Full Circle 11-5-2021 Poetry & Revolution

We share live recordings from @Litquake Out Loud’s outdoor stage 10/16 Revolution Poeticized which challenges each of us to reimagine what true political transformation looks like through poetry. In Three Voices, Three Worlds, Achy Obejas presents Boomerang/Bumerán, a bilingual collection of lyrical poetry written in mostly gender-free English and Spanish that addresses immigration, displacement, love and activism.

Achy Obejas, Darius Simpson, and Mimi Tempestt who are all writing a different world and way of being into existence, discuss poetry’s role in revolution.  We also provide segments from Litquake’s Out Loud programs Three voices, Three worlds (curated by Achy Obejas) & Revolution Poeticized (curated by Imani Cezanne). Finally we end with a discussion of Audre Lorde’s essay Poetry is Not a Luxury with the three poets. 

Achy Obejas


@achylandia on Twitter

@guaraguasi on IG

Beacon Press for Boomerang/Bumeran


Imani Cezanne


Darius Simpson


social media: @_dariussimpson 

donation link: https://www.peoplesprograms.com/donate

Mimi Tempestt

the monumental misrememberings book by Mimi Tempestt 

Mimi’s Website

Instagram: @thegoddessmimi

Twitter: @MimiTempestt

Full Circle 10-22-2021 – black Panthers 55th anniveRsary

(ICYMI) 55 years ago in Oakland, the community stepped forward with a voice of their own, a voice of the youth, filled with spirit, energy, anger, and a supportive health, educational, political and security perspective. Born out of the Civil Rights narrative and experience, October 1966, the Black Panther Party was formed… and informed the world on the Black community.


If you missed last Fridays Full Circle on KPFA, check out our replay for a fun-filled hour of Music People Love! You’ll hear some of our favorite tunes, and we’ll talk about why we like ‘em and how this music gives us joy, brings back memories & shapes our lives. Our guests will include apprentices past & present, and you’ll hear music from bands including: @ConFunkShunBand @BlackSabbath @EarthWindAndFire & #TheGypsyKings.

Full circle 10-8-2021 CodeBreaker Films

This episode of Full Circle features the two women co-founders of Codebreaker Films production company who’s films highlight national security and human rights issues. Sonia Kennebeck and Ines Hofmann-Kanna share clips from their documentaries “United States vs Reality Winner,” “Enemies of the State” and an earlier film “National Bird” which highlights 3 whistleblowers in the US killer drone program.  We speak with the two women producers and directors about these films and their independent production company Codebreaker Films.


Codebreaker Films (people can sign up to receive our occasional newsletters here)

Enemies of the State

National Bird

Social Media:

IG: @codebreaker_films

Twitter: @c_odebreaker

IG: @soniakennebeck

Twitter: @soniakennebeck

Festivals to watch United States vs. Reality Winner:

Hot Springs Documentary Festival (10/8-10/16)

DoubleExposure Investigative Film Festival in Washington DC (10/13-10/17)

Film Fest Tucson (10/14-10/17)

UN Association Film Festival (10/21-10/31) — one in-person screening in Palo Alto at 9:20pm on Saturday, October 23rd

Lake County Film Festival (11/4-11/15)

Full Circle 10-01-2021 gardening in communities

(ICYMI). I am your host for Full Circle, Joy Moore, from apprentice group 20. In “La Kesh”. Tonight, we’re in conversation with Bonnie Boruki, community food activist of Ashby Community Gardens, Transition Berkeley, Albany Gil Tract and much, much more. Also Rob Bennaton, in a discussion on how to establish new land access opportunities for urban farming and highlighting the need for cities and counties to consider sites as part of open space and climate action plans, to support urban farms and community gardens as local community hubs for resilience. And finally we’ll speak with two workers, Bobby House and Gordon Limbrick who share their work experiences with Planting Justice. All that tonight on “Full Circle.”  Again, I am your host, Joy Moore.

Links and Information

To contact Bonnie Borucki

email: webeegardeners@gmail.com

website: webeegardeners.org

Check out the GoFundMe for Ashby Garden https://www.gofundme.com/f/save-ashby-garden-for-future-generations?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp_guide_do&member=14185777

Rob Bennaton,

University of California Cooperative Extension

Bay Area Urban Agriculture Advisor

Landline: (510) 453-3958   rbennaton@ucanr.edu 

Best to Email as well, if URGENT!  

Please feel free to share it widely.

