full circle 07-15-2022; California Reparations Task force listening session

Tonight on Full Circle we’ll hear about the CA Reparations Task Force. What’s happened in the past year, and what’s ahead of us. You’ll get a chance to submit testimony to the CA Reparations Task Force as the Interim Report released a couple months ago begin its final revision, centered around community testimony. And you’ll get a chance to hear stories and experiences from another Anchor Organization for the Taskforce. Chris from CJEC, will be joining us at the end of the show.


California Assembly Bill 3121:/oag.ca.gov/ab3121/

Executive Summary of the Interim Report:https://OAG.CA.GOV/AB3121/reports

REPAIRED NATIONS Cooperative: https://repairednations.org/

CA Assembly Bill 3121: OAG.CA.GOV/AB3121

Coalition For A Just And Equitable California:https://www.cjec-official.org/
“Nothin but Up” by KAnstant https://open.spotify.com/track/0deeK9YAg0wTZMUv8JYgkf?si=e3a433f13b93490d

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