Full Circle 9-18-15 Food Chains Fund Drive

Full Circle steps into the fall fund drive and we do so with a very eye opening film “Food Chains”.  “Food Chains” takes us directly to where a lot of the fresh fruits and vegetables we eat really come from. The film also shows us how all that fresh produce gets from the fields to our local supermarkets and onto our plates.

Furthermore, ‘Food Chains’ also documents the extreme conditions that farm workers, whose skill it is to actually do the work of picking and harvesting the crops, are required to work under…and the reasons those conditions are created, such as the supermarkets and the fast food chains setting the price of produce.. a price that keeps the workers in the fields living below the poverty line….so on tonight’s show we’ll feature excerpts from the film “Food Chains”, also we’ll speak with director Sanjay Rawal and discuss the film’s’ importance and it’s message.

“Food Chains” premiered at  the 2014 Berlin film festival and screened at the Tribeca film festival and Guadalajara film festival. “Food Chains” will be released nationwide November 21st. the film’s executive producers include Eva Longoria and Eric Schlosser.

For link to the Fair Food Program site:   http://www.fairfoodprogram.org/

For link for the official site for the film “Food Chain”: http://www.foodchainsfilm.com/#the-film

For link to the Immokalee Workers site:  http://ciw-online.org/blog/tag/campaign-for-fair-food/

To support programming like this and continue learning about the untold stories, please go to KPFA website:  https://kpfa.org/

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Full Circle 9-11-15 Rastafari

Tonight’s show is entitled ”The roots of Rastafari”.  I Will discuss with my guests …the history, the culture, the musical contribution, and the social impact of Rastafarian’s in Jamaica and the world. Stay with me.

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Full Circle: Back to School 09.04.15

This week, the Producers of Full Circle take you back to school! We kick off Labor Day weekend with a show all about school, education, and the people involved. Listen in as we talk to a few teachers from OUSD, the staff writer for the KQED Education Blog: Mindshift, and the co-founder of the Radical Monarchs! All this and more on this episode of Full Circle!

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Full Circle: Literary Show 08.21.15


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This week on Full Circle we take a journey through The East Bay’s Literary scene! Included in this weeks show, interviews with Jamie Dewolf, EM Wolfman’s Justin Carder, Nomadic Press’ J.K Fowler, and a live interview with Siciliana Trivino of Moe’s Books. We’ve got special readings and a little bit of poetic music. Listen in!

You can find Jamie Dewolf online at: http://jamiedewolf.com

You can find EM Wolfman online at: http://wolfmanhomerepair.com

You can find Nomadic Press online at: http://www.nomadicpress.org/

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Full Circle: The Show With No Theme 08.14.15

This week, we present the show with no theme! We talk about the Bay River Delta, invite you to get lost, wager that you didn’t know, and explore the compelling nature of storytelling…specifically around Soap Operas! There’s no theme and we’re embracing the magazine format! Check it out! (Special Thanks to Barbara Barrigan-Parilla of the Restore The Delta Coalition)

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Full Circle: Music of the Bay

Tonight’s Full Circle features music by Bay Area artists Peck the Town Crier, Little Sister, Denny Zeitlin and Don Friedman.

To hear more from Chris Peck click here


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Check out more from Denny Zeitlin and more from Don Friedman

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Full Circle 7-31-15 Hometowns

This Friday on Full Circle, we’re talking about the nice, warm, fuzzy feeling of home. We’re taking your to our hometowns. We bringing you all the way to the Motown scene of Detroit. We share a unique and slightly melancholy story from Westport, CT, and you’ll hear some reflections on the beautiful and charming Oakland, California. We’re happy to share with you why our home towns are special and sooth you with the sounds of comforting hometown tunes.

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