check out their website.

Or to contact Barbara Howard directly, call 510 435 1077, or email her at barbarahoward47@comcast.net.

Other organizations mentioned on tonight’s show:

The Mentoring Center

Links to posted-only interviews:

Alameda Co. Public Health Dept, Healthy Living

The Griot B, Schoolyard Rap

Friends of The Hoover Durant Public Library

Black Panthers

Oakland Black Cowboy Association

Global Communication Services (Immigration Services)

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Full Circle 8-17-18 MONEY!!!

Money.  Finance.  Forces of nature.  One of these things is not like the others.

We will explore new ways of looking at money.  Yes, money appears to be the air we breathe.  but … does it have to be?

On tonight’s show we’ll …

  • Explore the history of money … why does it even exist?
  • Take a look at one way to change how money works …
  • and … learn how the whole concept of your income might be changed … if we make it happen.




Fiat Paper Money: The History of Our Currency

Real Progressives


2nd International Conference of Modern Monetary Theory

Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration


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Full Circle 8-10-18: Conversation On Aging


On tonight’s show:

You will hear. about the general medical profession’s approach to aging as we speak with best-selling author and columnist, Barbara Ehrenreich, about her latest book, “Natural Causes”

— We start the conversation about aging and  death with an opinion by Joy Moore

— We continued that conversation with you, our listeners.   yes ,we were taking calls!



To learn more about Barbara Ehrenreich’s current work, checkout the, Economic Hardship Reporting Project at econominhardship.org

Click on this link to read the lyrics to the song “Help The Aged” by the band Pulp.

Click here to see Grandma Vera singing “we fall to pieces”

Grandma’s Hands by Bill Withers


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