full circle 07-29-2022; gathering to Free Leonard Peltier

On tonight’s show First Voice travels to Santa Cruz, California to attend a Gathering To Free Leonard Peltier at the world renowned Barrios Unidos. We’ll hear sounds from the event, including music and interviews. We’ll speak with past Presidential candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party, Gloria la Riva of the Answer Coalition; and we’ll hear from two other Leonard supporters, Jean Roach and Carol Gokee.


To find all the information about Leonard’s case and to see the film “Warrior; The Life of Leonard Peltier” go to the official International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee website https://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/

Visit the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition website https://www.answercoalition.org/san_francisco

Checkout the work of the world renowned Barrios Unidos https://barriosunidos.net/

Checkout our special guests on social media

Jean Roach (@roach_jean) / Twitter

https://www.facebook.com › carol.browngokee

Checkout more facts about Leonard’s case on https://freeleonard.org/case/index.html

Read Leonard’s story of his experiences in a U.S. residential boarding school in this Native News Online article https://nativenewsonline.net/sovereignty/exclusive-leonard-peltier-shares-his-indian-boarding-school-story

Watch a Youtube video of the entire Gathering to Free Leonard Peltier posted by John Doe 13k Gathering to FREE Leonard Peltier in Santa Cruz, CA

Learn more about all the Stations of the Pacifica Radio Network at https://pacificanetwork.org/

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