Full Circle 05-01-2020 May Day Essential Workers

Full Circle KPFA · Full Circle 05 – 01 – 2020 May Day Essential Workers

Good evening everyone… and welcome to Full Circle your Cultural Affairs Radio Magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship program… Broadcasting from right here at kpfa in Huichin- occupied Ohlone territory aka … Berkeley. Today was May Day.. All around the globe people spent the day honoring International Workers Day. And tonight we will do the same

 On tonight’s show we find out about different kinds of essential workers and what they do,  maybe you are more essential than you think. We will speak with  Dr. Stephanie Rogers from right here in the bay area working out of  UCSF about our elders in care facilities and the pro’s and con’s of bringing them home during the Covid 19 crisis. Then we will get an update from ECHO Housing on the different ways municipalities are working to protect their residents from losing their housing during this crisis. Later we learn about immigrant workers, documented or not, they are in many of the essential worker jobs. Are we taking care of them as they help take care of America? Find out when we speak with Pablo Alvardo of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

All that and some May Day music coming up tonight on Full Circle… I am your host Freewillin Franklin…


For help with housing or tenant landlord rights follow the links below:

Echo Housing, The Eden Council of Hope and Opportunity

For tenants rights, contact Tenants Together

For help with legal aid contact, Bay Area Legal Aid

Visit the Contra Costa County website and view the “Urgency Ordinance” 

View the Antioch Urgency Ordinance

For help with your elders, follow the links below:

To learn more about the Institute On Aging, please visit their website

To talk to someone on the “Friendship Line” call 1-800-971-0016

For Help as or with a caregiver, Contact The Family Caregiver Alliance

To learn more about The National Day Laborers Organizing Network and the work they do, Please visit their website.

Full Circle 04-24-2020 Shelter In Place, Covid 19 Report II

Full Circle KPFA · Full Circle 04 – 24 – 2020 Shelter In Place Covid 19 Update II

Welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program… Broadcasting from right here at kpfa in Huichin occupied Ohlone territory aka … Berkeley. This evening we share with you another collective experience dealing with the global pandemic Covid 19. Heading into our 6th week of shelter in place

On tonight’s show, we check in with Apprentices Kenny C and Theodora Adkins for an update on their current situations. We will also get an update from Maria, a cook at a local restaurant who being undocumented has been left out of most government aid.
Later… we will get an update on the situation in Yemen from our friends at the Yemeni Alliance Committee and an update on Palestine from Zeiad Abbas of the Middle East Children’s Alliance. All that coming up tonight on Full Circle… I am your host Freewillin Franklin…


For more information and news related to the war on Yemen,  Check out Yemen Alliance Committee on Facebook 

The New York Times article by Robert Worth: How The War In Yemen Became a bloody Stalemate. And The Worst  Humanitarian Crisis In The World

Associated Press Article: About 130 Children Die Everyday In Yemen Due To Starvation And Disease, Save The Children Says.

To learn more about The Middle East Children’s Alliance or to get involved with M.E.C.A. Click on this link for their website.

Click on these Facebook links for more information on the Friday Night Forums Hosted by The Red Nation, A.R.O.C The Arab Resource Organizing Center and The Center for Political Education

To Reach out to Kenny C or Theodora, send an email to fullcircle@kpfa.org

To access a list of available resources including free daily hot meals. Check this link to access our first Full Circle show dealing with Covid 19

F.C 4 – 17 – 20 RADIO SHAQ DJ SHOW


Good evening everyone… and welcome to Full Circle your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship program. We are broadcasting live at my house but always in Huichin- occupied Ohlone territory also known to settlers as the east bay area…

This evening I’m in control of the board and the music and I’m going to take you thru a ride of my mind with great music..

