Full Circle 10-01-2021 gardening in communities

(ICYMI). I am your host for Full Circle, Joy Moore, from apprentice group 20. In “La Kesh”. Tonight, we’re in conversation with Bonnie Boruki, community food activist of Ashby Community Gardens, Transition Berkeley, Albany Gil Tract and much, much more. Also Rob Bennaton, in a discussion on how to establish new land access opportunities for urban farming and highlighting the need for cities and counties to consider sites as part of open space and climate action plans, to support urban farms and community gardens as local community hubs for resilience. And finally we’ll speak with two workers, Bobby House and Gordon Limbrick who share their work experiences with Planting Justice. All that tonight on “Full Circle.”  Again, I am your host, Joy Moore.

Links and Information

To contact Bonnie Borucki

email: webeegardeners@gmail.com

website: webeegardeners.org

Check out the GoFundMe for Ashby Garden https://www.gofundme.com/f/save-ashby-garden-for-future-generations?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cp_guide_do&member=14185777

Rob Bennaton,

University of California Cooperative Extension

Bay Area Urban Agriculture Advisor

Landline: (510) 453-3958   rbennaton@ucanr.edu 

Best to Email as well, if URGENT!  

Please feel free to share it widely.

Bay Area Urban Farming Resources Guide


Learn About Urban Ag


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