Full Circle 01-22-21 Local and National Post Election Politics

Welcome to Full Circle, your Cultural Affairs radio magazine produced by members and Graduates of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. Well the election is over. The inauguration is over. The moving on has begun? This evening we will dive into local and national politics. On tonight’s show we`ll hear from. Green party activist and writer for the SF Bayview Barry Hermanson. Later we’ll hear from the Black Agenda reports Poet in Residence, The town crier aka Raymond Nat Turner. But we kick off the show with a report on local politics out of the Far East.. East Bay that is, Antioch CA. I am your host tonight Freewillin Franklin.. Keep it locked right here to k-p-f-a..

Keep up with newly elected city Councilwoman Tamisha Torres Walker on Facebook @Tamisha Walker for District 1 Antioch City Council

Follow local police reform activist and advocate by following these pages @Justice Advocates and Resources on Facebook and Instagram

Tune into the Bridging The Gap, Conversations on Police Reform Put on by the Antioch city Council. Next meeting; Feb. 18th 10AM.

Check out the work of Journalist Barry Hermonson on SF Bayview Newspaper

Visit these inks to read Barry Hermonson’s November and December articles

Also looking forward to Barry Hermonson’s article for February which will include a report on the 2021 Medicare for All national strategy conference this coming weekend.   https://www.healthcare-now.org/

Hear more from The Town Crier AKA Raymond Nat Turner on the Black Agenda Report website

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