So tonight will…Will listen to some conscious music and update information on the Apprenticeship Program here at KPFA

All that and more coming up tonight on full circle. I’m your host Radio Shaq let’s get it……

Full Circle Du Rags and Conversations, Homage to The Yay! (Replay)

Waddup Yay Area!!… And welcome to Full Circle presents Du Rags & Conversations: The Series with DATBOYMEDIA this week for your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. Tonight we’re finna get lit !!  I got three male rappers of color debuting their new music while chopping it up about their business ventures, and I got the members of #Slick Talk Podcast plus so much more!! So blast yo radio up as we play some of the hottest slaps while learning about black & brown creatives in the Bay Area this is ya boy DATBOYMEDIA…. Let go!

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Full Circle 04-03-2020, Healing Racialized Trauma, Community Healing Network.

Welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine. This show is written, produced, and engineered by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program in Huichin, occupied Ohlone territory, also known to colonizers as the Bay Area.I’m Theodora, your host for tonight’s show. This is the fourth show in my series focused on healing racialized trauma in the African American community. Tonight, you’ll hear about an amazing organization called the community healing network. I’ll share a conversation I had with Enola G. Aird, founder and President of the Community Healing Network. On december 31, 2019, the Community Healing Network wrote an open letter to Africans on the continent and in the diaspora that stated “We are escaping from the 600-year-old narrative of white superiority and black inferiority. We are on the road to emotional emancipation, healing, wellness, and empowerment. We are escaping! Come with us!”… You won’t want to miss tonight’s show!  I’m your host, Theodora.


Community Healing Network

Maya Angelou and the Community Healing Network

Full Circle 3-27-2020 Covid 19, Day 8 of Shelter in Place

Welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program… This evening we share with you a collective experience dealing with the national pandemic Covid 19… On tonight’s show we ask… Are you still out there getting paid? Or are you suddenly unemployed? Join us as we hear commentary from a First Voice Apprentice who is currently sheltering in place. Later, phone calls to family and friends who share their own “current situation”, also we share with you some vital community resources. All that and more coming up tonight on Full Circle… I am your host tonight.. Sheltering in place, Freewillin Franklin.


NEWS: See Which States and Cities Have Told Residents to Stay at Home, New York Times

For free meals 11am to 12:45pm Monday through Friday stop by a Loaves and Fishes location (Pick up only at this time)  

Antioch: The American Legion Hall 403 West Sixth Street Get Directions

Martinez Dining Room: Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa 835 Ferry Street Get Directions

Oakley Dining Room: The Redman-Pocahontas Hall 1403 Main St Get Directions

Pittsburg Dining Room: Saint Vincent de Paul 1415 Simpson Court Get Directions

Resources COVID-19 Financial:

Financial Assistance During COVID-19. This document provides information about recent changes to government benefits as well as other ways to seek financial assistance during the Pandemic. WEBSITE: s4desktop.com/pdf/financialassistanceCOVID-19.pdf 

This website Provides tools and information for people affected by disasters nationwide. USA.gov PHONE: (844) 872-4681 WEBSITE: www.usa.gov/disasters-and-emergencies

*COVID-19 Food

Harbor House Ministries Offers emergency food assistance. 1811 11th Avenue, Oakland, CA PHONE: (510) 534-0165 WEBSITE: hhministries.org

Telegraph Community Ministry Center Provides emergency food to individual and families in Oakland and Alameda County. 5316 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA PHONE: (510) 961-4385 WEBSITE: www.telegraphcenter.com/food-pantry/                                EMAIL: telegraphcenter@gmail.com

St. Mary’s Center Distributes food to seniors and low-income families in West Oakland      925 Brockhurst Street, Oakland, CA PHONE: (510) 923-9600 WEBSITE: stmaryscenter.org

.Berkeley Food Pantry Provides emergency food to Albany and Berkeley residents.1600 Sacramento Street, Berkeley, CA PHONE: (510) 525-2280                                            WEBSITE: www.berkeleyfoodpantry.org EMAIL: info@berkeleyfoodpantry.org

Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano Counties Provides emergency food assistance at sites throughout Solano and Contra Costa Counties. 4010 Nelson Avenue, Concord, CAPHONE: (925) 676-7543 WEBSITE: www.foodbankccs.org/get-help/food-assistance-program.html  

