Full Circle 11-26-2021 Indigenous Self Determination, Sovereignty & Solidarity

We share live recordings and sounds from the 52nd Anniversary Of The Indigenous Occupation Of Alcatraz Held Last Saturday November 20th On The Rock as Native American Heritage Month Draws to an end. 

In the hopes of inviting listeners to turn towards the truth of our living history to and realize  and recognize indigenous self determination, sovereignty, and solidarity.  

sentient shiloh speaks with Morning Star Gali, David De La Gran interviews Dancers and Activist Lisa Felix, Kendall Crakow hears from Paloma Flores, and Freewilling Franklin talks with Dr. LeNada War Jack.  And hear excerpts from the First Native American Secretary Of The Interior Deb Haaland’s press conference.  

The music used in the tribute to Anastasia Russell by Joy Moore was , Temple of Peace (ID 1611)  by Lobo Loco contact: contact@musikbrause.de 


Morning Star Gali 

IITC California Tribal & Community Liaison

International Indian Treaty Council | IITC 

Lisa V. Felix

Operations Manager

Restoring Justice for Indigenous Peoples 

Dr. LaNada War Jack

Dr. War Jack recently wrote a book titled  “Native Resistance: An Intergenerational Fight for Survival and Life” which is available on her website

Paloma Flores

Director of Community Development & Partnerships

American Indian Cultural District 

Indians of All Tribes was formed to support the Alcatraz Indigenous Occupation of 1969-1971

Deb Haaland Secretary Deb Haaland

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