F.C. 11-16-18: 15 !!The Molotov Mouths Reunite!! Years Later Still Spitting Poetic Fire


Tonight, we’ve got the Molotov Mouths joining us LIVE in studio. They’re a group of poetic fire-spitters, based in the Bay Area, united by a single goal: Justice.  Politically radical and radically personal, their poetry takes on issues of gentrification, gender, poverty, race, disability, and more.  With their 15 year reunion coming up, the Molotov Mouths join us for a night of poetry and conversation.

Keep it locked, right here on KPFA.

The Molotov Mouths Reunion takes place Monday, November 26th from 7-9PM at Bird & Beckett, 653 Chenery Street in San Francisco’s Glen Park. For more information, call 1-415-586-3733 or check out there website.

Get the Molotov Mouths: Explosive New Writing published by Manic D Press HERE

Check out Ananda Esteva’s work here

Check out James Tracy’s work here

Josiah Luis needs a website o.O Just Google him to learn more!


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