Benicia Community Action Council Provides emergency food assistance in Benicia. 480 Military East, Benicia, CA PHONE: (707) 745-0900 WEBSITE: www.bencac.com

Children’s Emergency Food Bank Provides emergency food for residents of Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, and Danville. 7421 Amarillo Road, Dublin, CA PHONE: (925) 828-5363

WEBSITE: www.childrensemergencyfoodbank.org/home.html

Catholic Charities of Yolo-Solano Provides emergency food assistance. 125 Corporate Place, Suite A, Vallejo, CA PHONE: (707) 644-8909 WEBSITE: www.ccyoso.org EMAIL: admin@csssolano.org

Emergency Food Bank and Family Service of Stockton/San Joaquin Provides food assistance to families throughout San Joaquin County. 7 West Scotts Avenue, Stockton, CA PHONE: (209) 464-7369 WEBSITE: www.stocktonfoodbank.org

Alameda County Community Food Bank Collects and distributes nutritious, high-quality food to thousands of people through a network of over 200 community based organizations. 7900 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA PHONE: (800) 870-3663 WEBSITE: www.accfb.org EMAIL: info@accfb.org

Davis Street Family Resource Center Provides food and clothing to families in San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Cherryland, and Ashland. 3081 Teagarden Street, San Leandro, CA PHONE: (510) 347-4620 WEBSITE: davisstreet.org

Oakland Catholic Worker Distributes food to neighborhood families in need. 4848 International Boulevard, Oakland, CA PHONE: (510) 533-7375 WEBSITE: www.oaklandcatholicworker.org EMAIL: oaklandcatholicworker@yahoo.com


Jewish Community Center of the East Bay Provides a pre-school program for children from all cultural backgrounds in Oakland. 5811 Racine Street, Oakland, CA PHONE: (510) 595-9222 WEBSITE: www.jcceastbay.org EMAIL: info@jcceastbay.org

Ala Costa Center Provides a variety of programs for children with developmental disabilities and their families at centers in Alameda and Berkeley. 1300 Rose Street, Berkeley, CA PHONE: (510) 527-2550 WEBSITE: www.alacostacenters.org EMAIL: info@alacostacenters.org

Foreclosure Counseling

Balance Provides in-person foreclosure intervention counseling services. This local housing counseling agency may also provide budget and credit counseling, transition counseling, and/or affordable housing resources. 1655 Grant Street, Suite 1300, Concord, CA PHONE: (800) 777-7526 WEBSITE: www.balancepro.org

Asian, Inc. Offers a variety of housing counseling services. 1167 Mission Street, Fourth Floor, San Francisco, CA PHONE: (415) 928-5910 WEBSITE: www.asianinc.org

Echo Housing Tenant and Landlords Rights: Website Phone: During the Coronavirus health crisis, the counselors at ECHO Housing are working remotely.  Please call us at 510-581-9380 or 855-ASK-ECHO for assistance and your call will be routed to the appropriate counselor.  Thank you!

Heating/Utility Costs

Spectrum Community Services Inc. Helps low-income households in Alameda County pay their energy bills through financial assistance and weatherization services. 2621 Barrington Court, Hayward, CA PHONE: (510) 881-0300 WEBSITE: spectrumcs.org EMAIL: spectrum@spectrumcs.org

Healthcare Savings

RotaCare Pittsburg Helps Pittsburg area residents through free medical care. 2210 Gladstone Drive, Pittsburg, CA PHONE: (925) 439-2009 WEBSITE: www.rotacarebayarea.org/pittsburg EMAIL: pittsburg@rotacarebayarea.org

Native American Health Center Provides comprehensive services to improve the health and well-being to eligible Oakland residents. 2950 International Boulevard, Oakland, CAPHONE: (510) 535-4400 WEBSITE: www.nativehealth.org


CA: Unemployment Insurance Form for Claimants

CA: Work Share Program  

CA: Issued Disaster Relief Loans

CA: Loan Guarantee Program

CA: Labor and Workforce Development Agency: Support for Workers

City of Oakland Coronavirus Business and Worker Resources  


USBG National Charity Foundation  

Another Round Another Rally Relief  

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC) Relief  

One Fair Wage Emergency Relief Fund  

Hot Bread Kitchen Emergency Relief Fund

CORE: For Children of Restaurant Employees who Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

C19 Help Squad | The Action PAC  

Oakland Indie Alliance: Resources for small Business Owners  

One Stop Resource Shop:

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation: Resources!  

