Full Circle 11.18.16 Words And Images Around The Bay

This week’s show features a range of Bay Area-based artists who use their mediums to create community and dialogue. Join hosts Audio Desperado Ephraim Colbert and Theresa Adams as they speak with Mary Arose and Miguel Arzabe, and First Voice apprentice David de la Gran who speaks with members of Oakland Mind on the subject of Black Friday.

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Full Circle: Women in Business 11-11-16

Tonight we feature women in business. We talk with the owners of Curbside Creamery, Mamacita’s Café and El Pipila.

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Full Circle 11-04-16

It’s an election year… and we want to talk about it. What’s changed from since 2008?

On tonight’s show… apprentice David del la Gran has something to say about that four letter word called HOPE. A representative from the League of Women Voters will join us to talk about voter suppression in this election, and finally we talk to the KPFA audience on this episode of Full Circle.

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Welcome boys girls goblins and ghouls to a very haunting episode of Full Circle, your cultural affairs frightening radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. I’m your host Audio Desperado Ephraim Colbert with Mr. Tales from the hood himself Dennis “the menace” Roos!

Tonight’s Full Circle episode is about one of the most celebrated holidays in history….. None other than Halloween. It’s history, myths, culture, monsters, creatures and influences in our culture in our music!

So don’t touch that dial your life may literally depend on it ha ha ha ha….

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Full Circle 10-21-16 Los Cenzontles

Tonight on Full Circle we extend recognition of Latino contributions to the arts & culture in the United States and specifically to our local area. Tonight we first & foremost honor the band Los Cenzontles and we honor Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy with the Local Community Heroes Award. 

To check out the band click here 

To learn about the school click here 

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Full Circle Letters For Leonard, Free All Political Prisoners

Tonight on Full Circle, we raise our voices in the fight to free Leonard Peltier and all political prisoners!

Tonight’s show is “Letters For Leonard” and we will take your calls and shout-outs to free Leonard along with a letter writing campaign to urge President Obama to pardon Leonard before he leaves office this year.

On tonight’s show:.. We’ll speak with Samson Wolf of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee and Lenny Foster spiritual advisor to Leonard. Also we hear from DJ Free Leonard and feature some of the music he has produced and collected in the fight for Leonard’s freedom…And we learn about other political prisoners and find out who has received a pardon from President Obama when we listen to a pair of commentaries from a current and a former apprentice.

Call President Obama for Leonard Peltier: 202-456-1111 (White House Comment Line) or 202-456-1414 (White House Switchboard); and send a text to these numbers. If your cell phone provider allows for text-to-landline service (a fee may apply) .
Email President Obama

To print a beautiful post card to send to the President click here.

Post a comment on Obama’s Facebook page:

or message him at https://www.facebook.com/whitehouse(or https://m.me/whitehouse).

Send a tweet to President Obama: @POTUS or @WhiteHouse and use hastags #FREELEONARDPELTIER #LeonardPeltier and/or #FreePeltier.

Write a letter: President Barack Obama, You also can send a postcard to the President.

The Office of the Pardon Attorney (OPA), DOJ, welcomes communications regarding clemency matters. Express your strong support of Leonard Peltier’s application for clemency in a letter, email and/or phone call to the OPA. Honorable Robert A. Zauzmer, Office of the Pardon Attorney

Make reference to Leonard Peltier #89637-132 and his application for clemency dated February 17, 2016. Urge the OPA to recommend to President Obama that he grant clemency to Leonard Peltier:

For links to D.J. Free Leonard’s albums.. Hip Hop’s Contributions to The Freedom Campaign
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Full Circle 9-30-16 Housing Crisis

Tonight we are talking about the current housing crisis here in the bay area. The housing crisis created by the continuing price increases by the landlords in the area. We will hear from Lailan Huen of the Chinatown Coalition and her thoughts on the current development being proposed by the developer Wood Partners, she will talk about the Planning Commission, the process and the inequity in community representation. We will also talk about the Tiny House movement in Berkeley and beyond. We will also speak with a representative from the organization Causa Justa/ Just Cause and hear from a resident receiving assistance from the organization.

To learn more about the Tiny Houses Project visit Youth Spirit Artworks here

For more on Causa Justa/Just Cause click here

And for information on the Chinatown Coalition visit their facebook page

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