Good evening everyone  and welcome to “Full Circle,” your Cultural Affairs Radio Magazine. I am your host tonight, Joy Moore, from kpfa Apprentice Group 20,  “In La Kesh”. Tonight, we’re presenting an open forum called Express Yourself. We’ve invited folks to say, share, play or express their thoughts and/or feelings, however they choose. First up, I will share a very  exciting and memorable encounter, conversation and the relationship from a chance encounter. Next we’ll hear from Mike Chang, a good friend of mine who will share a piece of music. Then Shiloh Burton, current kpfa Apprentice shares two pieces. Later Freewillin Frank Sterling shares his appreciation for Zeum Children’s Museum in San Francisco. Finally we’ll hear from Ms. M, Executive Director of the kpfa Apprenticeship Program, and Executive Producer of Full Circle, as she shares a conversation between Josh Elwood, the best kpfa mail room supervisor ever and Mitch Jeserich, host of Letters and Politics.

Check out Pushing Limits and Josh Elwood on kpfa 94.1 FM or kpfa.org every other Friday at 2:30 p.m. 

Check out Letters and Politics with your host Mitch Jeserich, weekdays at 10 a.m. on kpfa 94.1 FM end kpfa.org

To learn more about Zeum, San francisco’s Children’s Museum. Check out their website at http://zeum.org/ Watch the trailer to the movie Judas and The Black Messiah on YouTube.

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