Full Circle: The Show With No Theme 08.14.15

This week, we present the show with no theme! We talk about the Bay River Delta, invite you to get lost, wager that you didn’t know, and explore the compelling nature of storytelling…specifically around Soap Operas! There’s no theme and we’re embracing the magazine format! Check it out! (Special Thanks to Barbara Barrigan-Parilla of the Restore The Delta Coalition)

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Full Circle: Music of the Bay

Tonight’s Full Circle features music by Bay Area artists Peck the Town Crier, Little Sister, Denny Zeitlin and Don Friedman.

To hear more from Chris Peck click here


DSC_0888 DSC_0885

Check out more from Denny Zeitlin and more from Don Friedman

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Full Circle 7-31-15 Hometowns

This Friday on Full Circle, we’re talking about the nice, warm, fuzzy feeling of home. We’re taking your to our hometowns. We bringing you all the way to the Motown scene of Detroit. We share a unique and slightly melancholy story from Westport, CT, and you’ll hear some reflections on the beautiful and charming Oakland, California. We’re happy to share with you why our home towns are special and sooth you with the sounds of comforting hometown tunes.

DSC_0882 DSC_0872 DSC_0874 DSC_0879

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Full Circle 07 – 24 – 15 MEDICINE SHOW


PeterMelamed Felix

Dr. Peter & Felix Melamed

This week on Full Circle, we’re talking medicines both western and alternative; both prescribed and self-help! Featuring an interview with Dr. Peter and his son Felix Melamed as well as a unique brand of poetry only available on Full Circle!

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LoveLightBluesBand LLB LLBB

The Lovelight Blues Band out of Oakland, Ca brings their unique sound to KPFA and Full Circle! Hear some original hits as well as a few Blues classics in this LIVE performance that features a special tribute to a poet!

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Full Circle 07 – 10 – 15 KUUMBA VOCES INTRO SHOW

This week on Full Circle, the senior group pf apprentices introduce themselves! They’re called ‪Kuumba Voces‬ and they’re the new producers of Full Circle! Listen as they share their stories and a little about what brought them to the program! Josiah Luis, Vika, JC, Zakiyyah, Ron, and Sam make up this dynamic group of Producers and talent! Take a listen!

DSC_0745 DSC_0721 DSC_0726 DSC_0735 DSC_0738 DSC_0739

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Full Circle 7-3-15 Incarceration and Liberation

Tonight on Full Circle we’ll be taking an unconventional look at our prison system.
We’ll be presenting you with positive aspects and creative solutions that have successfully helped formerly incarcerated men and women in the bay area. We’ll learn how prisoners are staying “mindful” while behind bars with the Prison Mindfulness Institute. We’ll explore the possibilities after one’s release with a new mentor-ship program. We’ll also find out about a unique project documenting inmates making positive change in their lives called “The Welcome Home Project.” All that and much more tonight on Full Circle.



Vernon Williams III from The Williams Group and Associates.  If you are interested in helping Vernon with his new mentoring program for returning citizens, please, feel free to contact him by email at vernon@twg.org





Prison Mindfulness Institute – http://prisonmindfulness.org

Welcome Home Project – Community Works’ Welcome Home Project

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