Full CIrcle 05-20-2022; Community Organizations

Tonight on Full Circle we continue with the spring fund drive and continue to bring you valuable information beneficial to our communities. Yessssssss!!! On tonight’s show we’ll hear three different interviews from three First Voice Graduate Apprentices. One.. Is me,  I’ll be Speaking with Kelly Ferguson of Rainbow Community Center in Concord. Two.. We’ll hear from Joy Moore as she speaks with Liz Carlisle on using indigenous regenerative gardening and social justice. Three..  Our own Ms. M will speak with Gracie Jones of East Bay Community Law Center. And of course. We will be asking for your support tonight as part of our spring fund drive.


Rainbow Community Center

Website: www.rainbowcc.org

Instagram: @rainbowcenter, Facebook: Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County. Twitter: @rainbowc entr

Liz Carlisle website and Twitter


Twitter @lizwcarlisle

East Bay Community Law Center

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