F.C. 11-23-18: Buen Vivir, Right Living

With the rains just lifting the dense smoke in the SF Bay Area, some might be reminded of the nourishment of life in balance.  The massive fires, both in Northern and Southern California, were devastating.  Wildfires though they are, their intensity is a result of global warming brought on by uncontained, disproportionate & extractive economic growth.

Our eco-logical and eco-nomic systems are not so disconnected.

On tonight’s show, a circle of guests from the Buen Vivir Fund join host Cat Petru to shed light on our economic status quo through a rather unusual and specific lens: impact investing.  What is impact investing?  For those who aren’t familiar, our guests break it down – and challenge it in the mainstream.  For those familiar, and particularly those in radical movements, you might be wondering: “Why do a show about impact investing? Accumulated wealth has a fraught and super problematic legacy.”  The thing is, the Buen Vivir Fund knows this.  And rather than perpetuate investment models that privilege investors, they’re challenging the paradigm.  The Buen Vivir Fund is comprised of a web of relationships & partnerships where “risk” cannot be defined in terms of individual capital gain or loss. 

Buen Vivir means right living.  So, at a time when global crises are reaching tipping points, what is right living?  What are our greatest risks?  And how can we diligently & thoughtfully work together to meet them?





Buen Vivir Fund

AFEDES (Facebook)

We Rise

Regenerative Finance

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