Full Circle 07-27-18 — Bad Tech and Big Data: The Mechanics of Drone Warfare and Mass Surveillance



  • We aim to shed light on the murky topics of drone warfare and mass surveillance.
  • We speak with guests Pratap Chatterjee, author, along with illustrator Khalil Bendib of non-fiction graphic novel, Verax released in 2017.
  • As a part of KPFA’s Summer Fund Drive, we at Full Circle are offering this journalistic graphic novel as a gift to listeners who donate to KPFA.



Sunday, August 26:  Nationwide Day of Action to #STOPKAVANAUGH.  Block 45’s attempt to appoint a judge who will rule in his personal favor, while taking back women’s and voters’ rights.  UniteForJustice2018.com


To learn more about the graphic novel “Verax” The True History of Whistleblowers, Drone Warfare And Mass Surveillance. Please take a moment to visit the Verax website

To learn more about Pratap’s work with CorpWatch, holding corporations accountable for their was making technologies please visit the Killchain website.

To watch a short animated video about “killing technologies” from the Killchain website, click here.

Tom Dispatch, A Regular Antidote to the Mainstream Media www.tomdispatch.com

To check out an interactive map of recorded drone strikes in Pakistan and an accurate count and description on the victims, checkout the website Out of Sight Out of Mind


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