full circle 12-03-2021 WO2Wa poets west oakland to west africa

Tonight on Full Circle, hosted by graduate apprentice & proud member of West Oakland to West Africa International Poetry Exchange (WO2WA), Zakiyyah G.E. Capehart! We’ll be spending the hour with WO2WA. On October 6, 2017 WO2WA were our guests on Full Circle, prior to their sojourn to Ghana, West Africa. Tonight we will hear all about that trip to Ghana and what WO2WA has been doing since then. We’ll be joined by the founding director, Karla Brundage, along with other members of WO2WA.

Zakiyyah G.E. Capehart Graduate Apprentice of KPFA’s First Voice Media Apprenticeship Program, is a writer, published poet, storyteller, performance artist, visual artist, author and radio producer and host. Her artistic skills combined with a medical  background, allow her to produce shows that help educate and heal the community. Zakiyyah’s voice can be heard on the Full Circle show on KPFA 94.1 FM in Berkeley, CA. Her poetry is published in many anthologies and has been shared internationally. Zakiyyah’s sojourn to Ghana, West Africa inspired her to publish her first book of poems and short stories entitled, “Ghana On My Mind: Poetic Reflections on Journeying to the Motherland”, (on Amazon Books).
Zakiyyah… zakiyyahgecapehart@gmail.com On Facebook, What’s App and YouTube 
Co-Founder of “TuBeNu Cultural Gatherers”

Guests Info

Karla Brundage 

Karla… karlabrundage.com

On Facebook, IG, Twitter and YouTube. 

More contact info for Karla Brundage. 

West Oakland to West Africa

IG: westoakland_westafrica

Twitter: WOakland2Africa

Makeda Esi aka Sandra Hooper Mayfield 

Makeda… makedaartist@gmail.com

On Facebook, What’s App(510) 717-1308

Mariska Araba Taylor-Darko Mariska… mariska.taylor@gmail.com

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