Full Circle 9-15-17 National Bird

Tonight, Full Circle again comes to you prepared to do our part to raise funds for this important station. And we bring you “National Bird”… a documentary film that takes a look at our secret drone warfare program and the sensor operators that control them.

“National Bird” is a documentary film that takes a critical look at what happens to drone pilots when they are overworked, over stressed, and still pushed to keep going.
And it also speaks with survivors who live in fear of an instant out of nowhere strike from the sky.

On tonight’s show …

We’ll feature excerpts from “National Bird.”  We’ll also speak with one of the producers/directors of the film, Sonia Kennebeck.  And, of course, tonight we will be asking for your support for KPFA and the Apprenticeship Program!

Interactive map of drone strikes in Pakistan.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s Drone Wars site.

Please visit the National Bird website: http://nationalbirdfilm.com/


Upcoming Events & Actions

SEPTEMBER 24, SUNDAY, 4:00pm:  CodePink Gathering.  All are welcome, pink and “otherwise.”  For address & BART pick-up, email EastBayCodepink@gmail.com.

OCTOBER 5 -12:  CodePink Fall Drone Resistance Week.  SHUT DOWN CREECH.

APRIL 8-14, 2018:  Mass Mobilization Against Drones and Militarism (Sponsored by CodePink, Veterans for Peace & Nevada Desert Experience)

About First Voice Apprenticeship

First Voice Apprenticeship is an apprenticeship program at KPFA 94.1 FM in Berkeley and is designed to provide comprehensive broadcast, technical, and administrative skills training in radio. First Voice also aims to build and strengthen community and empower our participants to find their voice and tell their stories. The First Voice program is based on community building, a collaborative work environment and passing on our skills and stories. We focus on bringing women and people of color into media and work in partnership with Pacifica community radio station KPFA and other community media outlets, both locally and nationally. The First Voice Apprenticeship Program is currently 18 months. Everyone is required to spend one business day each week working at KPFA, as well as two class nights. The dayshift is a three hour shift and apprentices do administrative and production tasks. The dayshift runs on an intergenerational group learning model, with each phase teaching the next, and integrates service to the station, skills acquired in classes, motivation and leadership.
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