Full Circle 02-05-21,Black History Month Kick Off Celebration

Welcome to Full Circle, your Cultural Affairs radio magazine produced by members and Graduates of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. On tonight’s show, We”ll hear how a decade long tradition in Antioch has gone virtual during these COVID times. And we’ll get an update on truth, reconciliation and reparations from our own Joy Moore with writer and historian, Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz. Later we will bring back an archival interview with renowned poet, author and former KPFA programmer Adam David Miller. All that and more tonight on Full Circle. I am your host, Freewillin Franklin. Coming to you from downtown Antioch… Bay Miwok territory, keep it locked right here to k-p-f-a..

To log into the 11th Annual Black History Arts and Artifacts Virtual Exhibit click on the link. https://www.gracearmsofantioch.org/black-history The event kicks off at noon Saturday Feb.6th

Check out the Turn Up Kids AKA “TUK” on their youtube channel below.

Turn Up Kids on Youtube

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