Bay Area Urban Farming Resources Guide


Learn About Urban Ag


Full Circle 09-24-2021; Josiahluis Alderete poetry night

(ICYMI) This episode of Full Circle joins in on the fall fund drive and continues  honoring storytelling for social change and I am very excited about the fall theme  featuring poetry. Yessss! On tonight’s show we’ll hear amazing poetry recorded live at the steps of the San Francisco downtown public library last week. We also hear from the organizer of the event First Voice graduate and renowned poet Josiahluis Aldereta. We’ll talk about his poetry and his new book Baby Axolotls and Old Pochos and of course, we will be asking for your support tonight as part of the KPFA Fall fund drive..


To connect with the Poets featured in tonight’s show, follow the links below

Josiah Luis

IG @josiah_luis_pocho

Facebook Josiahluis Alderete

To order his book Baby Axolotls and Old Pochos;


Susana Praver-Perez

WEBSITE:    susanapraverperez.com

FB: Susana Praver-Perez

IG: la.doctora.susana

To order her book Hurricanes, Love Affairs,& Other Disasters:  https://bit.ly/SPPHurricanes

Alan Chazaro

IG @alan_chazaro

Twitter @alan_chazaro


Books: https://blacklawrencepress.com/books/pinata-theory/


Florencia Milito

Website: https://www.florenciamilito.com/

Facebook: Florencia Milito

Book: https://www.nomadicpress.org/store/ituzaingo

Full Circle 09-17-2021; Relationships with stevie g & marcia leftwich

ICYMI. On this episode of Full Circle your host Stevie G will talk relationships with his special guest host Marcia Leftwich. Tune in and check it out, and of course get ready for some great music with your host Stevie G

For more information or to contact Stevie G’s special guest host Marcia Leftwich.

Full circle 09-10-2021 Visionary Woman

Welcome to Full Circle your Cultural Affairs Radio Magazine produced by Apprentices and graduates of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. I’m your host, graduate apprentice, Zakiyyah G.E. Capehart. Tonight’s show is about understanding energy, emotions, and health. With special guest, Ebun Laughing Crow Adelona as she shares her experiences with life, ceremony and intention.


To learn more about tonight’s guest, Ebun Laughing Crow Adelona, Ph.D. 

contact: getagriponlife.net    

Help Ebun and her granddaughter complete their film at  https://gofund.me/edfc1ebe    

To follow your host for tonight, Zakiyyah G.E. Capehart-Bolling, Co-Founder of TuBeNu Cultural Gatherers, poet/storyteller, performing artist, visual artist, radio producer and host and author. She’s on YouTube and Facebook.

Full Circle 09-03-2021 West Coast Water Justice podcast With Natalie Kilmer

Tonight/ICYMI We are excited for the return of one of our graduates, Natalie Kilmer, who is starting work on a new podcast, “West Coast Water Justice” that will directly cover the important issue of water and the rights of water and how it is controlled. The podcast  also covers the repercussions that this control has on the environment and of course the fish and other wildlife that depend on freshwater here in California. Tonight Natalie will share a couple of interviews she is working on as part of her podcast “West Coast Water Justice”. A collaboration  with Save California Salmon. And we’ll have some great music from SNAG magazine’s “Connected Through The Water” compilation cd..

Links and information

Follow Save California Salmon on their website and these these social media sights


twitter is @CaliSalmon 

instagram is @CaliforniaRivers 

Facebook is Save California salmon.

Follow the launch of Natali Kilmer’s Podcast West Coast Water Justice on the Save California Website under  https://www.californiasalmon.org/podcast

Other websites to follow. Learn more about Dr. Cutcha Risling Baldy at her website and follow her on social media


More websites related to water justice and California salmon:    



Check this petition to stand for freshwater and stop salmon fish kills


Check out the SNAG Magazine website and get yourself a copy of the Connected Through The Water compilation CD. http://www.snagmagazine.com/2017/12/new-snag-magazine-connected-through.html       Watch the official video for in the river by Raye Zaragoza:  In The River: A Protest Song by Raye Zaragoza

Watch the official video of Black Snakes by Prolific The Rapper with A Tribe Called Red 

Prolific The Rapper x A Tribe Called Red – Black Snakes [Updated]

Thank you and congratulations First Voice Graduate Natalie Kilmer!

Congratulations Natalie Kilmer!!! And shout out to A Word From. Natalie was the only person from her group A Word From, to hang on to the Apprenticeship Program when in March of 2020 the state ordered a mandatory  shelter in place for the first time due to COVID 19.

It was at that time the KPFA also shut its doors to most of us non-essentials as we were deemed and we were all asked to work from home if we could..

Anyways needless to say that it was tough to continue life itself let alone continue a radio broadcasting training program from home. But Natalie did and she graduated in June of 2021. At that time it seemed for a moment the pandemic was lightening and we had a small gathering of 5 people where we honored Natalie for her work and for her commitment.

Congratulations on your completion of this program and we are excited for you new podcast, West Coast Water Justice!!!