On tonight’s show we’ll hear  a conversation hosted by First Voice Apprenticeship graduate Kendall Crakow between Indigenous Health advocates in the Navajo Nation who are preserving culture and building local community to forward a movement for Health Equity across the world. Her guests are Denee Bex MPH,  Adriann Begay MD and Christina Rivera Carpenter. Tonight they share where they draw their strength from and how they are bridging Indigenous knowledge systems with conventional Western Medical models. As they share their Visions for what a future centering the needs of the Navajo Community looks like.


Sogorete Land Trust https://sogoreate-landtrust.org/

HEAL Initiative https://healinitiative.org

Tumbleweed Nutrition https://tumbleweednutrition.com/

IG Handles

@healinitiative  (UCSF Heal Initiative)

@crisriveracarp  (Cristina Rivera Carpenter)

@tumbleweed_nutrition   (Denee Bex)

@samiseeart   (Sam Shilf, co producer)

@kendz_210 (me)

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