Full Circle 08.03.18: Malcolm X Jazz Festival

This past May … Oakland’s Eastside Arts Alliance held its 18th Annual Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival in San Antonio Park… and KPFA’s First Voice Apprentices were there too!  We brought back interviews, sights and, of course, sounds of our community in concert.

On tonight’s show we will:

  • Hear interviews we collected, including:
    • Eastside Arts Alliance
    • East Oakland Black Cultural Zone
  • We will also hear from Malcolm himself, from the Pacifica Radio Archives …
  • And, what would a jazz festival show be, without music?

All that, tonight on Full Circle.



To learn more about developing an East Oakland Black Cultural Zone, check out this page on the Eastside Arts Alliance website. There you can read an article from the Guardian on the Displacement of Black Oakland residents.

You can also learn more about Live Arts in Resistance on the website

To learn more about Youth Speaks and the work they do with young people in our communities. Please visit their website here.

Other organizations mentioned on tonight’s show:

Urban ED Academy

Cycles of Change

On Track Consulting

Liberate 23rd Avenue

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