Full Circle 12-09-2022; Behind The Shield; The Power And Politics of The NFL

This week on Full Circle we will be diving into the politics of the National Football League, yes the NFL. On tonight’s show, we’ll hear clips from Dave Zirin’s ground breaking film, Behind The Shield; The Power and Politics of the NFL. And we’ll hear other sports related productions from First Voice Apprentices..including what the tailgate party of the Oakland Coliseum thought of Colin Kaepernick taking a knee. Also, commentary of the black male body as a commodity for use in places like the NFL, and of course, as Full Circle joins in on the Holiday fund drive we will be asking for your support for this important media outlet, KPFA.


Follow Dave Zirin at his website https://www.davezirin.com/

Make a donation to KPFA Radio and get the film Behind The Shield; The Power and Politics of the NFL  https://secure.kpfa.org/support/

Listen to the 2013 Sport episode of Full Circle on SoundCloud  https://soundcloud.com/full-circle-kpfa/full-circle-9-20-2013-sportsWatch the trailer for Behind The Shield on the Media Education Foundation website  https://go.mediaed.org/behind-the-shield

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