Full Circle 03-17-2023; Voices From Wounded Knee 50th Anniversary

This week on Full Circle we will honor Women’s History Month with women and youth voices from the 50th Anniversary of the Occupation/ Liberation of Wounded Knee. On tonight’s show we’ll hear youth poets as they share their poetry during the opening night of festivities which honored 40 years of KILI Radio, an independent, Lakota owned and operated, fm radio station. Then we’ll hear the voices of women veterans of the 1973 occupation and participants here at the 2023 50th anniversary. We’ll also hear the voice of  Walaa, a Palestinian from Hebron who stands in solidarity with the American Indian Movement and liberation of Wounded Knee.That’s tonight on Full Circle.

Check out Dances With Words on Instagram @danceswithwords_ https://www.instagram.com/danceswithwords_/?hl=en

Check out information on the First Peoples Fund


Check out the video from the Four Directions walk and rally at the Wounded Knee site. https://fb.watch/jkR88cbTrZ/

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