Full Circle 06-10-2022 Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival

Tonight on Full Circle we bring you sounds from the Eastside Arts Alliance 22nd Annual Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival. On tonight’s show we’ll hear interviews recorded at the festival by First Voice apprentices, including Uncle Bobby aka Cephus Johnson. We’ll also hear some live music performances recorded at the festival and we’ll hear from the man of the hour himself, Malcom X in a short clip from his 1964 speech the Ballot or the Bullet.

Follow the links below for information about organizations featured on tonight’s show.

Learn more about the 

Pacifica Radio Network https://pacificanetwork.org/

Love Not Blood Campaign https://lovenotbloodcampaign.com/

Eastside Arts Alliance, website https://www.eastsideartsalliance.org/home 

IG https://www.instagram.com/eastside_neighborhoodarts/

Girl Project https://www.girlproject.org/

Friends of San Antonio Park https://www.friendsofsapark.org/Watch the vido of some of the performances on the waajidsvideo Youtube Channel 22nd Annual Malcolm X JazzArts Festival


bit.ly/OaklandGPU = Oakland City General Plan Webpage

https://vimeo.com/580811552 = Oakland General Plan Video

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