Full Circle 12-11-2020 Laura Echegaray

Welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. On tonight’s show we will feature one of our star graduate apprentices, Laura echegaray. Laura is an educator, an artist and an all around great person. Tonight we will hear some of Laura’s original work from her first show and her time as an apprentice. We’ll also hear what she’s up to today. Creating beautiful upcycled art and jewelry and performing as a puppeteer. Laura is also a proud Puerto Rican and later she will give us an update on what’s happening in Puerto Rico concerning the coronavirus and also their recovery from the double hurricanes in 2017 Irma and Maria. All that and some great music tonight on Full Circle. I am your host tonight Freewillin Franklin. Keep it locked right here to kpfa.

Check out more from Laura Echegaray,

More of her art and jewelry on Instagram and Ebay

Also check out the Oakland Cottage Industry Virtual Gallery to see all the different artists and crafts.

More of her work with Handful Players. Her acting and puppetry in the Youtube video Looking Back Moving Forward: Past, Present, Future

See more from Handful Players on their Youtube Channel and websiteAlso make a donation to kpfa anytime at kpfa.org

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