Full circle 10-8-2021 CodeBreaker Films

This episode of Full Circle features the two women co-founders of Codebreaker Films production company who’s films highlight national security and human rights issues. Sonia Kennebeck and Ines Hofmann-Kanna share clips from their documentaries “United States vs Reality Winner,” “Enemies of the State” and an earlier film “National Bird” which highlights 3 whistleblowers in the US killer drone program.  We speak with the two women producers and directors about these films and their independent production company Codebreaker Films.


Codebreaker Films (people can sign up to receive our occasional newsletters here)

Enemies of the State

National Bird

Social Media:

IG: @codebreaker_films

Twitter: @c_odebreaker

IG: @soniakennebeck

Twitter: @soniakennebeck

Festivals to watch United States vs. Reality Winner:

Hot Springs Documentary Festival (10/8-10/16)

DoubleExposure Investigative Film Festival in Washington DC (10/13-10/17)

Film Fest Tucson (10/14-10/17)

UN Association Film Festival (10/21-10/31) — one in-person screening in Palo Alto at 9:20pm on Saturday, October 23rd

Lake County Film Festival (11/4-11/15)

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