Full Circle 03-12-21 Ghana On My Mind and Tamisha Torres Walker Antioch City Council

Welcome to Full Circle, your Cultural Affairs radio magazine produced by members and Graduates of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. Tonight we have a special show for you basically in two parts. First we’ll hear an interview with graduate apprentice Zakiyyah GE Capehart who is launching her first book tomorrow morning; Ghana On My Mind, Reflections of Journeying To The Motherland. Also will get an update on Antioch city politics with Councilwoman of district one, Tamisha Torres-Walker. The city just voted in body cameras and police car dash cams but how will  the city pay for these updates to our police department? Councilwoman Torres-Walker will help us break that down. All that and a little bit more tonight on Full Circle I am your host Freewillin Franklin keep a locked right here to K – P – F – AAAA

Links and information 

If you want to log into the Ghana On My Mind book launch and  Zoom birthday celebration party for Zakiyya, Click on Zoom meeting link https://zoom.us/join  enter the meeting ID 718 3247 8944 then enter passcode 6ppJ7r

Also Follow Zakiyyah and Bryant on facebook at Zakiyyah GE Caprehart-Bolling and Bryant Bolling

Stay on top of Antioch city politics and follow Councilwoman Tamisha Torres Walker on Facebook

Watch Councilwoman Torres Walker at a press conference concerning intercommunal gun violence

Watch the Video to the Angelo Quinto tribute song by Aristyles DeLa Gente on Instagram

Read the Change.org petition For Angelo Quinto

Follow Social media for Angelo Quinto and be able to watch the recording of the live stream of the vigil

Justice For Angelo: Facebook, Instagram

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