Full Circle 05-13-2022; Classically Black II

Greetings Full Circle listeners. Our crew wants to express our apologies for the technical difficulties we experienced during our last show on KPFA Radio. It was Friday the 13th in full effect. We have made the corrections to the archive on the KPFA website. And although our post is late and some of the events have passed, we want to be sure and share this great show produced by First Voice Graduate, Sharon Peterson, uninterrupted by nefarious computer technology… So.. ICYMI. Last Friday on Full Circle, we featured some great classical music from not-the-usual suspects, but from composers and musicians of African descent…Also be sure and tune in tomorrow night Friday May 20th, 7pm to kpfa.org to hear from community organizations. The Rainbow Community Center of Concord, East Bay Community Law Center and we also speak with Liz Carlisle on Community Gardening (First People’s ancestral methods) regenerative gardening and social justice..

Joseph Bologne, Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges

Clarence Cameron White

Irene Britton Smith

Philippa Schuyler


Pamela Z

Joshua Coyne (Facebook)Joshua Coyne (bio)

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