Full Circle 01-08-2021; COVID Race and Democracy

Welcome to Full Circle, your Cultural Affairs radio magazine produced by members and graduates of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. This week we will check out a Pacifica network produced show/podcast. It’s called, Called COVID, Race and Democracy. On tonight’s show we will hear highlights from the Pacifica Network series. Later we’ll speak with journalist Ann Garrison, one of the producers and hosts of COVID Race and Democracy about the show and the podcast and about the Pacifica Network. Also,  we’ll learn  about Area 941. Have you ever heard of it?  It’s KPFA’s podcast zone on kpfa.org. Well get all that and some great music tonight on Full Circle. I am your host… Freewillin Franklin,

Links and information. 

Check out the work of Journalist AnnGarrison on Black Agenda Report (BAR)

Check out all the stations in the Pacifica Network in the links below and be sure to show you support if you are able. All the stations in the Pacifica Network are listener supported.

KPFA kpfa.org KPFT kpft.org KPFK KPFK.org WBAI wbai.org WPFW   wpfwfm.org/radio

Check out the Covid Race and Democracy website, Pacifica Covid 19 Task Force 

To learn more about the Pacifica Network, visit the website, Pacifica.org

Check out a couple of Ann Garrison’s favorite affiliate stations. KBOO in Portland and in Moscow Idaho KRFP

Also check out the Area 941 Podcast Zone on kpfa.org Register for the 41st Annual EcoFarm Conference online

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