Full Circle 03-03-2023; Supporting FisrtVoice Media

Tonight on Full Circle we’ll hear some history of First Voice by two of the founders, Michael Yoshida and Norman Jayo. We’ll also hear the opening of the 50th anniversary ceremonies honoring Wounded Knee 1973-2023 just recorded on Monday in South Dakota. And we’ll check out some stories from past award winning First Voice producers. All that and we’ll be asking for your support for kpfa tonight for the winter fund drive. That’s tonight on Full Circle.

If you want to send an email in support of First Voice. You can email KPFA IGM at antonio@kpfa.org and also copy the KPFA Local Station Board at kpfalsb@googlegroups.com

To hear more stories from the award winning series Crossing East check out the website https://www.crossingeast.org/index.htm

To learn more about LYRIC Center for LGBTQIA+ Youth check out their website https://lyric.org/

Check out the full video to the Wounded Knee Liberation Ceremonies follow this link to the First Voice Media Facebook page https://fb.watch/j2sJ3x2hFt/

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