Full Circle 7.6.18: For the Creatively Maladjusted

When Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade’s suicides made headlines, we got to wondering …

Given the extreme violence of our political climate, our mental health is of tremendous importance …

But – what does it mean to be mentally, emotionally healthy? Why, in fact, are we made to think our mental, emotional, and physical health are separate?  Whose idea was that? What are the cultural roots of “suicide”?  And how is suicide understood differently across cultures?

On tonight’s show:

  • We are joined by three guests, all healing practitioners and mental health providers — Shauna Janz, Pinar Atesh Sinopoulos-Lloyd, and Bre Williams
  • They join us to analyze our national conversation about suicide
  • Together we’ll interrogate the cultural norms that frame our understanding of health and sickness

All that and more tonight on Full Circle.


LET OUR PEOPLE GO!  July Protest at Richmond Jail/Bay Area ICE Detention Center — Sunday, July 8 — 11am to 12pm — 5555 Giant Highway in Richmond.  Facebook link to “Let Our People Go” page for this action, and more.




Mindful Occupation

The Icarus Project

PEERS Community Mental Health Empowerment


Century of the Self (3 part documentary series)

Dr. Joy DeGruy

(Dr. DeGruy’s video on Post Traumatic Slave Disorder)


“Depression as a disease of modernity: explanations for increasing prevalence” by Dr. Brandon Hidaka: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3330161/

CDC Report: Suicide rates rising across the U.S.

2017 State of Mental Health in America – Ranking the States

Health Care Access Rankings: Measuring affordability and access of health care in the states

Century of the Self (3 part documentary series)

Dr. Joy DeGruy

(Dr. DeGruy’s video on Post Traumatic Slave Disorder)


Bre Williams, PEERS

Shauna Janz

Pinar Atesh Sinopoulos-Lloyd

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FC 6.29.18: People Helping People & Concord and the Navy


Tonight we bring you another episode of “People Helping People,” a show created and produced by First Voice Apprentice graduate, Freewillin Franklin.

On tonight’s show, we’ll …

  • Learn about “Facing Homelessness in Antioch,” a new non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless communities in Antioch.
  • Also, we continue with our drumbeat coverage on the current immigrant detainee policy with an update on the proposed housing of 47,000 immigrants and possibly families at the Concord Naval Weapons Station.

All that … tonight on Full Circle.  (Scroll down for links!)



If you enjoyed our latest episode of People Helping People, and want to help out Nichole and her organization, please visit the Facing Homelessness in Antioch Facebook page.  Or the gofundme page where you can see a video of her in action.

Again … If you know of, or are part of, a non-profit organization and are interested in being featured on People Helping People … please send an email to getonphp@gmail.com or call (925) 848-9097 and leave a short message and contact information.

If you happen to be interested in the numbers of homeless people in Contra Costa County. Here is the link to the Contra Costa County “Point in Time Survey”.

If you know someone who is experiencing homelessness and is in need of assistance, please have them call 211.

For those that are looking for a “Families Belong Together” action near you, please visit the Families Belong Together Website.

Concerned in Concord?  Check out Concord Communities Alliance on Facebook!

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Full Circle 6.22.18 We Rise — Too Legit to Quit Changemakers & Immigration Family Separation




Tonight we feature a special broadcast you normally only hear on KPFB. Yes B, or some may listen online on KPFA’s new podcast site… either way we have a special treat for you…

On tonight’s show:

We’ll hear the latest episode of “We Rise,” a podcast born out of the First Voice Apprenticeship program and KPFA.

In this episode, we hear the voices of kids from Ms. T’s Lupine classroom from Urban Montessori School in Oakland.

And we’ll hear a mash-up of sounds from this week’s news on the immigration battle for dignity.
All that and more tonight on Full Circle.




TOMORROW!  RALLY at Justin Herman Plaza at The Embrarcader0 in San Francisco, Saturday, June 23, 10:00am to 11:30pm.


Find your local protest, and updates, here

EMAILS:  Please send to 2 contractors who are coordinating child prison camps:

1) MVM, Inc.



2) General Dynamics

General Dynamics’ PR Team














PBS:  Executive Order (full text)

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Full Circle 06-15-18 Father’s Day Music Show

Tonight’s show features voices from yesterday’s Families Belong Together rally at El Cerrito Plaza. With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, we at First Voice Media dedicate this show to parents separated from their children- not by choice- but by force. By bars and borders. Join hosts Mari Nakagawa and Kendall Crakow for music, resistance, and a ticket giveaway for BACHATANightz-Berkeley Edition at Ashkenaz!



Oakland: If you are in Oakland and want to celebrate the 11th annual Juneteenth in The Town, check out this website. This event will be June 23rd. The Full Circle crew will be there setting up to record interviews at noon… If you there, stop on by and see us.

Berkeley: The South Berkeley Juneteenth Festival will be celebrated on Sunday, June 17, from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Events include African drumming, jazz, blues, gospel and a two-on-two basketball tourney. Free. Click here for more info.

