Full Circle 12/1/17: Oakland’s Sugar Freedom Project


On tonight’s show, we will hear from folks who are at the frontlines of Oakland’s new soda tax, making sure that it addresses the epidemic of diabetes and other health impacts from too much sugar in our diets, and the racial dimension of this issue.

Tonight, we will …

  • Hear from key leaders from the Sugar Freedom Project, who have gone door-to-door in East Oakland involving the community in setting priorities for this new fee on the soda industry.
  • We will also hear other community and policy advocates from the Oakland Food Policy Council, the East Oakland Collective, and Roots Community Health Clinic weigh in on this issue.
  • Finally, we have the chair of the newly-created Soda Tax Advisory Board in Oakland, which will make recommendations on how to spend up to $10 million for each of the next 10 years.

All that tonight on Full Circle.



WWW.SUGARFREEDOMPROJECTOakland’s Soda Tax and the Sweet Taste of Equity (report)

East Oakland Collective

Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action (TIGRA)

Oakland Food Policy Council

Roots Community Health Clinic


Excerpt from Black Man’s Lament (or How Sugar is Made).  Amelia Opie (English abolitionist, 1842)

When Mr. Sugar Comes to Town / La Visita del Sr. Azucar.  Adapted by / adaptado por Harriet Rohmer & Cruz Gomez.  (Children’s Book Press).

Yes, the ice cream truck was playing Turkey in the Straw.

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