Full Circle 01-15-2021; Attack On The Capitol

Welcome to Full Circle, your Cultural Affairs radio magazine produced by members and graduates of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. This week we broadcast live from Huichin-Occupied Ohlone Territory, also known to settlers as Berkeley, CA.  On tonight’s show we will discuss the events of January 6th at the US Capitol.  We look at what happened, what steps have been taken to hold people accountable, and where we go from here to build and embrace our diversity as a nation.  We began with a recap of the efforts made toward justice after the January 6th attack and attempted coup by Drumpf and his supporters.  Followed by tonight’s guests which included Iraq war veteran and now Veteran for Peace, Emily Yates and Professor Erica Peng who teaches a graduate course at UC Berkeley entitled, “Interpersonal Skills and Embodied Leadership.” Emily Yates shares her concerns about last week’s insurrection.  Special guest, Professor Peng guides us in connecting with each other in conversation. We end the show by opening up the phone lines to hear from our supporting listening audience.  We are your hosts Freewillin Franklin and Joy Moore.

To reach out and find or contact Emily Yates and her music her writing on Facebook Instagram or her podcast, What the Folk check out this link: http://linktr.ee/emilyyatesmusic

Also visit the Veterans For Peace website /http://veteransforpeace.org/

To reach out to Erica Peng, try her website ericapengconnects.com

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