Liquor.Com: Aid and Resources 


F.C The Phat Luv Band 3-20-20 (Replay Show)

Good Evening!

Welcome to Full Circle your Cultural Affairs Radio Magazine produce by The First Voice Apprenticeship Program here at KPFA.

This is a replay show that we had in the KPFA Performance Studio, we’re featuring The Phat Luv Band a local band here in the Bay Area. We will learn about their creative process and listen to dynamic music.

So stay tuned to Full Circle……..



To learn more about The Phat Luv Band check out this link

Full Circle/Durags & Conversations W/ DATBOYMEDIA & David De La Gran 3/13

“Prejudicial or Preferential treatment of same-race people based solely on their color.” – Alice Walker, 1982

Welcome to Du Rags & Conversations: The Series, with Datboymedia, on Full Circle.

Tonight’s show was written, produced, and broadcast live from Huchin–occupied Ohlone territory and known to settlers as the Bay Area. This segment was produced by the one and only Datboymedia and Dav’id De La Gran!

Tonight, we’re continuing our conversation about Colorism. As you might recall, we had our first show back in November as an introduction to what Colorism really is. Now, we’re talking about how it affects our daily lives and how we can come up with solutions to fight against the inequities associated with Colorism. Also, special guest G.1.S & King Tahoe perform “Hold It Down” LIVE.


DATBOYMEDIA – IG: datboymediaproductions

David De La Gran – IG: dalegrandavid


Shanthi Sekeran (Author) – IG: Shanthi. Sekeran – shanthisekeran.com

Dominique M. (Poet) – IG: simplydominiqe

Musical Guest:

G.1.S – IG: thisizg1s

King Tahoe – IG: kingtahoe


Sound Engineer: Radio Shaq – IG: shaquillstewart

Mixer: Theodora A.

Videographer/Producer: Ephraim Colbert – IG: ephraim.colbert.rec


Station: 94.1 KPFA – IG: kpfaradio


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Full Circle 3-6-2020 Poet/Storyteller Tureeda Mikell

Tonight’s broadcast is the third show in Theodora’s series focused on healing racialized trauma in the African American Community.

Today, we’ll hear from powerful Oakland-based African American Master Poet/Storyteller, Tureeda Mikell. Tureeda’s first full-length book was recently published and released by Nomadic Press and I was lucky enough to be present for the book launch on February 15th 2020 at the Eastside Arts Alliance in Oakland California. Today, you’ll hear Tureeda reading some of the poems from the book and share in a conversation we had about her work and her journey.


Follow Tureeda on Instagram @storymedicinewoman








Full Circle “Theatre Night” 2-28-20

Good evening everyone… and welcome to Full Circle your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program

This evening we hit the stage lights as we bring the theater back to Full Circle…

On tonight’s show:

We speak with playwright Elaine Magree about her one woman show “pussy grabbing revenge”we also pay another visit to “The Drama Factory’ out in Antioch and discuss their unique training program and their upcoming show. The cat and the devil. And finally… we’ll hear an original commentary touching on the me too movement and an in house radio drama production……..All that and more coming up tonight on Full Circle.


Learn more about The Drama Factory including the dates for the upcoming performance, The Cat and The Devil,  here on their website or Checkout their Facebook page and give them a Like for updates

To hear a Radio Drama version of “The Tale Tale Heart” produced in a collaboration between The First Voice Apprenticeship Program and The Drama Factory, Click on this link for a past Full Circle show December 28th 2018