Full Circle 12.14.18 DJ Stevie G

Hey, it’s Friday night!  Tune in tonight for a special musical selection from the one and only Stevie G.  He’ll be blending some of our favorite old soul and funk classics.  Maybe a little Jazz too… And he’ll also have some updates from 1stsaturdays.com on how to volunteer at our local community schools, and an update on Starline Social Club’s upcoming Homeless Resource Fair in downtown Oakland.

We thank you for your continued support to keep Full Circle and KPFA, the people’s station, alive and thriving!  We love you listeners!

To learn more about 1st Saturdays, visit 1stsaturdays.com

To connect with Starline Social Club about their upcoming Homeless Resource Fair, email resourcevillage@starlinesocialclub.com.


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Full Circle 12.7.18: David Andrew

Tonight we’ll try to chill out a bit … ‘cause we aaalll need it … with the R&B/soul music of local artist, David Andrew, from his first solo album, “David Andrew”

Along with the music, we’ll hear about some of the other good things David Andrew’s been up to.

But … before you get too relaxed, we’ll also ask for your support for 2 unique local treasures:  KPFA and the First Voice Apprenticeship Program … your source for information you won’t find anywhere else … and voices & sounds you won’t hear anywhere else.  Commercials? Those you won’t hear, uuuhhh, here.

Anyway … that’s tonight on “Full Circle.”


Official David Andrew

ARC Oakland

The Bay Area Mural Program (BAMP) (Facebook)

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On tonight’s show we will:

have a musical conversation between Aria and myself covering some thoughts of the day. Themes:

  • the system
  • life & love
  • no longer here
  • jobs & economics

We also have some great music for you….

all that….. Tonight on Full Circle…I am your host this evening, Aria & Stevie G.

Grevious & Moshirian

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F.C. 11-23-18: Buen Vivir, Right Living

With the rains just lifting the dense smoke in the SF Bay Area, some might be reminded of the nourishment of life in balance.  The massive fires, both in Northern and Southern California, were devastating.  Wildfires though they are, their intensity is a result of global warming brought on by uncontained, disproportionate & extractive economic growth.

Our eco-logical and eco-nomic systems are not so disconnected.

On tonight’s show, a circle of guests from the Buen Vivir Fund join host Cat Petru to shed light on our economic status quo through a rather unusual and specific lens: impact investing.  What is impact investing?  For those who aren’t familiar, our guests break it down – and challenge it in the mainstream.  For those familiar, and particularly those in radical movements, you might be wondering: “Why do a show about impact investing? Accumulated wealth has a fraught and super problematic legacy.”  The thing is, the Buen Vivir Fund knows this.  And rather than perpetuate investment models that privilege investors, they’re challenging the paradigm.  The Buen Vivir Fund is comprised of a web of relationships & partnerships where “risk” cannot be defined in terms of individual capital gain or loss. 

Buen Vivir means right living.  So, at a time when global crises are reaching tipping points, what is right living?  What are our greatest risks?  And how can we diligently & thoughtfully work together to meet them?





Buen Vivir Fund

AFEDES (Facebook)

We Rise

Regenerative Finance

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F.C. 11-16-18: 15 !!The Molotov Mouths Reunite!! Years Later Still Spitting Poetic Fire


Tonight, we’ve got the Molotov Mouths joining us LIVE in studio. They’re a group of poetic fire-spitters, based in the Bay Area, united by a single goal: Justice.  Politically radical and radically personal, their poetry takes on issues of gentrification, gender, poverty, race, disability, and more.  With their 15 year reunion coming up, the Molotov Mouths join us for a night of poetry and conversation.

Keep it locked, right here on KPFA.

The Molotov Mouths Reunion takes place Monday, November 26th from 7-9PM at Bird & Beckett, 653 Chenery Street in San Francisco’s Glen Park. For more information, call 1-415-586-3733 or check out there website.

Get the Molotov Mouths: Explosive New Writing published by Manic D Press HERE

Check out Ananda Esteva’s work here

Check out James Tracy’s work here

Josiah Luis needs a website o.O Just Google him to learn more!


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Full Circle 11.9.18: Melvin Dickson & DJ Show

This Bay Area … is the alpha and the omega of many of our life’s themes. After the Midterm Elections on November 6th, we should reflect a bit with some sounds and, at times, a few words. Additionally, we want to acknowledge the passing of a Bay Area legend and member of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.  Mr. Melvin Dickson has died and we want to bring in Mr. Esebio Halliday to provide some perspective and knowledge about this giant in the community.

On tonight’s show, we will have:

  • A tribute for Mr. Melvin Dickson, as discussed with Mr. Esebio Halliday …
  • Post-Election thoughts …
  • Music in the soulful spirit of democracy.

All that tonight on Full Circle!



    • DATE: 11.17.18
    • TIME: 6PM – 12AM
    • LOCATION: Qilombo Center
    • ADDRESS: 2313 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, CA 94612
    • DATE: 1.8.18
    • TIME: 2 – 6PM
    • LOCATION: Met West High School
    • ADDRESS: 314 E. Tenth St. Oakland, CA 94606


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Full Circle 11-2-18 Money, Politics, Ranked-Choice Voting, Oh My! PLUS Oaklanders occupy public land to establish the #HousingandDignityVillage

On tonight’s show, we’ll talk about …

  • Protecting our vote, and raising our voices (even between elections)
  • How we can improve our electoral process so that it better serves, you know … we the people!
  • Money & Politics… and ways that voters can change how that works.  Again … to serve … WE THE PEOPLE!
  • A major issue in this midterm election: Housing. We get the latest on a new women of color-led curbside community and resource center called “#HousingandDignityVillage”




Are you registered? (Are you suuure?)


California Secretary of State

What’s on your ballot?

Voter’s Edge California (Learn about your ballot!)

Voter’s Edge (National)

Get Active!

Voting & Elections

FairVote California

FairVote (National)


California Common Cause

Common Cause (National)


The Bonfire Makers

The Village in Oakland

East Oakland Collective

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