Full Circle 06-19-2020, Juneteenth For George Floyd and Breonna Taylor

Full Circle KPFA · Full Circle 06 – 19 – 2020 Juneteenth For George Floyd And Breonna Taylor

Welcome to Full Circle, your Cultural Affairs Radio Magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. Broadcasting from right here at kpfa in Huichin- occupied Ohlone territory aka.. Berkeley. Tonight Full Circle honors Juneteenth for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and oppressed people around the world. On tonight’s show: we will hear sounds from protests that have been happening in the streets of Antioch and we speak with one of the young people who are organizing out there in East County. We’ll also hear from Antioch city council member Lamar Thorpe who proposed to the city council an ad hoc committee on police reform only to be voted down. Later we’ll get an update on some of the monuments that have been coming down in Sacramento and around the country. All that and more tonight on Full Circle. I am your host Freewillin Franklin keep it locked right here to kpfa.

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