Full Circle 08-13-2021; America was Built With African Hands, Reparations and Repatriation

Welcome to Full Circle, your Cultural Affairs Radio Magazine, produced by Apprentices and Graduates of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. I’m your host, graduate apprentice, Zakiyyah G.E. Capehart. Tonight’s show is all about reparations. During the show, we will discuss the problems and some of the benefits of reparations. We will hear from Jahahara  Amen-Ra Alkebulan Ma’at of the west coast chapter of N’COBRA, Nefertina Asantewaa Abrams  visual anthropologist and David Rice of Reparations Now. We will talk about the reparations debt America owes to black americans. And hear about the economic, social, and psychological impact this debt has had and continues to have on the descendants of Africans that were enslaved here in America.


To learn more about tonight’s guests and also the Reparations Now Movement, follow these links.

To hear more from all of tonight’s guests and other reparations activists, join them on Zoom for, Reparations and Repatriation, A panel discussion, Sunday August 15th 10 a.m. Pacific time. Just click this link to join. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82803978822?pwd=TjZhVGVGVGtaTnpZU3JnWEwrazQydz09      Or go to Zoom online and enter the Meeting ID 828 0397 8822 and passcode 230722

Follow Jahahara Amen-Ra Alkebulan Ma’at on Facebook. You can contact him by email

c/o support@africansdeservereparations.com or ncobrawest@gmail.com 

To learn more about N’COBRA The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America. Check out their website https://www.ncobraonline.org/ 

Learn more about Nefertina Asantewaa Abrams, Visual Anthropologist from Oakland, You can see a preview of her documentary entitled, “Slavery and Reparations in the 21st Century from the Cotton and Cane fields to Ferguson” on YouTube

Follow David Rice, founder of Reparations Now, on his Facebook page. Also visit the Reparations now Facebook.

To follow your host for tonight, Zakiyyah G.E. Capehart-Bolling, Co-Founder of TuBeNu Cultural Gatherers, poet/storyteller, performing artist, visual artist, radio producer and host and author. She’s on YouTube and Facebook.

And follow Bryant B. Bolling, Founding member of Bay Area Singer’s Showcase. Performs as Mr. B. the Singing Bard. Co-Founder of TuBeNu Cultural Gatherers. Jazz Vocalist/Keyboardist, Playwright and Bandleader, on Facebook and YouTube.

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