Full Circle 10/27/17: Mythology and History of Witches

Good evening, everyone … and welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program.

On tonight’s show, just a few days before Halloween, we will delve into both the mythology and known history of witches.   I am pleased to welcome my guest Max Dashu, the founder of the Suppressed Histories Archives.

Tonight …

…  We will learn why and how Max created the Archives and how it is used …

…  We will discuss the history and mythology of witches in folk religions ancient and contemporary …

…  And we will explore the pattern of persecution carried out against the European folk religions and then exported with the conquest and colonization of other areas of the world.

All that tonight on Full Circle.


Suppressed Histories Archives


Witches and Pagans. Women in European Folk Religion 700 – 1100.  Veleda Press, www.veleda.net .  Please visit to keep informed of the entire planned publishing project from the Suppressed Histories Archives.



Suppressed Histories Archives on Facebook (calendar of events) https://www.facebook.com/Suppressed-Histories-Archives-333661528320/

Articles, downloadable with free registration: https://suppressedhistories.academia.edu/MaxDashu

My new coloring book


EVENT:  Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017  Art Salon and Book Release for Deasophy: Coloring Book of Goddesses, Spirits and Ancestors,  with drawings and commentary by Max Dashu.  This rich collection covers the globe, with 50 magnificent images from rock art,   sculpture, murals, ceramics and codices, from the Suppressed Histories Archives collection. Hang out, color, and listen to great   music.  Free event, at Redwood Gardens Community Room, 2951 Derby St, Berkeley, CA 94705,  from 2:30-6 pm.





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Full Circle 10/20/17: Spanglish Power Hour 5

Buenas noches, on tonight’s Full Circle we are pleased to present the fifth episode of the Spanglish Power Hour with our host Josiah Luis Alderete.

First, an offering of poesia from two latinx poets: Rene Vaz y Angel Dominguez.

Then we speak to Itzel Calvo and Araceli NL from the East Bay Immigrant Youth Coalition, an undocumented queer+transgender youth organization based aqui in Oakland.

Along the way we’ll be grooving to the cross-cultural beats of Latinx musico Jess Sylvestre.

And finally, we have some Random Thoughts From a Stoned Pocho on “Why Halloween is NOT El Dia de Los Muertos.”


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Full Circle 10/13/17: Fierce Allies

On tonight’s show, we are overjoyed to welcome our very special guest for the hour, Miakoda Taylor.

Miakoda is the founder of Fierce Allies, an organization that teaches relationship-based strategies that build communities of practice by catalyzing dynamics of power and privilege towards equity and justice.

Tonight …

… We will learn why Miakoda created Fierce Allies, and exactly what it does.

… We will discuss specific examples of how these dynamics work.

… And … we will have the unique opportunity to be guided through practices that carry the work into our own lives. 





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WOWA (West Oakland To West Africa) Poetry Show

On this program, we will explore poetry with WOWA (West Oakland to West Africa) poetry exchange group. This poetry group consists of some extraordinary poets in West Oakland as well as some of their phenomenal poet partners in West Africa. Guests include:

Makeda aka Sandra Hooper Mayfield…poet, journalist, tutor, counselor, and community activist.

Mimi Gonzalez…poet, freelance journalist, comedian, activist, and event producer.

Sara Biel…poet, visual artist, and social worker.

Wanda Sabir…journalist, activist, teacher, and poet

Dr. Marcus Lorenzo Penn…holistic doctor, photographic artist, yoga teacher, wellness consultant, coach, and facilitator, poet, author, and speaker.

Tyrice Deane-Brown…MFA student receiving her degree in creative writing and poetry. Tyrice is calling in from Virginia tonight.

Radhiyah (Rashiddah) Ayobami…Brooklyn born with southern roots. She holds a B.A. in Africana studies and a MFA in prose. Radhiyah (Rashiddah) is calling in from New York tonight.

Kojo Benedict Quaye aka Yibor Kojo calling in from Germany

And Etchian Jean Frederic Obeli aka Obi


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Full Circle 9/29/17: Filipino American History Month


TONIGHT’S GUESTS:  John Mejia and Nicole Gervacio

Good evening everyone… and welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. This show was written, produced, and recorded in Huichin, occupied Ohlone territory, also known to settlers as the Bay Area.

Here at Full Circle we are overjoyed to welcome my co-host Laura Echegaray back from Puerto Rico! More on that on an upcoming episode. In the meantime, we turn our attention to the month of October – can you believe it’s already here! October is known for many things – pumpkin everything, witches, and here on native soil we get to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day. But did you know it’s also Filipino American History Month!?

That’s right! And on tonight’s show…

  • We will give a brief history of the migration of Filipinos to this country.
  • We will time travel back just a few decade’s to Larry Itliong and the role of Filipinos in the Delano farmworker strike.
  • And we will hear from a young Filipino American artist on her use of art as activism, ancestral healing, and a vehicle for nothing less than collective liberation.



Kulturang Pilipino


9/30 – APATURE opening reception @ Kearny Street Workshop / check out Nicole Gervacio’s visual art here! FB event

APATURE has a lot of events in October

10/1Filipino-American History Month celebration Asian art Museum

10/4Lecture @ San Francisco Public Library (Excelsior Branch)

10/7Word + Image: Filipino American Art As Inspiration part of Fourth Filipino American International Book Festival

10/8Filipino Poets in the Diaspora

10/14“Keeping the Legacies Alive” Celebrating Larry Itliong


NICOLE GERVACIO https://www.nicolegervacio.com/


BAMBU http://www.beatrockmusic.com/bambu/

ROCKY RIVERA http://www.beatrockmusic.com/rockyrivera/


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Full Circle 9-22-17 — Celebrating Audre Lorde

Tonight’s show is going to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the passing of black, lesbian, mother, warrior poet Audre Lorde, with:

… A collection of readings of her works and personal reflections from her friends.

… And a celebration of how her life is supporting and inspiring successive efforts to combat injustice.

… Also … since we are in the Fall Fund Drive, we will be asking for your support for KPFA and the First Voice Apprenticeship Program!

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Full Circle 9-15-17 National Bird

Tonight, Full Circle again comes to you prepared to do our part to raise funds for this important station. And we bring you “National Bird”… a documentary film that takes a look at our secret drone warfare program and the sensor operators that control them.

“National Bird” is a documentary film that takes a critical look at what happens to drone pilots when they are overworked, over stressed, and still pushed to keep going.
And it also speaks with survivors who live in fear of an instant out of nowhere strike from the sky.

On tonight’s show …

We’ll feature excerpts from “National Bird.”  We’ll also speak with one of the producers/directors of the film, Sonia Kennebeck.  And, of course, tonight we will be asking for your support for KPFA and the Apprenticeship Program!

Interactive map of drone strikes in Pakistan.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s Drone Wars site.

Please visit the National Bird website: http://nationalbirdfilm.com/


Upcoming Events & Actions

SEPTEMBER 24, SUNDAY, 4:00pm:  CodePink Gathering.  All are welcome, pink and “otherwise.”  For address & BART pick-up, email EastBayCodepink@gmail.com.

OCTOBER 5 -12:  CodePink Fall Drone Resistance Week.  SHUT DOWN CREECH.

APRIL 8-14, 2018:  Mass Mobilization Against Drones and Militarism (Sponsored by CodePink, Veterans for Peace & Nevada Desert Experience)

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