Full Circle 8.24.18 Oakland Juneteenth 2018

This past June, Oakland’s (Begin Healing) BH Brilliant Minds sponsored the 11th Annual Juneteenth Festival in West Oakland.  KPFA’s First Voice Apprentices were there… for you!!!!  We brought back the community feeling of togetherness with interviews, sights and sounds. 

On tonight’s show we will:

  • Have a tribute piece in remembrance of the Honorable and Mayor  Ron V. Dellums
  • Hear interviews we collected… including…
    • BH (Begin Healing) Brilliant Minds
    • Civil rights attorney John Burris
    • The Mentoring Center
  • Music from the Juneteenth Celebration

We also have some great music for you!

All that … Tonight on Full Circle.




To learn more about B.H. Brilliant minds, Or to volunteer to help at the event, please check out their website.

Or to contact Barbara Howard directly, call 510 435 1077, or email her at barbarahoward47@comcast.net.

Other organizations mentioned on tonight’s show:

The Mentoring Center

Links to posted-only interviews:

Alameda Co. Public Health Dept, Healthy Living

The Griot B, Schoolyard Rap

Friends of The Hoover Durant Public Library

Black Panthers

Oakland Black Cowboy Association

Global Communication Services (Immigration Services)

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Full Circle 8-17-18 MONEY!!!

Money.  Finance.  Forces of nature.  One of these things is not like the others.

We will explore new ways of looking at money.  Yes, money appears to be the air we breathe.  but … does it have to be?

On tonight’s show we’ll …

  • Explore the history of money … why does it even exist?
  • Take a look at one way to change how money works …
  • and … learn how the whole concept of your income might be changed … if we make it happen.




Fiat Paper Money: The History of Our Currency

Real Progressives


2nd International Conference of Modern Monetary Theory

Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration


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Full Circle 8-10-18: Conversation On Aging


On tonight’s show:

You will hear. about the general medical profession’s approach to aging as we speak with best-selling author and columnist, Barbara Ehrenreich, about her latest book, “Natural Causes”

— We start the conversation about aging and  death with an opinion by Joy Moore

— We continued that conversation with you, our listeners.   yes ,we were taking calls!



To learn more about Barbara Ehrenreich’s current work, checkout the, Economic Hardship Reporting Project at econominhardship.org

Click on this link to read the lyrics to the song “Help The Aged” by the band Pulp.

Click here to see Grandma Vera singing “we fall to pieces”

Grandma’s Hands by Bill Withers


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Full Circle 08.03.18: Malcolm X Jazz Festival

This past May … Oakland’s Eastside Arts Alliance held its 18th Annual Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival in San Antonio Park… and KPFA’s First Voice Apprentices were there too!  We brought back interviews, sights and, of course, sounds of our community in concert.

On tonight’s show we will:

  • Hear interviews we collected, including:
    • Eastside Arts Alliance
    • East Oakland Black Cultural Zone
  • We will also hear from Malcolm himself, from the Pacifica Radio Archives …
  • And, what would a jazz festival show be, without music?

All that, tonight on Full Circle.



To learn more about developing an East Oakland Black Cultural Zone, check out this page on the Eastside Arts Alliance website. There you can read an article from the Guardian on the Displacement of Black Oakland residents.

You can also learn more about Live Arts in Resistance on the website

To learn more about Youth Speaks and the work they do with young people in our communities. Please visit their website here.

Other organizations mentioned on tonight’s show:

Urban ED Academy

Cycles of Change

On Track Consulting

Liberate 23rd Avenue

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Full Circle 07-27-18 — Bad Tech and Big Data: The Mechanics of Drone Warfare and Mass Surveillance



  • We aim to shed light on the murky topics of drone warfare and mass surveillance.
  • We speak with guests Pratap Chatterjee, author, along with illustrator Khalil Bendib of non-fiction graphic novel, Verax released in 2017.
  • As a part of KPFA’s Summer Fund Drive, we at Full Circle are offering this journalistic graphic novel as a gift to listeners who donate to KPFA.



Sunday, August 26:  Nationwide Day of Action to #STOPKAVANAUGH.  Block 45’s attempt to appoint a judge who will rule in his personal favor, while taking back women’s and voters’ rights.  UniteForJustice2018.com


To learn more about the graphic novel “Verax” The True History of Whistleblowers, Drone Warfare And Mass Surveillance. Please take a moment to visit the Verax website

To learn more about Pratap’s work with CorpWatch, holding corporations accountable for their was making technologies please visit the Killchain website.

To watch a short animated video about “killing technologies” from the Killchain website, click here.

Tom Dispatch, A Regular Antidote to the Mainstream Media www.tomdispatch.com

To check out an interactive map of recorded drone strikes in Pakistan and an accurate count and description on the victims, checkout the website Out of Sight Out of Mind


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Full Circle 07-20-18 Drylongso Rising Introduction

On tonight’s show we introduce the new producers of Full Circle: First Voice Apprentice Group 43, Drylongso Rising! We’re taking over! Soon-ish. Please… Don’t tell Group 42. Thank you! So, tonight we will show you:
… Where we’re coming from…
… And where we plan to go from here…
… And we’ll share some great music with you.
All that tonight on Full Circle. We’re your hosts tonight …in alpha-radical order: Kenny C, Stevie G, Aria Moshirian, Mari Nakagawa & Sharon Peterson.

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Full Circle 7.13.18: Render Unto Caesar

Is money truly the root of all evil?  Or is there something that we, collectively, haven’t quite looked at yet?  Is there a way to look at money in a positive light?

Given that most of our lives are made possible dependent on our ability to earn and spend money, we’d like to take a look at the far reaching ramifications of its influence on our lives throughout the generations.

On tonight’s show:

  • We’ll explore the history of the value that we place on paper currency
  • We’ll contemplate the role of money in our lives and how far it’s influence reaches
  • We’ll examine other possibilities of how we can view money

All that tonight on Full Circle.


Pop-Up #Resistance Concert from Award-Winning Musicians, Emma’s Revolution with Lisa Gutkin of the Klezmatics.  Thursday July 26 – 7:30pm – Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists – 1924 Cedar Street (Accessible by BART & Bus lines).  Facebook link to Emma’s Revolution with Lisa Gutkin page for this action and more.

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