Full Circle, 12-04-2020 Scary Stories

Welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. On tonight’s show we will hear:a feature story marking 15 years since the execution of Stan Tookie Williams at San Quentin state prison. We’ll hear an excerpt from “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison, read by our own Ms. M. Later we’ll hear a soundscape of killer drone reports as weaponized unmanned  aircraft launch deadly strikes on unsuspecting victims. And we will close out the show with a report by Jeannine Etter on the Black Cultural Zone outdoor market in Oakland.

Links and information.

Check out the website for “Redemption Hip Hop United for Tookie Williams” 

Watch the Trailer for the film National Bird

Read about the unique weapon that unleashes 6 giant blades that slice the targets apart, the Hellfire R9X. The weapon the was used in the assassination of Qassim Soleimani

Full Circle 11-27-2020 Music from Native American Artists.

Welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program.This week we are taking a break from the politics and stories and busting out an all music show for the holiday week. On Tonight’s show we will honor Indigenous people through music. So kick back and enjoy some great music.Tonight on Full Circle all the music will be from indigenous artists.. .. I am your host.. Freewillin Franklin

Here is a complete playlist. SET 1. Angel, Same Planet, Sounds in the Clouds, BY k.Benally and LesJus B. SET 2. Rumble by Link Wray. Witchi Tai To by Jim Pepper. Missionaries by Floyd Red Crow Westerman. Set 3. Still Here by Red Eagle. Frybread and Tortillas by Phil Mashekey. The Walk by Desirae Harp. Carry On by Savage Family. Time Is Of Essence by Shalene Peak. Raid My Home by The Dime.

Follow these links for videos or music that was part of the show tonight.

Angel by K’Benally & Lesjus B

“Same Planet” by K’Benally & Lesjus B feat. Antro of Native Artist in Action 

Sounds in the clouds- Xamorai ft. Kbenally & Letsjusb (Prod. by Kaos)

Rumble by Link Wray with article from Open Culture

Witchi Tia To by Jim Pepper 

Missionaries by Floyd Red Crow Westerman

Raid My Home by The Dime, from Hip Hop’s Contribution ToThe Freedom Campaign 

SNAG Magazine

Full Circle 11-20-2020 Local Politics Antioch CA Episode 2

Good evening everyone and welcome to Full Circle your cultural affairs radio magazine. Tonight we return to Antioch and hear how the city council has flipped to the more progressive side,  Also now with a majority of people of color. Tonight we will speak with newly elected Antioch city Council District one representative Tamisha Walker. Also joining us will be Antioch Unified School District Trustee, now Antioch City Clerk elect Ellie Householder and newly elected School Board Trustee Antonio Hernandez..All that and some great music, tonight on Full Circle.

Follow Newly elected Antioch City officials on their social media.

Ellie Householder is @Householder925 on all platforms

Antonio Hernandez is @AntonioforAUSD on all platforms’

Find Tamisha Walker on Facebook

Full Circle 11-13-2020Election Aftermath, Local Edition Antioch CA

Good evening everyone and welcome to Full Circle.. Well (na na na na na na na na  hey hey hey goodbye) with the election now nearly two weeks behind us and final results rolling in. Tonight we hear about some big changes in Antioch and why it’s important to vote in your local elections. Joining us will be the new Mayor elect Lamor Thorpe and the new Vice Mayor elect Monica Wilson. We’ll also hear from local residents on how they’re feeling after it looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris  will be our next president and vice president. Were gonna mix all this with some great music. All that tonight on Full Circle.. I am your host for the hour Freewillin Franklin…

Full Circle, 11-06-2020 Food and Farming + EFAM extended interview

Welcome to Full Circle, with the election now behind us and the results slowly coming to light, we thought we would take a break from the politics tonight and get back to the land so to say.. On tonight’s show: we will hear from a husband and wife team that run Happy Acre Farm in Sunol. We’ll also hear from the manager of  Alameda Point Collaborative and learn of the work they’re doing on the west end of Alameda. Later we’ll hear  representatives from Planting Justice and E FAM.. That’s Essential Food and Medicine. All that tonight on Full circle.

Follow these links for information about the organization that are part of the show tonight.

Happy Acre

Matthew & Helena Sylevster

Website: www.happyacrefarm.com 

instagram @happyacrefarm 

Harvest Queen Info 

Website: www.harvestqueen.co 

instagram @helloharvestqueen 

Alameda Point Collaborative 

Aleta Pierce

Farm website with info:


Farm store for honey & CSA:


FoodShift:  https://foodshift.net/

Watch the video Grow Food by Appetite for Change

E-FAM Essential Food and Medicine essentialfam.org

E-FAM  on Facebook

Planting Justice plantingjustice.org

Full Circle, 10-30-2020, Politics Through Music and Conversation

Welcome to Full Circle. On tonight’s show, we will hear from the League of Women Votes on some of the state propositions including 15  21, 22, & 23. Then we’ll talk about the importance of third parties in a democracy with Barry Hermanson, Barry writes for the SF Bay View, he recently penned an article titled Voting Against Not For a Candidate. We’ll also hear from a pair of graduate apprentices and some of their thoughts on voting and politics in 2020. All that and some great music tonight on Full Circle. We are your hosts tonight.  Natalie Kilmer and Freewillin Franklin.


