Full Circle 11-5-2021 Poetry & Revolution

We share live recordings from @Litquake Out Loud’s outdoor stage 10/16 Revolution Poeticized which challenges each of us to reimagine what true political transformation looks like through poetry. In Three Voices, Three Worlds, Achy Obejas presents Boomerang/Bumerán, a bilingual collection of lyrical poetry written in mostly gender-free English and Spanish that addresses immigration, displacement, love and activism.

Achy Obejas, Darius Simpson, and Mimi Tempestt who are all writing a different world and way of being into existence, discuss poetry’s role in revolution.  We also provide segments from Litquake’s Out Loud programs Three voices, Three worlds (curated by Achy Obejas) & Revolution Poeticized (curated by Imani Cezanne). Finally we end with a discussion of Audre Lorde’s essay Poetry is Not a Luxury with the three poets. 

Achy Obejas


@achylandia on Twitter

@guaraguasi on IG

Beacon Press for Boomerang/Bumeran


Imani Cezanne


Darius Simpson


social media: @_dariussimpson 

donation link: https://www.peoplesprograms.com/donate

Mimi Tempestt

the monumental misrememberings book by Mimi Tempestt 

Mimi’s Website

Instagram: @thegoddessmimi

Twitter: @MimiTempestt

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