Full Circle 03-18-2022; part 1 rona reflections & queer Resilience

(ICYMI) Here’s the Replay. Tonight’s Full Circle, Hosted by sentient shiloh b, AKA DJ Loh is part one of Rona Reflections, which includes six different queer voices: Phillip L. Hammack a sociologist, Jessica Tracy a psychotherapist, Victoria Heilweil a feminist artist, a cultural producer, Victorian Montaño an Indigi Queer interdisciplinary artist, and Nicole Gervacio a social justice media maker and dancer reflecting on queer resilience, revalations, and revolution.  As well as what we need to bring forward into 2022.  This queering of time and space provided by Ms. Rona and her cousins is nowhere near over (which will only occur once the entire world is vaccinated) and we must evolve.  

COVID 19 instituted a global pause which led many to reexamine, rethink, and redefine relationships in most if not all aspects of living.  And what the world needs is healing and transformation.  If we reflect, remember and redefine what is possible based on socially just priorities we will shift and transform culture into a more democratic and inclusive society. We must remember these insights and use them to redesign social structures and systems emanating from a foundation of repair and care.  


Jessica Tracy is a psychotherapist and faculty member at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Her areas of interest include: queer wellness and identity, complex trauma, and the collective unconscious as it pertains to power dynamics and social systems. you can find out more by visiting her https://www.jessicatracytherapy.com/ 

Jessica Tracy

Victoria Montaño (all pronouns are welcome)  is a first generation, two-spirit, Yoe’me (yaqui), Mexikah, interdisciplinary artist born and raised in the village of Huchiun. Present day known as Oakland, CA. Victoria is a po-scholar, storyteller and land steward with Sogorea te’ Land Trust. Victoria’s work focuses on Indigenous solidarity across false man made borders, land rematriation and the reawakening of ancestral knowledge, etc. 

Victoria Montaño



Victoria Mara Heilweil is a feminist, lens-based artist and curator. she creates archives of the everyday to highlight and value ordinary human experience. Her artwork has been exhibited nationally, including the De Young Museum, San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art, Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum, University Art Gallery at California State Chico, and the Minneapolis Photo Center. Her photographs are included in collections at Cornell University, Center for Photography at Woodstock and CMPC/Sutter Health Van Ness Hospital in San Francisco. Heilweil holds a Masters of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts. 

Victoria Heilweil


Phillip L. Hammack is a professor, author, and consultant who specializes in gender and sexual identity diversity. He has published widely in the social sciences and received numerous awards for his research. Hammack’s forthcoming book is titled Radical Authenticity: the 21st Century Revolution in Gender, Sexuality & Relationships (contracted with Oxford University Press). He is Professor of Social Psychology and Director of the Sexual and Gender Diversity Laboratory at the University of California, Santa Cruz, CA.

Phillip L. Hammack


we rise is a collective of artists who use multimedia, digital and live productions to challenge audiences to think critically about the systems that oppress us all, and use art to inspire active solidarity. As creatives, we craved a platform to share out the brilliance and bravery of our loved ones. We needed a space where process is just as important as product, where relationships and visions are tended with respect and care. It is rare to be able to gather together and create with integrity and genuine inspiration. This is our greatest aspiration, to nurture a culture of life-changing creativity.


Nicole Gervacio is an interdisciplinary artist based in occupied Ohlone land, Huchiun, commonly known as Oakland, California. a queer 1st gen Pilipinx American, her roots originate from Luzon & the Visayan Islands across the Pacific. Nicole uses various methods & mediums depending on the inspiration, from visual work, to movement, to words, and thrives in collaborative collective-minded communities. She navigates life with ancestors & future generations in mind.

Catherine Petru (aka Cat) is a queer, jewish cultural producer, whose roots extend to the Iberian Peninsula, Czech Replublic, Rrance, Holand, and places unknown. She loves stories, collaborative visioning, and while she appreciates digital technology for its ability to connect us and expand our awareness, she would rather be outside. She’s co-founder and co-director of we rise production, and associate producer at a kids company about.

you have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world and you have to do it all the time – Angela Davis

liberation spring Anjali Lynn Nath Upadhyay 

I began each interview asking everyone to gently close your eyes and notice your breath and think back to march 13th 2020.  Can you remember what it was like for you? What were you thinking, feeling doing the first few days of quarantine?   And then a few weeks in and a few months into it? How did you respond? What did you notice? what comes up when you feel into that memory?

Pleach out to share your stories: sburton@kpfa.org  for part two of rona reflections. 

DJ Loh
aka sentient shiloh b.

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