Follow these links for information about the organization that are part of the show tonight.

:Check out recent articles by our guest tonight, Barry Hermanson on the SF Bay View website under News and Views. Voting Against not For A Candidate. And check out Barry’s Latest article Medicaid is better than nothing.

Voting information resources

KPFA Bay Area voter guide and resource hub

San Francisco League of Pissed off Voters

Voters Edge, California Voters Guide

League of Women Voters

Learn more about how to exercise your voting rights, resist voter intimidation efforts, and access disability-related accommodations and language assistance at the polls. For help at the polls, call the non-partisan Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE. Or visit the ACLU website at ACLU.org

Full Circle 10-23-2020; Black On Black Conversation

Welcome to Full Circle, on tonight’s show, we’ll hear music protesting police brutality. Listen to sounds of black leaders and entertainers talk about unity in the black community and talk about an organization called Black on Black Conversation Against Police Brutality started for black men. Later we’ll discuss  “the talk” a tough conversation black parents have with their kids about police brutality. All that tonight and more.. I am your host Bernard… keep it locked to Full Circle on k-p-f-a.


Follow these links for information about the organization that are part of the show tonight.

To learn more about Bernard Follow him on Instagram and Youtube

To learn more about Black On Black Conversation, check out the website Black on Black Conversation.org

To learn more about author Lisa Renee Johnson, check out her website: authorlisareneejohnson.com

Full Circle 10-16-2020 Indigenous Peoples Day 2020

Welcome to Full Circle. Monday was Indigenous Peoples Day. This year due to Covid 19 the regular gathering on Alcatraz was limited to only 50 people. First Voice Apprentices were honored to be part of the four person broadcast crew for Radio Free Alcatraz. On tonight’s show we’ll hear sound from the opening of this year’s Sunrise Ceremony. We will also speak with First Voice graduate Sara Lafleur- Vetter about her documentary film, ‘The Sacred and The Snake. And we’ll close out the show with a tribute to the Million Man March that was held in the nation’s capital 25 years ago today .All that  tonight on Full Circle, I am your host Freewillin Franklin… keep it locked to 94.1 fm k-p-f-a

Full Circle 10-09-2020, Black Parenting in 2020

Good evening everyone… and welcome to Full Circle your Cultural Affairs Radio Magazine produced by members of the kpfa First Voice Apprenticeship Program… Broadcasting from right here in Huichin occupied Ohlone territory also known to settlers as…Berkeley..
As the Black Lives Matter movement continues the fight for justice across this country the police killings also persist, Now joined by militia domestic terrorists. So what’s it like being a black family in 2020 and watching your children navigate this land?
On tonight’s show we’ll talk with parents raising their children and we’ll hear what they think.. That’s tonight on Full Circle stay tuned..

Links and Information:

Follow these links for information pertaining to tonight’s show.

To contact Yvette Williams and her organization Back On Track send an email to Passorfailofficers@yahoo.com or check out the Back On Track website

Click on this link to get more information about the Fit For Duty petition being put forth by Yvette Williams

Full Circle 10-02-2020, Community Reaction to Breonna Taylor Decision

Last week the decision whether or not to prosecute any of the officers in the murder of Breonna Taylor was announced. Surprising no one, no charges were brought in the murder of this young black woman…  On tonight’s show we’ll get reactions to that decision from community organizations C.U.R.Y.J. that’s Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice as well as J.U.I.C.E. Sacramento… that’s Justice Unites Individuals and Communities Everywhere 
We will also be asking for your support as we keep rollin through the Fall fund drive here on KPFA… I am your host tonight Freewillin Franklin.. This is Full Circle.  We will kick off the show with this sound from the press conference held last week after the decision by Daniel Cameron not to charge the officers was released.


Follow these links for information about the organization that are part of the show tonight.

For more information concerning actions in the Sacramento area check out JUICE Sacramento Justice Unites Individuals and Communities Everywhere

Watch the entire Breonna Taylor press conference including Tamika Malory on YouTube

Also check out these organizations


Together We Stand on Facebook

Together We Stand website

J.A,R, Justice and Advocate Resources on FaceBook

J.A,R, Justice and Advocate Resources on Instagram

Bay Area Grass Roots on FaceBook

Bay Area Grass Roots on Instagram

Anti Police Terror Project Sacramento and Oakland also their Mental Health First program 


Check out Black Justice Sacramento on FaceBook @blackramento


Follow Guerilla Funk Artist Paris and his latest release “Safe Space Invader” on Facebook Follow graduate Apprentice Sara Lafleur Vetter and her documentary film The Sacred and The Snake  on their website or on Facebook.