Full Circle 06-24-2022; pride with Rainbow community center

Happy Pride month people, as the month comes near its end there are festivities planned around the bay area. On tonight’s show we’ll hear an interview with the Executive Director of the Rainbow Community Center of Concord, Kiku Johnson. Kiku will share his story about growing up and coming out. He’ll also bring us important information about Rainbow Community Center, And he will share some of the music he loves. That’s tonight on Full Circle.

Links and information

Rainbow Community Center

Clayton Pride (Parade)

Open Source SOGIE Handbook – Spanish

Open Source SOGIE Handbook – English

The Trevor Project

Read the FBI file on the case of Timothy Charles Lee


Read the newspaper articles about Timmothy Charles Lee and other lynchings in Contra Costa County in 1985 & 87.

Associated Press article https://apnews.com/article/6d587bda7517c77cd5c4550ada11f716LA Times article https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1986-06-24-mn-21180-story.html

Watch the music videos selected by Kiku for the show. Even a couple we didn’t get to play.

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