Full Circle 8.05.16 KUUMBA VOCES Farewell Show

Tonight, all of group 40, KUUMBA VOCES, are here to bring you their last show produced by KUUMBA VOCES.

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Full Circle Fund Drive Show Balance Due 07-29-16

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Tonight’s show is entitled “Balance Due” we will explore why in lots of ways Black Lives Don’t Matter in this country, proven through the courses of institutional and systemic racism. We will look at a time when the political parties were opposite of what they are today and how the unspoken yet ubiquitous century old legislation called the Black codes still affect Black lives and we’ll see how they empowered white supremacy through the Jim crow laws.

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Tonight we’re talking about the named and the nameless. The Black Americans who have lost their lives at the hands of racism in the American criminal justice system. We’re bringing you a panel discussion around police accountability and the Black Lives Matter Movement, featuring: Elizabeth Niarhos from Asians for Black Lives, Saturu Ned from Black Panther Party, Nanci Armstrong from the Anti Police Terror Project, Oscar Grant’s uncle, Uncle Bobby, and Clinical Child Psychologist Dr. Allison Briscoe-Smith.  We’ll hear reflections on the recent police shootings from Black Oakland native and Full Circle producer JC Howard, and we’ll hear sounds from last week’s Day of Rage in Oakland.

how to talk to kids about trump


my reflection matters

embrace race


White Nonsense Roundup

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Full Circle: The Poetry Show

Zakiyyah G.E. Capehart and Josiah Luis bring you the Poetry Show on Full Circle. Special guests are bay area publishers J.K. Fowler of Nomadic Press and Emji Spero of Timeless Infinite Light Press. Here some great poetry from Jim Martin and Poet Chokwadi. All here on the show produced and hosted by your KPFA Apprentices. Every Friday at 7 PM.

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Full Circle 07-08-16 Stretching and Adjustments


On tonight’s show we’ll take a look at how Yoga, Dance and the chiropractic sciences may contribute to the overall health of an individual, through movement, posture positions and bone re-alignment (in some cases)and serve to maintain flexibility, mobility and fluid movement through after-treatment care dealing with bones and joints and muscle and nerve issues, also the benefits of yoga breathing and meditation.


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Full Circle: Malcolm X Jazz Festival

Tonight we feature interviews from the Malcolm X JazzArts Festival held in San Antonio Park in Oakland.


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Full Circle 06-24-16 Wrestling with Change

Tonight’s show is all about something you don’t hear much about on KPFA Radio: Professional Wrestling. Hosted by JC Howard and Tonight We’ll Hear about how Professional Wrestling is becoming more socially conscious and even artistic. On the show tonight, we’ve got Hoodslam Announcer A.J. Kirsch, All pro wrestling promoter Markus Mac, and Rising Star in the World of Professional Wrestling, Thunder Rosa!

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