Full Circle 03-31-2023, Bioneers

This week on Full Circle we will be taking a look at Bioneers 2023. The 3 day event is coming to Berkeley next week April 6th, 7th and 8th. On tonight’s show we’ll.speak with 3 organizers of the 3 day event. First up Joy Moore will speak with Marissa  LaMagna of Bay Area Green Tours and JP Harpignies, the senior producer of Bioneers 2023. In the second half of the show I speak with Cara Romero, she is organizing the Indigeneity Forum, a series of panel discussions, films and much more, all from a Native or Indigenous perspective

Check out all the happenings a Bioneers 2023 at the Bioneers website Bioneers.org

Follow what’s happening with the Indigeneity Forum at Bioneers here https://conference.bioneers.org/indigeneity-at-bioneers-2023/

Learn more about Cara Romeros’ photography on her website cararomerophotography.com

Learn more about Bay Area Green Tours at bayareagreentours.org

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