Full Circle April 19, 2019 April Ancestors Prolific Personalities

Welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine.   Produced by Apprentices of the First Voice Media Apprenticeship Program. On tonight’s show you will hear the profound personalities of people birthed in the month of April: Gil Scott-Heron (April 1), Maya Angelou (April 4) Billie Holiday (April 7) Paul Robeson (April 9) Charles Mingus (April 22).

For more information about the Pacifica Radio May Day broadcast, check out the Facebook page

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Full Circle 04-12-19 Old School Meets New School

On tonight’s episode, new school music meets old school! Stevie G and Dat Boy Media brings you music from their generations and dialogue about original music and samplings. They also feature Bay Area band, Soul Mechanix and speak with band leader Graal Swartz. Tune in tonight for some old school and new school face off and appreciation!

To connect with Soul Mechanix – check out their Facebook page!

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FC 04-05-19– Addiction and Recovery

Tonight we’re gonna talk about addictions to drugs and alcohol and overcoming them. In 2005 I kicked a 10 year addiction to meth. On tonight’s show I’ll share my story entitled The Glass Pipe, two friends that journey through meth addiction.

We’ll also speak with our special guest, Azi ,who will share her experience strength and hope as we reach out to others still struggling with addiction.

And we will open up the phone lines for you to share your personal experiences with addictions.

Finally, The First Voice Apprenticeship Program are still accepting applications. Yes, we extended our deadline because our website was down so in order to accommodate folks that had trouble applying, the window is still open.

We’ll talk about all that and more tonight on Full Circle. Stay tuned.

Click here to download an Alcoholic Anonymous app for your cell phone Includes the Big Book of AA, Daily reflections and much more

To follow sober people on Facebook, click on this link and follow Sober Nation

To help you find a meeting near you here is the app for your android smartphone.

This is for AA And this is for NA

If you are not an alcoholic but live with or dealing with one in your life please try reaching out to Al-Anon

To learn more about AA, visit their website

To learn more about NA you can visit their website

For more information about the Poor People’s Campaign and the Bus Tour and stop in West Oakland, check out their website.


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Full Circle 3-29-2019 Adrienne Shamszad

Tonight on Full Circle, Cat Petru hosts a live show with local singer songwriter Adrienne Shamszad. During the show you will hear original tracks played in English and new songs she’s learned in Farsi. Cat and Adrienne discuss how music ignites our spirits, tends our hearts and reminds us where we come from.


For more information about Adrienne Shamszad and her music, check out her website.

Follow Adrienne Shamszad on instagram.

For tickets to Adrienne’s performance at Freight and Salvage on August 3rd go to TheFreight.org.

To learn more about Adrienne’s yoga practice visit Ojas Yoga.

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Full Circle Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Tonight we air a special two-part show on Full Circle. During the first half we get a sneak peak inside one of the Bay Area’s best arts organizations that speaks directly from the voice of the African-American culture. The Black Repertory Group is an institution out of Berkeley, CA. During the second half of the show we pay tribute to my musical mom (drum roll please), Aretha Franklin. Joining me in the studio will be,  Bay Area music legend…, Janice Maxie-Reid.


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Full Circle 3-15-19 Community Open House

Good evening everyone and welcome to full circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the first voice apprenticeship program. This show is written, produced and engineered in huichin occupied ohlone territory aka the east bay area. On tonights showwe will be speaking with some organizations providing services to our local, east bay community including the women’s cancer resource center, the plymouth church of Jazz & justice, & the eden council for hope opportunity housing (ECHO). All that tonight on full circle. We’re your hosts Aria Moshirian & Mari Nakagawa. Keep it locked.

Learn more about the Women’s Cancer Resource Center here.

For more information on the Plymouth Church of Jazz and Justice, visit their website here.

For more information about ECHO housing and how you can be part of the team, or if you need help with housing discrimination or advice as a landlord please feel free to contact Eden Council of Hope and Opportunity through the website. Or you can call: The  Hayward office at 510-581-9380… The Antioch office 925-732-3919… The Housing Services Center in Livermore 925-583-5992 or ​925-449-7340… The Oakland office 510-496-0496… The office in Monterey 831-566-0824 or call the help line toll free at 855-ASK-ECHO

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Full Circle 3-08-19 International Women’s Day 2019

It is March 8- International Women’s Day. Tonight on Full Circle we bring you the voices of influential women who have fought for our rights on variety of fronts. Audre Lorde, Bella Abzug, Dolores Huerta, Angela Davis and many more……

You will will also hear from some of our very own women of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program, sharing insights about the #Me too movement, activism, and sisterhood.

All This Tonight On Full Circle.


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