Full Circle 08-21-2020 Fair Housing also, The Case of Malad Baldwin

Full Circle KPFA · Full Circle 08 – 21 – 2020 Fair Housing Also The Case Of Malad Baldwin

Tonight on Full Circle we will Speak with a tenants rights advocate  from ECHO Housing to learn about some of the services they provide and how they look out for housing discrimination. We’ll also hear about a particular case of tenant harassment and what to do if you experience it yourself. Later, in the second half of the show  we’ll learn about a recent case out of Pittsburg CA where a man was stabbed outside the DMV. Could this have been prevented? And who is the actual victim here? We’ll get the latest news on that. All that  tonight on Full Circle.. I am your host Freewillin Franklin.



If you are a tenant or a renter experiencing harassment or discrimination you can reach out to ECHO Housing on their website: echofairhousing.org or call at 1-510-581-9380

Check out the song Dear Landlord by Ondara on YouTube

Tune in to our sister station KPFT in Houston and check out Covid Race and Democracy every Monday at noon Pacific time at kpft.org or Check out the Covid Race and Democracy Pacifica Page

Check out the video of the attack on Malad Baldwin at Pittsburg DMV on FaceBook

To keep up on the case of Malad Baldwin follow these social media outlets:

J.A,R, Justice and Advocate Resources on FaceBook

J.A,R, Justice and Advocate Resources on Instagram

Bay Area Grass Roots on FaceBook

Bay Area Grass Roots on Instagram

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