Full Circle 4.6.18 — #Right2Return: The Movement to Free Palestine

In January, members of the Palestinian Youth Movement joined me on Full Circle to discuss the history of colonization and occupation of Palestine by the settler state of Israel.

Tonight, as Israeli attacks persist against Palestinians marching for the right to return to their homeland, PYM’s Nadya Tannous and Ramah Awad join me to:

  • Discuss 17-year-old Palestinian political prisoner Ahed Tamimi
  • And the latest in her case and its implications for young political prisoners
  • Then we will get an update from writer Rawan Yaghi on the ground in Gaza
  • And we want to hear from you – what questions do you have for our guests about Palestinian liberation?

All that tonight on Full Circle.

Happy B-Day Ahed Tamimi



April 9:  Event on Syria at UC Berkeley (I’ll be moderating)

April 14:  Action in solidarity with Gaza and the Great Return March (details to come)

April 14 and 17:  Palestinian Knesset Member Haneen Zoabi is in the Bay Area, the Palestine American Coalition (PAC), UC Berkeley, and Stanford are hosting her.

April 14:  (PAC)

April 17:  (UC Berkeley)


Palestinian Youth Movement

Gaza Screams for Life, NYT article by Rawan Yaghi

Ahed Tamimi gets eight months in prison after plea deal

Demanding an End to Child Detention:  Free Ahed Tamimi and All Palestinian Political Prisoners

April 17th:  Palestinian Prisoners Day

Honoring Palestinian Women’s Resistance & Steadfastness

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Full Circle 3.30.18: Puerto Rico, Promesa and the Fiscal Control Board

Six months after Hurricanes Irma and Maria we continue the conversation about Puerto Rico or Borinquen and disaster capitalism.

This time:

  • We welcome Ricardo Ortiz, who will clarify the role of the Fiscal Control Board, or “La Junta,” in the progression of disaster capitalism measures, what is next to come and what can we do about it.
  • We will also speak with Daniel Orsini Velez, member of The Center for Political, Educational and Cultural Development, about how Boricuas are de-colonizing health, food, education and more.

All that and great Boricua music from Manicato tonight on Full Circle.








Exodus: The Post-Hurricane Puerto Rican Diaspora, mapped by MARTÍN ECHENIQUE MAR 13, 2018


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Full Circle 3-23-18 Gender Expansive Conversation

Tonight we will have a conversation about the part of the human experience known as gender…

We welcome Rick Oculto and Nadi Suhaimi from Our Family Coalition. We’ll discuss how an expansive understanding of gender has been colonized out of us and how to begin re-integrating these concepts to build stronger communities.


Our Family Coalition

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Full Circle 03-16-18 San Patricio Battalion

On KPFA’s Full Circle, we discover the story of Irish immigrants who were induced to join the U.S.Army and were sent to the Republic of Texas to fight in the newly declared  Mexican American War of 1836. However, these newly arrived Irish Catholics soon reached the opinion that the U.S. Army was an invader of the lands of the people of Mexico.

Airing this show, we will hear about…

… The U.S.  government’s pretext to march south from the negotiated border of Texas to seize further land all the way down to the Rio Grande.

… The use of freshly arrived European conscripts to build the ranks of the newly professionalized U.S. military.

… The discrimination and harm done to the large wave  of arriving Catholic immigrants as well as the Catholics of Mexico and the Caribbean.

… And much much music both Gaelic and Spanish, Corredos and piper bands,  inspired by the actions of the San Patricios Battalion.

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Full Circle 03-09-18 Women of First Voice

On tonight’s show we discuss the significance of women in media. You will be introduced to some of the newest members of the first voice apprenticeship program. We will share why being in radio has been so life changing for each of us. That’s tonight on Full Circle.

(L-R back row) Vylma V_Darlene_Sharon_Kendall_Felicia_Zakiyyah_Sara B (Front) Theresa_Ms. M_Laura_Cat

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FULL CIRCLE 3-2-18: Finding the Gold Within

On tonight’s show, we are joined live in studio by two artists – a filmmaker and a poet.

We’ll share clips from Karina Epperlein’s film Finding the Gold Within, which features poet Darius Simpson, who will perform live from his latest work Conversion Theory!!!

And … it is fund drive time here at KPFA.  We will be asking for your support for both the station and our beloved Apprenticeship Program.

All that tonight on Full Circle.



Finding the Gold Within

Conversion Theory

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Full Circle 02/23/18 Food Chains


Tonight, Full Circle comes to you ready to do our part in this important fund drive…and we do so with the eye opening film “Food Chains: The Revolution in America’s Fields” …

“Food Chains” is a documentary film that introduces us to the people that plant, cultivate and harvest the fruits and vegetables out in the field:  the farm workers of America.

The film also shows us how all that fresh produce gets from the fields to our local supermarkets and eventually onto our plates.

On tonight’s show…

…  We’ll learn about the extreme conditions out in the fields, through excerpts from the film “Food Chains:  The Revolution in America’s Fields”

…  Also, we’ll speak with director of “Food Chains,” Sanjay Rawal, and discuss the film’s’ importance and its message

…  And we’ll be connecting the dots of today’s immigration policies and the welfare of the workers who actually help provide us with healthy fruits and vegetables

…  Lastly… We will be asking for your support for KPFA and the Apprenticeship Program!




To find out how to take action and also support the film Food Chains, please visit their website.

To learn more about the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and their upcoming campaigns, including the Times Up Wendy’s March, please check their website.

Los Angeles Times article: Wages Rise on California Farms. Americans Still Don’t Want The Job

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