Full Circle 6-28-19 The War on Yemen

Welcome to Full Circle! On tonight’s episode we discuss the devastating humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The Arab Spring has turned into a bloody conflict that has created horrible conditions like starvation and disease for the Yemeni people. We will be joined by President of the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation, Aisha Jumaan, whose on the ground in Yemen, members of the Yemeni Alliance Committee, former U.S. Colonel, Ann Wright and Isaac Evans-Franz of Action Corps. Stay tuned.

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Full Circle 6/21/19 Eduardo Galeano – “Mirrors”.

Welcome to Full Circle your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. this show is written, produced and engineered in Huichin.occupied Ohlone territory aka the East Bay Area.On tonight’s show, we will delve into the histories of the people of this planet under the tyranny of imperial and colonial powers. we will be reciting short stories from one of my favorite authors, Eduardo Galeano. one of Latin America’s most distinguished writers he is renowned for his three- volume memory of fire; open veins of Latin America; soccer in sun and shadow; the book of embraces; walking words; upside down; and voices of time. also selected music which i believe encapsulates the struggles & triumphs of the wretched peoples of the world. all that tonight on Full Circle, I am your host… Aria Moshirian “Engelabi Hameche” which in my native tongue means revolutionary always!

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Full Circle 6-14-19 Father’s Day Tribute

Good evening everyone, and welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine. This show is produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program.

Tonight you’re in for a special treat. We are introducing us… We are KPFA First Voice Apprentice group 44, and we are called “Audacity”. We’ll be hosting and producing Full Circle for the next few months.

On tonight’s Father’s Day tribute show our group will share original commentaries about our Fathers. We’ll give you a heads up about the kind of programming you can expect to hear from First Voice “Audacity”, and we’ll hear some great music. So sit back relax and get ready to meet your hosts for tonight’s show: Audacity.. Radio Shaq… Eric DatBoy Media.. Shanice… Chana… KC and yours truly Theodora… All that tonight on Full Circle.

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Full Circle 6-7-19 SF Black Film Festival

Welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine, produced by apprentices of the First Voice Media Action Program. On tonight’s show you will hear interviews and thoughts from “the creative folk” associated with the film industry.

In this first segment you will hear interviews with Kali O’ray O’ray & Atera Crossley from the San Francisco Black Film Festival, David Roach from the Oakland International Black Film Festival, and Michael D. Mccarthy “Belonging in the USA: The Story of Michael D. Mccarthy”

We will also hear San Francisco Black Film Festival film clips for the movies: Agwe, Skin, Lalo’s House, Belonging in the USA: “The Story of Michael D. Mccarthy, Guitar Man (Bay Area – Oakland), Teddy Pendegrass, Robeson Effect (Bay Area-San Francisco) And for tonight’s we’ll be playing musical selections that carry a beat for you to move your feet!!!

All of that tonight on Full Circle.

To find out more about the SF Black Film Festival, please visit their website:


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FC 5/31/19 Berkeley World Music Festival


Tonight, we bring you some great music to get you excited about the Berkeley World Music Festival, which is taking place tomorrow and Sunday, June 1st and 2nd, at People’s Park, and on Telegraph Avenue.

  • Learn a bit about the history of the world music festival from lead organizer Gianna Ranuzzi.
  • We’ll speak with KPFA DJ Stephen Kent and also Cornelius Boots, two world-class musicians who will be performing this weekend. As a special treat, they will play live in our studio.
  • And, we’ll also preview some of the amazing and diverse music you can hear at the festival, beginning tomorrow and lasting through Sunday


Berkeley World Music Festival Home Page







https://www.ancient-future.com/georges.html (GEORGE LAMMAM)




https://www.artistgeneral.com/ (MICHAEL MASLEY)

http://www.stellaheathmusic.com/french-oak.html (FRENCH OAK GYPSY BANK)


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Full Circle 5-24-19 … #MayDay


Tonight, we bring you sounds from May Day celebrations around Oakland. The First Voice Apprenticeship Program was there as part of a special collaboration with Work Week Radio and Brightpath Video.

On tonight’s show …

  • We’ll learn about May Day … a truly American holiday
  • Then we’ll share audio from the Port of Oakland and Oscar Grant Plaza
  • And we’ll let you know how you can check out the entire video broadcast and other May Day videos from the Bay Area and around the world
  • And, near the end of the show, we’ll get a special update on the exhibit, New Mestizx, which opens tonight (5/24), at Acción Latina in San Francisco

All that tonight on Full Circle.



AFA CWA President Sara Nelson attended the Oakland Howard Terminal May Day Rally to support the struggle of ILWU Local 10 WATCH THE VIDEO HERE  AND CLICK HERE TO SEE AN INTERVIEW WITH PRESIDENT NELSON

Canadian Native American ILWU Local 500 unionist Joulene Parent and her husband joined ILWU Local 10 Longshore workers in Oakland. She spoke about solidarity and the struggle of Native people in Canada.. YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

To watch the Special May Day Livestream from Oscar Grant, please click on the following links: PART ONE and PART TWO

Also be sure to visit our “Pacifica Radio May Day Broadcast”  Facebook page, created to bring labor-related news and information to you.

To see the work of writer/photographer David Bacon, check out his website, “The Reality Check” here.

To learn more about Critical Resistance and the movement to end the Prison Industrial Complex, check out the Critical Resistance website

To learn more about the the New Mestizx Exhibit and Sami See’s work, visit

Sami See Arts Website

Sami See on Instagram

Acción Latina’s Juan R. Fuentes Gallery

Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center SF

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Full Circle 5-17-19 Malcolm X Our Witness

On tonight’s episode, Stevie G brings some history from the archives, in remembrance of Malcolm X. You’ll hear from Malcolm’s cousin, Jamal X as well as Hakeem Jamal, James Baldwin, Maggie Hathaway, Ernie Smith and Malcolm X himself. You will also hear music from the legendary James Brown. Tune into our birthday celebration of two great figures of history!

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