Full Circle 08-12-2022; music That Inspireds Us

Tonight on Full Circle. We are sharing music that inspires us. On tonight’s show we’ll hear a short update on the UFW march/pilgrimage from Delano to Sacramento from La Onda Bajita’s Miguel Gavilan Molina. Miguel will also share a song that has inspired the farmworker movement for decades. After the update Full Circle Apprentices and Graduates will share music that keeps us inspired.


Music Links

De colores

Every Time I Feel The Spirit by Big Maybelle

Here’s To Life

Bill Withers – Grandma’s Hands (Official Audio) not the version from the show

Black Sabbath – War Pigs

The Peace Not War website: https://www.peace.fm/ Featuring the songs

The Day We All Said Stop The War by Robb Johnson   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbr0H7f5RKM

The Herd – Starship Troopers

Martha Tilston The Saddest Game I couldn’t find online but here is her Youtube channel


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