Full Circle 01-06-2023; Angelo Quinto 2nd Annual Commemoration

This week on Full Circle we spend the hour on the case of Angelo Quint, Angelo, a Navy veteran, was killed by Antioch police officers December 23rd 2020 as they responded to a mental health call from the family. On tonight’s show we’ll hear sounds from the 2nd Annual Memorial commemorating the life of Angelo Quinto. Including the family, the family attorneys and impacted families. We’ll also hear an in depth interview with the Quinto-Collins family attorney Ben Nisenbaum. All that and we’ll feature music from the Justice for Angelo Quinto Justice For All ep.

Check out the music from the Justice For Angelo Quinto Justice For all ep by Beatrock music on Bandcamp https://variousartistsbeatrock.bandcamp.com/album/justice-for-angelo-quinto-justice-for-all

Check out the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) online panel briefing to discuss topline findings and key recommendations of its new report, “‘Excited Delirium’ and Deaths in Police Custody: The Deadly Impact of a Baseless Diagnosis,” which finds that “excited delirium” is not a valid, independent medical or psychiatric diagnosis. This panel includes the Quinto Collins family.

PHR Report “‘Excited Delirium’ and Deaths in Police Custody: The Deadly Impact of a Baseless Diagnosis,”

Video featuring the Quinto Collins family https://phr.org/our-work/resources/excited-delirium/Follow the Facebook for Justice For Angelo Quinto here https://www.facebook.com/groups/893825794708683

Follow the Miles Hall Foundation here https://www.themileshallfoundation.org/

Follow the Love Not Blood Campaign led by the family of Oscar Grant here https://lovenotbloodcampaign.com/

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