Full Circle 1-26-18: #Right2Resist –Challenging Islamophobic Policy

This weekend marks the One Year Anniversary of the landmark SFO protest against one of Trump’s first Executive Orders: The Muslim Ban.

On tonight’s show:

  • Lara Kiswani of the Arab Resource Organizing Center gives a retrospective on the three Muslim Bans that went into effect since last January …
  • We investigate the connection between the bans and U.S. Imperial and military interests …
  • Then we will be joined live in studio by two members of the Palestinian Youth Movement to investigate the move to make Jerusalem the capital of the settler state of Israel …
  • And we will talk about the powerful resistance movements that have been fighting all along the way.

All that tonight on Full Circle.


“Free Ahed Tamimi!” January 31 in Oakland


Arab Resource and Organizing Center:     email      website

Bay Resistance

Stop Urban Shield

Palestinian Youth Movement      email     Facebook     Twitter: @PYM_USA


Edward Said’s “On Orientalism”

Reel Bad Arabs




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Full Circle 1-19-18: Persecutory Culture

On tonight’s show we’ll look at …

… The detrimental effects of anxiety, fear and anger occurring when any group focuses on differences between themselves and others, even if those differences are imagined or artificially created.

… And, we will look back over millennia to help us understand this issue in our current day.

We also talk about the First Voice Apprenticeship Program, producers of Full Circle.  We’re looking for new apprentices.  Apply any time between now until February 23, 2018, at 5:00pm.  (See below for details.)  More than ever, we all need to raise our voices!

All that tonight on Full Circle.



2018 online course: Treasures of Women’s History

Webcasts and other events

Suppressed Histories Archives on Facebook


Download an Application, or call (510) 848-6767, x235

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Full Circle 1.12.18: Native Americans Making A Difference

Tonight we honor the work of Native Americans and their allies, who dedicate their time and energy to raising awareness of the struggles and needs of their communities.

On tonight’s show, we …

Hear from prayerful Black Friday protesters at the Emeryville Shellmound, a.k.a. The Bay Street Mall.

We’ll also hear one woman’s story about her battle against meth and addiction on her reservation and within her own family.

Finally we’ll hear from Native Artists in Action – hip hop and rap artists as well as community educators.

All that tonight on Full Circle.



MLK Day Prayer at the West Berkeley Shellmound


For more information about Mothers Against Meth Alliance visit their website also visit their Facebook page

For more info on Native Artists in Action, check out their website

To see the music video for the song “Angel” check out the Facebook page of K.Benally and LetsJusB

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Full Circle 1.5.18: You Say You Want a Resolution. So Do We! We Also Want a REVOLUTION! (State of Pacifica)

So … initially we had in store for you all a show about resolution and revolution … what time tested techniques do we use to create lasting transformation?  BUT… there is a crisis going on here at KPFA/Pacifica that we simply cannot ignore … therefore …

On tonight’s show, we will:

  • Discuss the facts of the matter at hand.
  • Speak with Grace Aaron of the Pacifica National Board.
  • And hear from you!  We want to give you an opportunity to call in to ask questions and discuss solutions.

All that tonight on Full Circle.


The Pacifica National Board can be emailed at: pnb@pacifica.org

KPFA programs addressing this issue:


SF Chronicle

Wall Street Journal

East Bay Express


SF Bay View

Mercury News



Pacifica in Exile

KFCF Editorial

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Mother and the Boards- Full Circle

Welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program.

On tonight’s show we are presenting to you the fiery and inspiring music of Oakland based artists Mother and the Boards. Ahead of their album release, we have them in studio to perform for us live and to tell us about the powerful message that drives their music. We will get to meet the band that uses their fierce blend of folk and blues to support movements for a sustainable planet, racial justice and resilient community. Let’s get right into it, this is, Mother and the Boards!


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Full Circle 12.22.17: Food Movement

First Voice Graduate Apprentice and Full Circle Production Consultant, Joy Moore, talks with Leaders in the Food Justice Movement, highlighting successes and future challenges. Join us in conversation with three amazing people working to insure our food future: Dru Rivers of Full Belly Farm, Co-Founder of Eco-Farm, Ecological Farming Association, based in Santa Cruz and Mona Urbina, Youth Program Manager at Pie Ranch, a social justice education/training focused farm in Pescadero, California. Hear about the food justice movement, what has been and is being done! The future is here!  Please spread the word!


Full Belly Farm

Pie Ranch


The Collins Farm (email:  bigemmatus@gmail.com)

Bridge to Life Center, Mission Solano

Sustainable Solano

College of Marin (Organic Farm)

Acta Non Verba

Spiral Gardens

Urban Tilth

Planting Justice

Urban Sprouts

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Full Circle 12.15.17: Strike Debt

On tonight’s show we’ll be addressing financial inequality here in the USA.  We’ll discuss …

  • How do we understand the widening wealth gap; what is fueling its runaway increase?
  • Student debt and the cost of higher education as a barrier to building wealth.
  • Also… medical costs, now a leading cause of personal bankruptcy and loss of savings.
  • And finally, blessedly, a review of things being done to address financial inequality, especially in the Bay Area.


STRIKE DEBT WEBSITE   (audio archive in the Media section)



Runaway Inequality, An Activist’s Guide To Economic Justice by Les Leopold  (Labor Institute Press)


STRIKE DEBT by RyanNicole


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