Richmond: The Juneteenth Parade is an annual event beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 16, followed by a family festival from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Nicholl Park, 32nd and MacDonald. Free admission; www.ci.richmond.ca.us/427/Festivals.

Vallejo: The 30th annual Juneteenth Festival, will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, June 16, at Martin Luther King Jr. Park (behind the JFK Library), Vallejo. Health screenings, exhibits, essay contest winners. Click here for more info.

Antioch: Antioch will celebrate it’s 2nd Juneteenth in three years. The hope is this will become an annual event now being organized by Ruah Community Outreach. This will take place at the Prewett Community Park, 4701 Lone Tree way in Antioch… and runs from 11am to 430 pm. For more information please call (925) 787-4827

Pittsburg: Don’t Miss! Souljahs 9th Annual Pittsburg Juneteenth Celebration & LMCHD Healthcare Fair Saturday June 16th – Noon to 6:00pm Pittsburg City Park – Corner of Railroad Ave & Civic Ave Grand Cultural Celebration Gospel Hour Children’s Area For more information visit the website

San Jose: This will be the city’s 37th annual Juneteenth in the Park Festival. The event will run from noon to 7 p.m. Saturday, June 16, at Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park, Admission is free before 1 p.m. and all day for kids; entrance after 1 p.m. costs $10. Click here for more info.

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Full Circle 6.8.18: Shades of Other — Part 1 (Racial Identity and Law Enforcement)


Tonight we begin a series of discussions called, “Shades of Other.”  Each episode we will revisit different aspects of life, beginning with America and our racial identity.

On tonight’s show we will discuss …

  • Recent news and the rash of police being called on P.O.C. just for doing everyday things … bar-b-quein’ … waiting at a table … even sleeping on a couch.
  • Then we’ll get a bit more in-depth with family therapist, Ms. Monika Scott-Davis.
  • And we will have some thoughts from our three-person panel … myself, Steve Grevious (Stevie “G”), my co-host Aria Moshirian, and graduate Apprentice, Junior Jackson.

All that tonight … on Full Circle.


Michael Eric Dyson

Video:  Monika Scott-Davis (Abundant Life Therapy Center)

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Full Circle 6.1.18: TURN OUT THE VOTE


  • Learn a bit about California’s “Top Two” primary process …
  • Hear about  voter suppression … and what can be done to stop it …
  • We celebrate the influx of women candidates in the 2018 state primaries and upcoming midterm elections.
  • And … focus on the importance of voting, even (perhaps especially?) in our deeply flawed system.


2018 Summary of Women Candidates — Center for American Women at Rutgers

ACLU — Fighting Voter Suppression

League of Women Voters (Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville)

League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

MapLight:  Donations Sources for Campaigns

Oakland Rising

Organizing for Action

Voters’ Edge


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Full Circle 5.25.18: Community Violence Solutions and Resource Fair


Tonight we showcase some community resources that are available to you.

On tonight’s show we’ll hear …

  • Interviews from the recent Resource Fair in Antioch …
  • Music performed live from the Resource Fair by First Voice graduate Apprentice Da’vid de la Gran …
  • And finally, we will hear from latest KPFA First Voice’s latest community hero …

All that tonight … on Full Circle.


If you or a friend or a loved one have been the victim of sexual assault, violence or sex trafficking and are seeking help, please contact Community Violence Solutions through the website or call the Rape Crisis Hotline at 1.800.670.7273.  You can also reach the Antioch office directly at 925.706.4290.

For domestic violence, elder or child abuse (including dating violence), please contact:

S.T.A.N.D. For Families Free of Violence, or, for assistance and resources, call the crisis line at 888.215.5555.

Family Justice Center about domestic violence and elder or child abuse, including dating violence and sex trafficking.

For mental health, addiction or homelessness issues — please contact Recovery Innovations, now known as RI International or La Clinica De La Raza Behavioral Health And Saint Vincent De Paul.

For assistance with children and parenting – please contact:

Co.Co.Kids, First Five California, Brighter Beginnings in Antioch,

LGBTQ Empowerment Support group, please contact the Center for Human Development or meet at the Antioch Location 301 West 10th Street in Downtown Antioch, 4:30 -6:30 pm every Wednesday, for ages 14-20 years old. The Antioch office number is 925.753.1004, ext.102, or email Kevin directly at kevinm@chd-prevention.org.

For medical dental and optometry – please contact these organizations:

La Clínica De La Raza , Saint Vincent De Paul.  For families — try Brighter Beginnings in Antioch.

For healthy foods and food assistance – please contact:

Saint Vincent De Paul

Fresh Approach


If you are or have experienced discrimination in regards to housing, please contact Eden Council for Hope and Opportunity (ECHO), by phone at 855.ASK.ECHO or if you’re in Contra Costa County contact the Antioch office directly at 925.732.3919.

For any information on the services of the Contra Costa County Library, please check out their website.

Live music from the resource was performed by La Gran Puchica … check out their Facebook Page.

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