Full Circle 12-02-2022; Joy Damiani, If You Ain’t Cheatin’ You Ain’t Tryin’

This week on Full Circle we  will be spending the hour with multi talented performance artist Joy Damiani. On tonight’s show we’ll hear original music performed by Joy Damiani. We’ll also be speaking with Joy about the release of her new book about her military service “If You Ain’t Cheatin’ You Ain’t Tryin’ and other lessons i learned in the Army”. As well as her music career and her podcast “What the Folk”


Check out Joy Damiani’s website for more music and information



Watch the videos to two of Joy Damiani’s songs we featured tonight

“Brains In Meat Suits” :: Joy Damiani :: Official Video

“It’s All Right To Not Be Okay” :: Joy Damiani :: Official Music Video

Check out more from Joy Damiani on her Youtube Channel 


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